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    Thank you soooooo much! Wish I could hug you. I think l'll be one of the slow losers, but like you said, either way I'm still a loser, so yay! Lol!
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    Give it me straight!

    The bad: Like others mentioned, gas and constipation. 🙄 Also, feeling sick and having pain after eating. This can happen with food intolerances and also if I eat too fast or too much. But... I have so much more energy, which is so far my favorite thing about having this surgery. Just having energy to do things again has changed my life dramatically for the better. 😬😬
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    I am home

    Hey everyone I made it home  today. I’m in a lot of pain but just tying to not think about it. Hopefully I will start feeling better in a few days. I’ll keep posting my updates as the come. 
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    Hi everyone, sooo I'm on my liquid diet before surgery. I'm actually starting a week before I'm supposed to (cause I'm crazy) and I noticed that my throat feels thick from drinking the protein shakes. It kind of feels like I'm sick? Sounds odd I know. I've been drinking Premier Protein shakes. I have never had this issue before when I drink them. Maybe because I drinking them more? Just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this before?
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    What to expect

    I had purchased patch vitamins and EZ melt vitamins to meet vitamin requirements. Purchased Propel water at Sam's club, 15g protein, 0 cal, 0 sugar to meet liquid intake to prevent constipation. Purchased from Bariatric pal soups, chocolate drinks, shakes replacements to be sure all protein was met. After surgery on the 28th of August 2020, no pain, some discomfort. Went home the next day after x-ray showing no leakage at Mayo Hospital in Florida. I did walk in place in the hospital to help release excess gas. I did purchase a abdominal binder on Amazon and used it after the surgery. This helped a great deal and Dr said this was a good idea to do this. My goal is BMI 20 or less. Enjoy your healthy journey. Dr. Stephen Bowers did over 1000 gastric bypass surgeries and he was awesome.
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    I never did the math on this before. 8/18-8/19 I lost an average of 6.1 pounds per month. I had surgery at 204 and I lost s.l.o.w. I think one month I only lost 2-3 pounds eating less than 900 calories a day. I did lose it though! I even lost a few more since then.
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    Right Rice anyone?

    So pre surgery I was a rice junkie! I ate rice every day with every meal, even breakfast so I get you wanting to find an alternative. I would try cauliflower rice and seasoning it up, maybe a caulirice stir fry just to trick your mind and taste buds. But I agree with @Arabesque and watch out for the swelling, especially being 1 month post op. I found it being easier cutting it out completely. Sometimes when I'm at a party or family get together Ill have a bite or two but no more than that. With time you'll grow to love your new eating habits and diet
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    So ready!

    cool im in puree and mine is similar
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    Any bike suggestions?

    I really love my Cirrus Sport with drop bar (ie "girl's bike). (With arthritis is my hips and knees, I just can't swing my leg over the seat, and my balance is not that great, so the drip bar is a really safe option for me. I love it.) It is a hybrid - not as skinny as a road bike, and has really comfortable handlebars that are very ergonomic. The gear shifters are thumb levers - very easy and ergonomic. Seat is good - padded and not as skinny as a road bike. I started riding again after maybe 40 years. It was a little scary - especially on a bike that I couldn't get on or off easily because of the top bar. I just bit the bullet and bought my own. I did a 52 mile race a few months ago and am gearing up for a 100 miler later this year. Biking is fun. It is not hard on the knees, it gives a real sense of freedom, and is just great all around exercise. Warning - The day you buy the bike is the cheapest day you own the bike! Then comes a helmet, car rack, lights, water bottles, spare parts bag, jerseys, shorts, shoes......................... never ends. I did find my jerseys and shorts at a thrift store for just $8=$10 - a steal. Found bike rack at the thrift store, as well, which saved at least $150. But then had to get the hitch put on my car.