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I'm 6 days post op. I started the full liquid diet today. Had a Keto fudgsicle was okay'd by my surgeon. About 10 min after, I started to feel light headed, flushed and heart racing. Yep.. dumping syndrome hit.

Guess that's out.

I'm struggling not to eat reg food. I want corn chips and cheese. 35 years of over eating, and eating junk when ever I wanted.. hard to adjust too.

Anyone flub up and eat solids on the full Fluid post op diet? And what happened??

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Are you wanting to flub and eat the corn chips, or are you talking about flubbing and eating the fudgsicle?

If just the fudgsicle, give it a few more weeks and try again, I know someone who had issues with dairy until like 3 months out and then she magically could tolerate it one day once she got on more solid food.

Now if youre talking about eating corn chips, please dont do it. You went through a lot to get this surgery and something so abrasive like that so early is just a disaster waiting to happen. Remember, you have staples holding freshly dissected tissue together. Those staples are not invincible and are susceptible to tearing, herniating, leaking, and getting infected if you push it. This was major surgery. I know its hard to resist the real food. My dad showed up with gumbo, jambalaya, and chicken shawarma the other day. My nephews came over with one of those giant tubs of cheese puffs. At one point I had to get up and go for my hourly walk just so I wasnt tempted.

You are stronger than you know just for going through with this major life change. Full fluids are only for a couple more days! You can do this.

Please reach out if you need anything.


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