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    Worst night ever

    Hi all, I've been up all night so bear with me. My couple of days in the hospital went great, my surgery went great. But my first night home, I've been dealing with just a ton of pain. Today was the first day I've been able to rid myself of any "surgery gas". When it starts coming down and traveling through my intestines...I seriously start crying the pain is so bad. The pain was so bad that I Was sweating and having tachycardia. I called my surgeon and they suggested that, while some of this is normal, I go to the ER just to make sure. So I did-everything looks fairy normal except theres still gas to pass.I also got an enema to move things along. I've also been feeling a lot of pain from taking my meds and don't know how to work around this. I feel so overwhelmed that I regret my decision in the moment. Does this get better? Did any one else experience severe pain and get through it ok?
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    Hi guys! Just wondering if I am doing the liquid stage right? I'm struggling to get the water in as I am only taking small sips. Trying my best to get this better though, but I'm so worried about stretching my pouch. It sometimes hurts when the water hits the pouch too. Secondly, I have been using 250ml bottles of low sugar high protein shakes, but I end up sipping on them all day rather than drinking them at a set meal time. Is this right? Thanks [emoji4] Sent from my SM-G955F using BariatricPal mobile app
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    NSV & first vacation experience

    I am almost 6 months post op and took my first vacation this week (Drove up to Tahoe). I went with some friends who did not know about the surgery but knew I was actively losing weight and trying to eat healthier and it wasn't awkward at all. I didn't snack, but I did eat some meals I shouldn't have. But between watching how much and exercise, I was down just over 2 lbs for the week. In the past, anytime I vacationed I would be up so I'm super excited. I had some great NSVs while I was out. - Hiked almost every day - around 5 miles, intermediate hikes, at elevation. Still hard, but I did it. - Kayaked, and was able to get in and out easily. - They had standard size bath towels in the bathroom, and it wrapped all the way around me without a gap! - It was my birthday and I didn't have any cake, and really didn't miss it. I tried alcohol for the first time since surgery. I had a glass a wine a couple of times and did fine. However, I had about 1/3 of a margarita and felt awful. I don't think I full on dumped, but I think if I had drunk any more I would have. It's the first time I've had any amount of sugar so lesson learned. I'm going back to not drinking for a while (it will continue to be an occasional event going forward).
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    I'm guessing there would be ways to do the 6-month weight loss program online under the current circumstances, but I can't say for sure. My recommendation would be to contact a surgeon to see whether he/she might be able to recommend such a program. My surgeon was extremely helpful in advocating on my behalf with the insurance company, so perhaps your surgeon could help in your case.
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    July 2020 Surgery anyone?

    I had my gastric sleeve this morning! Everything went well, and I've left the hospital. Still nervous about everything, but glad it's done! Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Sandra Nuelken

    One Year Anniversary

    I'm up early this morning not for surgery, as I was last year, but for my one-year appointment. I am thrilled with the results and just can't believe where I was last year. I am an ex-bander and old for this journey, I'll be 74 this year. I have my life back, I can jump off the boat and get up the ladder, the same with the dock. I'm having fun with my grandkids again. I go for walks, swims, and move about without the aches and pains I once had. Food is no longer my joy in life, life is my joy. I eat to live and not live to eat. I reached stage 4 eating and just stayed there. I have a protein drink for breakfast, 4oz of cottage cheese for lunch, 4oz of protein for dinner with a protein snack or Outshine no sugar added pop cycle. Saturday is my "free day" I sit with my neighbors in the street to visit and have my weekly drink. Not being able to eat out this last 6 months has sure been a help! For those starting on your journey, the first 6 months are very important for both weight loss and to set the stage for the rest of your journey. I did not have a drink for the first 6 months. I have learned that your body will drop the pounds when it is ready. A lot of pauses the second 6 months that will drive you crazy. Good luck with your journey, I hope you are as happy with yours as I am with mine.
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    I wonder if the nurse meant temporarily?
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    I had my 2 week post-op and was told I can eat anything right now, just to make sure it's not raw. You're stomach will work harder to break it down. In time, of course.
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    I had the preop diet as well was just shakes as well as being diabetic. it took a few days but your body will adjust...
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    My doctor didn’t give me a goal, but there are studies that show that 27 is a healthy and comfortable BMI for many people, despite the charts recommending lower. My personal goal is 165. I have been that weight in my adult life and was happy there, despite my BMI being 27 and technically overweight. I think it really comes down to personal preference. I would rather not be super thin.