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  1. Hi y’all, I’m back for some support because I can feel mine waning so quickly it’s actually outpacing my weight loss. So today I got to see a friend for a second for the first time since November. (I’ve lost 48 lbs since then). She told me I looked “sickly” and “50 lbs is plenty” and that I was going to regret “butchering my body” in 10 years when I end up back where I started. She said all what I’ve done is undermined the hard work that people like her have put in to do it “the non cheaters way out.” I was actually stunned to hear those words uttered to me. I’m not trying to toot my own horn, but I’m nice to a fault, like I get told by people all the time I have no mean bone in my body. I didn’t have the guts to stand up for myself in that moment. I would never dream of being unsupportive of ANYONE trying to better themselves. So seeing people I’ve confided in and spent so much time with in my adult life turn on me for something that was done for health reasons that would have eventually killed me, has absolutely demoralized me. I don’t need to be coddled, but a little bit of “yeah we’ve seen first hand, your health deteriorate in the last 2 years, this is definitely something that’s going to help you so we’re here” would just mean a lot. But alas, I guess my expectations are too high. This is my 3rd friend in 3 weeks to completely rail on me and tell me how dumb I am or how big of a failure I’m going to be, and I don’t think this isn’t the kind of journey that I can do on my own. I don’t know what to do, I don’t know who to confide in, and I don’t know how to convince myself that people are gonna judge and I’m just going to have to be okay with it. But I’m struggling. Never thought doing something to save my life would rid me of all my 3 best friends. And these aren’t co-workers or acquaintances, these are hang out every weekend, talk daily, been doing it for 5 years, type of people. How do I get through this? Any advice is welcomed and appreciated. Sorry for being so long winded. If you read this far, thank you. I just needed to vent.
  2. The most hilarious thing to me is that one of the “friends” gets Botox, fillers, and a second one just recently had a gingivoplasty because she “didn’t like the way her teeth looked.” How is having cosmetic surgery any different or cheating than WLS? They’re just cheating age and poor gum maintenance! But that’s all fair game, when we try to do something for our health it’s put in the “pathetic” and “vain” category. It’s so messed up.
  3. Thank you so much for saying this. I really really needed to hear it today. It has literally made me cry. I still haven’t fallen asleep (it’s 8:15 AM here) because I tried taking my medicines for the first time since surgery last night (i can’t crush them) and it went absolutely horribly. Those negative thoughts are very prevalent this morning. I really appreciate your response, I know it’s probably frowned upon as far as a little white lie, but I decided I’m not telling another soul and from now on I’m just gonna stick to the “I had a hernia and diaphragm repair, and I’ve been dieting and exercising”
  4. Thanks for the support :) talking to her today made me realize that ultimately what I’m feeling is pretty normal because of the massive changes going on, my natural issues with anxiety and depression, and being young and trying to overcome these health problems. Being told 4 months ago I would have a stroke in the next 6 months and probably die at 29 was a huge eye opener. Being reminded by my therapist of my WHY and not my WHO really helped me today. Because the WHO isn’t important. It’s the WHY! My sister used to be my best friend until I started being successful in life and she became jealous, cruel and even a slight saboteur. So I should have known it would seep into this. No contact is hard, blocking her number was hard, but truthfully blood only matters for transfusions and transplants. Doesn’t mean you have to keep blood around if they’re toxic. I agree that it will benefit me immensely in the long run to be mentally stronger, and really what’s weakened me has been these “friends/family” so hopefully with them all completely no contact, it’ll enable me to focus on myself and instill positivity in myself instead of being constantly being drug down!!! Thank you for being such a great resource on here, Hop!
  5. BayouTiger

