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    Food Before and After Photos

    Thai dinner last night. My favorites were the garlic chili roasted edamame and straw mushrooms!
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    Any new surgery dates yet?

    Omg I have to do this Monday, now I’m scared🤣🤣
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    Any new surgery dates yet?

    May 20th!! So nervous!!
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    You will get very many varied responses, particularly as you posted the same thing four times. Doesn't sound like you took your investigatins further when your weight lost stalled. Have you now? Had an endoscope? Not sure what thoughts you are after? But if you want a bypass revision, talk to your doctor and get a referral to a surgeon and discuss your surgery options. But you one step ahead of where you've been for the past few years and its a start.
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    Thirty-year-old sleevers

    I'm 32 and had the sleeve 1/7/20. Down 77 pounds. My first two days were very difficult, but mainly in the sense that I could not get my water down, and I was so nauseous that I was even throwing up my anti-nausea meds. I had a few hiccups, including 5 weeks post op, landing back in the hospital for dehydration but that had nothing to do with the surgery (although I am sure it was exacerbated by my recovery), and everything to do with the stomach bug my family was passing around. I got a couple bags of fluid, and was let go the same day. So far I really don't have too much excess skin, but it is early. Ideally I would like to lose another 50-60 pounds. Not sure how my skin will be then. Socially, my situation is probably a bit different than most. I work at a hospital, and my best friends all work with me. They knew about the surgery and have been 100% supportive since day one. They are used to patients of all kinds, so my being a bariatric patient was no big deal. They do razz me occasionally about how little I eat before I get full...but it is kind of comical at times, and its all in good humor. This was by FAR the best choice I have ever made. No regrets at all, never have had any.
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    January 2020 Surgery Folks

    I have been stalling hard off an on over the past several weeks. I've been sweating my butt off at work though so I better start dropping lol. Good news is I finally got on the scale and the first number is a "2." It's SO nice to know that the first number will never be a "3" again. Ever!
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    Your a rockstar!!! You look freakin amazing dude!!!
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    Thank you so much for your kind words
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    Anyone that see's you walk down the street would never believe you weighed 322. You look fantastic.
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