    Dairy and dumping

    Are you wanting to flub and eat the corn chips, or are you talking about flubbing and eating the fudgsicle? If just the fudgsicle, give it a few more weeks and try again, I know someone who had issues with dairy until like 3 months out and then she magically could tolerate it one day once she got on more solid food. Now if youre talking about eating corn chips, please dont do it. You went through a lot to get this surgery and something so abrasive like that so early is just a disaster waiting to happen. Remember, you have staples holding freshly dissected tissue together. Those staples are not invincible and are susceptible to tearing, herniating, leaking, and getting infected if you push it. This was major surgery. I know its hard to resist the real food. My dad showed up with gumbo, jambalaya, and chicken shawarma the other day. My nephews came over with one of those giant tubs of cheese puffs. At one point I had to get up and go for my hourly walk just so I wasnt tempted. You are stronger than you know just for going through with this major life change. Full fluids are only for a couple more days! You can do this. Please reach out if you need anything. Goodluck.
  6. BayouTiger

    I got sick this morning

    Mischa, I am not attacking you in anyway, infact, I enjoyed our conversation last night. But Nova hit it on the head. I dated someone who was almost 2 years post-op VSG when we met, and she had JUST started drinking soda again then, for the first time, as her program didnt allow it (at all, but she felt that at 2 years she was good). In the 3 years we were together, she gained back 66 lbs of the almost 100 she had lost. When she went back to her surgeon and they did a scope, her pouch had stretched to almost 3 times its size he had it post surgery. He attributed it NOT to her increasing her food volume increase, but rather resuming her ritual of drinking diet dr pepper often. And he's not some quack doctor, hes one of the foremost Bari surgeons in the United States. I'm not in any way saying that this happens to everyone or even a lot of people that returns to drinking soda after their surgeries, but I just wanted to give you a real life experience with it and why people are worried about you wanting to drink something so carbonated with such fresh incisions and so soon after surgery. Carbonation expands exponentially once its digested and encounters stomach acid and causes your stomach to distend to accommodate the pressure and volume that the gas is taking up (why it makes you burp so much)... right now your stomach is so small, that even a tiny bit of expansion can really be dangerous. Maybe not catastrophic, but I would hate for you to cause yourself more pain, as you're already nauseated and not feeling well. Might I suggest getting on Amazon and purchasing some ginger chews. When I was going through my hernia and nausea issues, they were a lifesaver! Goodluck hun, try and stay positive, I know some things may come off as harsh, but the people (the very very vast majority that I have encountered) really just want to see others (including you!) succeed!
  7. Goodluck tomorrow, Tim!! I can’t give you any advice on pain bc I had a hernia and diaphragm repair and that sucked, but definitely get up and walk whenever and as soon as you can! The CO2 pain is worse than the staples in your gut!! I’m not sure if you’ve ever been under general anesthetic, but if you haven’t and don’t know how you react, I would just ask for a few CCs of Zofran in my IV from the CRNA prior to them taking you back. It’s not got any narcotic, sleepy, or negative properties or side effects except being an anti-nausea and anti-emetic. I do terrible with anesthesia so it’s my go to. My last bit of advice is to work really hard from day one to train yourself to take in VERY VERY small amounts of fluids at a time. I’m a gulper always have been. So I’ve had to REALLY work on it. Because that restriction is legit the first week. But it does open up and you can drink and not feel parched!! I actually tried my first protein shake and instinctively took a huge chug of it and sat up straight miserable for 2 hours waiting for it to go down. So that was my lesson. Baby baby sips til my pouch opens up a bit more, which my surgeon said will happen as I’m able to add more than just liquid!! You are going to do GREAT!!! You have a ton of support on here! Your posts are great!! Please keep us updated!! Goodluck and congratulations! Ill be thinking about you!
  8. BayouTiger

    I don’t feel right

    It was my first time, and it was an immediate “ohhh nooooooooo!!” When I tell you I thought it was going to come through my nose if I breathed, I am not kidding. Honestly of all the binging and shoveling I’ve done throughout my life, double hamburger, large cheese fry, large Diet Coke in a sitting (and like 15 minutes 😬)... that was the most miserably full I have ever been. I guess our old habits die hard lol. Now I’m terrified to start the puréed stage.
  9. Ahhhh. Congratulations!! You can so do it!! I didn’t sleep a wink the night before my surgery, and I had a 3.5 hour drive the next morning for my 7 o’clock sx! It’s so worth it!! I’m 2 weeks out and I feel AMAZING. Today I lifted a 20 lb bag of dog food instinctively, and ended up on the couch for the rest of the day (13 days out). But I got my fluids in and some liquid Tylenol end I feel so much better. The best advice I can give you is to get up and walk the halls as soon as your nurses give you clearance. It helps disperse the gas in a major way. The gas pain is worse than the actual procedure!!! I wasn’t allowed out of bed for 48 hours; but as soon as I was able to get up it was almost an immediate difference!!! You might (not everyone is, but I just wanted to share with you just incase cause I wish someone would have told me) be swollen after surgery and it maybe hard to get fluids down the first couple days! Don’t get discouraged! Experiment with temperatures, different types of liquids and SF flavor additives (preferably with electrolytes) until you find something that sits well with you. At the beginning take BABY sips. By Monday (day 9) I was able to drink 2-3 sips at a time til restriction hit, without feeling like I was drowning and that’s when I knew the swelling had gone down!!! I will say a prayer (I really hope that’s okay and not insulting, if not I’ll just send you very good thoughts) that you don’t swell up too much and you’re able to tolerate your fluids super soon!! If you need anything from a 2 week out surgery buddy (I’m 2 weeks out, but bc of being in the hospital so long I’m really on week 1), please contact me! I may not know about the months post op stuff, but I’m right here with you in the immediate aftermath!! Also, vets such as @catwoman7@Jaelzion@JMJames92@ms.sss@Arabesqueeven though not all have had the same surgeries have been a wealth of knowledge to me, I would highly highly suggest reading their posts, advice, tips, and tricks even on older threads. They’ve been a godsend, encouragement, and a stranger support system from afar that I never knew I would need and benefit so much from. Goodluck, stay positive, and please reach out if you need anything!! Please update on how you’re doing in a few days!!!
  10. I actually had an appointment with my therapist today, (thanks to everyone for encouraging me to get in with her sooner rather than later) and after a lot of talking and processing, I went no contact with my sister and 2 other acquaintances for my own mental health. I know I’m going to need every ounce of it in the next 6 months. It sucks, but this is for ME!! I have suffered from chronic Panic disorder since I was in a severe wreck, so when I feel like I’m being insulting, or mean, or anything like that I start to freak out, so I just try to avoid confrontation even if it’s something that hurts me (talk about unhealthy). But that’s something I’m working on. I’m learning quickly the thinner I physically get, the thicker my skin needs to be. My weight has never been a joke per se, but the people in my life have told me my wreck (and 7 major reconstructive surgeries), my hypertension, and the medicine I’m on (serious serious weight gain implications) (125 lbs in 18 months, eating cucumbers and balsamic for almost every meal) isn’t an excuse to have gained this weight nor a reason to have surgery to rid myself of it. So to them it’s just always been invalid. My therapist also mentioned that the reason I’m getting so many negative reactions, comments, and people walking away after telling me I’m an idiot, ignorant, going to be a failure, and am “ruining my life for one year max of looking good” is because almost everyone in my life is either obese or morbidly obese. And to them it’s seen as “not fair” and “the easy way out.” This board has provided more support to me in 13 days than anyone in my entire life. I’m so grateful to have found it and to be a part of this community. Thank you for taking the time to respond and provide me with some more insight and encouragement that I can do this! I know I seem like a wuss complaining and seeking advice and encouragement, and so many people do and have done this “alone.” Thanks again, I appreciate you. I’m gonna start practicing the BCABD way of life and tell people sayonara! I really hope I’m not being a burden on anyone. I know I’m long winded. I’m sorry!
  11. My sister has been the same way. She and I aren’t very close, but when she found out I was having the surgery for my hernia, and was going to have the VSG while they were in there, she made a comment about how “well now you’ve finally got an excuse to make yourself lose that weight.” She knew I had the surgery because I had a balloon in my chest and severe blood pressure issues. But she didn’t care. Im a cheater. But she weighs 135 🙄 That was in November. Haven’t talked to her since. She texted and asked my parents how I was doing, and they told her I had lost 50 lbs and her response was “let’s see how long that lasts.” After that response I said ya know what, sc*ew em all. This is for US. Not for anyone else. I know it’s corny but I believe that the best way to heal, succeed and improve your life is to surround yourself with positivity and joy. If the people in your life aren’t about that. They don’t deserve to be there!!
  12. BayouTiger

    Lack of support for post-op

    Congrats on your impending surgery!! It’s a life changer for sure, and I’m just at the beginning. I have a 75 lb pitbull mix who things shes a Yorkie and loves laying on me, and a chiweenie. I ended up boarding them for the first 8 days, so I gave myself enough time to get though the initial post op pain (couple days max), and where I felt I could safely hold a leash and handle the dogs without ripping up my newly created digestive system. As far as taking care of yourself post-op, I just set up my side table with my fluids and any medicine that I might need so it was within my reach and I didn’t have to go too far. By day 6 I was up and walking every 45-90 minutes, and I had a lot of issues post op and was in the hospital for 4 days. Then one day (day 9) I woke up and it was like I turned a corner and feel normal again. It’s rough until that happens, And finally, about losing the support system, it’s not easy. But this site and the vets have been an absolutely invaluable resource to me and there is SO much great info on here! It’s pretty amazing that strangers from all over the world come together to help eachother!! Goodluck, youve made an amazing decision for yourself, someone told me recently “if they aren’t with you, they’re against you.” That’s helped me realize who deserves to be on this journey with me and who doesn’t. You can do it!! It will change your life in just a short time!!! -G
  13. BayouTiger

    R.I.P. Boobs

    I’m only 3 months into the program and 2 weeks out of surgery, but today when I took my 2 week progress photos I noticed a big difference in my chest. So I put on my old 48 DDD and my boobs didn’t even fill it half way and the band was gaping in places. I’m not gonna lie I kinda freaked out lol I had a lift and a reduction prior to me gaining the 130+ lbs. So I went digging and found a really old bra and the C cups fit me for the first time since I was a freshman in college (2009). To say it’s bittersweet is an understatement lol I think my first set of Plastics is probably going to have to be my chest. My reduction and lift is basically worthless now and even at my HW, they were one of my few liked assets!! Hahaha I’m so glad you said this, the constant adjusting throughout the night had gotten real old. Being a stomach sleeper with big boobies is not easy!
  14. BayouTiger

    I don’t feel right

    Mischa, you and I are surgery buddies. I was sleeved the same day you were. I want to reiterate what Jaelzion said. Until yesterday I could not get more than 38 ounces of fluid and 20 grams of protein. I called my program and spoke to my nutritionist and she told me to aim for 50oz water, mix it with some Gatorade zero or some kind of supplement with electrolytes and just fight it out until . I have, by the grace of God been able to avoid needing IV fluids; but these last 2 days have been hard on my actual body. I was getting 5000 steps a day (their goal for me til week 4) and today I couldn’t get out of bed. The weakness has been overwhelming today!!! Just keep sticking with it. It gets easier as your swelling goes down. I’m now able to take 2-3 small sips every 15 minutes. 2 days ago I couldn’t even get 20 oz of fluid. Keep trucking!! I’m just a stranger but I believe in you!!! however, today I tried my first protein shake since sx and out of my old “chugging habit” I took a GIANT gulp. I had to sit straight up for 2 hours until it went down. So please just go at your own pace. I’ve notice you’ve struggled too, although in different ways than I have. If you need anything please DM me, as we are on the same track and will be going through the same stages at the same time. Some of us need support and if you need it, I’m here! Keep fighting, it will be worth it! Goodluck!! Gäbrielle
  15. This. This right here is what people don’t get. It’s a tool. My ex had the surgery in 2016 (prior to us meeting), she lost a decent amount of weight, but made TERRIBLE choices regarding eating after, and in the time we were together she ate so poorly and stretched her stomach back out so much that she went from 4 bites on a first date 2017, to being able to eat 2 orders of sushi in one sitting this summer plus a beer. So I saw literally first hand how just because you have this surgery, doesn’t mean you’re not gonna end up 260 lbs again if you don’t use the tool you’ve been given properly (more like worked your ass off for). Thanks for being so supportive. These “friends” are going on the trash heap. I have no time or energy for these behaviors when I’m working on a better me, I don’t need people tearing me down!! I just had a very small circle (4 people) and now, they’re ALL gone. I appreciate you. thank you for your comment!!!
  16. Thanks for your response. I think you hit the proverbial nail on the head. My group of friends have always been my size (pre-pre-op). The 4 of us shared and swapped clothes weekly. So I do think that maybe you’re right, and seeing me lose weight this fast and in this manner is something that is bringing out the true jealousy. They were so supportive until they all saw me in person (quarantine and sx prep has made it hard to see people IRal) in the last 2.5 weeks. Then they dropped like flies. I guess they didn’t realize what it would entail. My pre op therapist warned me about a lot of WLS pts losing relationships over these surgeries, but I was naive and said nah not me, I’ve got the most supportive people in the world. Whoops. But as far as WLS “cheating,” it’s just bs. It’s like 100x harder than any fad diet you can think of. But if this surgery extends my life another 40 years, I’ll be a cheater.
  17. Thank you very much!! I can’t figure out how to change my profile. At my post op they actually gave me my paperwork from the beginning of everything, and my starting weight at the clinic was 262 not 252. I am 210.4 as of this morning. I agree that 210 on me is nowhere near “sickly” but I guess them seeing me for all these years being “bigger” and then seeing me with noticeably fewer chins and my XXL clothes gaping on me, in their minds, since I was always their size, me not having that super full face and more pronounced stomach is their version of “sickly”; when a good bit of us going through WLS know that just because you lose 50 lbs doesn’t mean you’re anywhere near healthy or complete. I’m still 87 lbs from goal lol! I have been working with a therapist and ironically, we had a conversation about how supportive everyone had been so far. Jinx! Thanks for your response, I appreciate it. You’re 100% right, just because a friend was a friend doesn’t mean they have to continue being a friend when they stop supporting!
  18. Thank you so much for your reply. I’ve been working with the counselor diligently. I was mentally stronger than I’ve been in my entire life going into sx, because going to the ER with BP so high it was in the “stroke” zone at 29 and being told I’m going to end up killing my self, really woke me up. I guess in all of the pre-op counseling, we worked through so much, including judgments from others. But I never in a MILLION years considered that these people that I considered more sisters than friends would do this. It’s just disheartening. Maybe it’s because they’re all the size I was when I started this and it’s projected jealousy. I haven’t told anyone else about the surgery but them and my parents because we have always supported each other no matter what. So for 3/5 of my support system to peace out on day 10 post op was just overwhelming. I’ll definitely be talking to my therapist this week about how to do this without my circle, but in a way that’s healthy and conducive to my journey not just physically but mentally!! thanks so much, I appreciate you!
  19. BayouTiger

    2 days out after Gastric Sleeve

    Hi Frankie! Congrats on your surgery. I was sleeved 2/10 and I was literally only able to take more than one tiny sip every 30 minutes yesterday. I say and slept upright for over a week because of the “pooling in my chest.” Surgeon said some people just get really really swollen post -op and it makes the restriction even worse!! Just try and take in as much fluid as you can in any way that you can. You can stick it out a few more days! You’ll wake up one day and feel WAY better. Trust me I didn’t believe anyone who told me that when I was miserable the first 6 days!!! I wish you the best of luck! It does get better, hang in there!
  20. Sorry this is kindof long, I’m at a loss and need some advice/encouragement. Hi all, Im a newb! Was just sleeved on 2/10/21 and have had a horrible recovery. I was in the hospital for 4 days and threw up for 72 hours. That was fun /: I’m finally home and I am struggling majorly with getting fluids to go down. It sits under my sternum and eventually ends up behind my molars trying to come back up. I first thought it was my sip size. But I have resorted to a very very small dropper where I’m literally dropping less than 10 mls of liquid down the back of my throat and letting it go down. It took me 3 hours to drink 8 oz today. I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else? It feels like the passage way for the water/broth to go down is the size of a human hair and it just pools in my chest. Leaving me sitting straight up, hardly breathing for 30-45 min because I can’t inflate my lungs from the “fullness.” I’m worried because I’m only getting 30-40 oz of fluid max, and my calories are less than 50/day. I’m not so much worried about protein at the moment, as I am staying functional. I have already lost almost 12 lbs since the morning of sx. Any advice is so very appreciated! And Happy Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday from the Bayou State! (First time in 28 years I didn’t have a single piece of king cake )
  21. I just wanted to say thanks for this suggestion. I actually tolerated a cup and a few sips of luke warm very bland, strained gumbo juice with a little protein mixed in. I was able to get in touch with my program director/NUT and surgeon today about what’s been going on. He said he doesn’t think it’s a stricture, but he thinks I’m just severely swollen from all the throwing up and foamies I’ve gotten. They moved my fluid goal to 48 oz, and protein to 20g just for the next few days. I was instructed if any muscle cramps, or severe lightheadedness creeps up I need to be seen at urgent care immediately for IV fluids. Today has been post op day 7 and it’s actually been the best day so far. Looking forward to continuing to heal so I can get this show on the road. I really appreciate all the help, support, and insight I’ve gotten from this community so far. Thank you all, truly.
  22. This makes me so sad, because I’m in the same boat, and even just being a week out, the negativity from my “best friends” has been absolutely demoralizing. My friends that have gotten to know me in the last 5 years (me at my biggest) have always been “my size,” so when I got sick this year and found a hernia and some other health issues and decided to get sleeved, they were initially supportive because it would fix my illness... but now that I’ve been through pre-op and am now a week post-op, my best friend has been sending me Snapchat’s of Planet Fitness saying “must be nice never having to come back to one of these places again,” and another of her fitness tracker app saying “oh, look, I lost a pound. But I guess that doesn’t mean sh** when you’ve lost 40 since January. And then paid money to have 80% of your gut taken out...to lose more.” And it just honestly shocked me and made me so, so sad. I’m a hermit, I keep a very small circle and I feel like it’s just gonna keep shrinking. I wish I never would have told anyone but my immediate family. If you need any support or anything feel free to reach out to me. Hugs and best of luck on your journey!!!
  23. Thank y’all so much for responding. My surgical team was not in office today, as it’s Mardi Gras holiday plus severe ice storm here in Louisiana, so the whole surgery center is closed. My mom (who was sleeved one week prior to me, 2/3/21) is having such a smooth sailing recovery, 34 years my senior, and it’s making me feel so discouraged. I got some popsicles today and that seemed to be the most pleasant way to get the liquids in, until halfway through the first one my pouch started burning like it had been lit on fire. So now I’m back at square 1. With my little medicine dropper and my room temp water/G0 mix! Tomorrow makes a week out, and on our program we can go to protein pudding and creamy soup, and I just don’t even see how that’s in the realm of possibility for me now! Hopefully Doc and the NUT call me back first thing tomorrow, I really don’t want to end up back in with IV fluids!! They blew 6 stick sites while I was there last week Thanks again for replying y’all! This misery is tilting me towards buyers remorse mentality and I don’t want to be there, I just want to get over the hump!!!
  24. Hi! I also had VSG on Feb 10. I was just discharged a few hours ago. I was on a morphine PCA pump until 2200 last night. The gas pains subsided, but the actual surgical stomach site/muscular pain is really rough. I vomited over 40 times post-op. The pain was absolutely excruciating. My doctor did not send me home with ANY medication for pain. He told me I could take 2 Tylenol every 6-8 hours. I am staying positive however, as I know this was the right choice for me and my future and my health. As I’m sure that played a huge part in your decision to go through with the surgery too! Just try and remind yourself you just had major surgery, your body went through a lot of trauma, and don’t compare your recovery to anyone else’s! Healing is a process and a lot of factors go into it! Best of luck, we can do this! +1 for the ice packs on the incisions! Just be sure to not leave them on too long at once!