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    Pre Operation Appointment Tomorrow

    I went to my appointment today at 9:30 and just got home the appointment started off with a weight check and they also checked my temperature. After they did that I was taken to a classroom with there was another person who also has a January surgery scheduled. In that class they showed us a video on vertical sleeve gastrectomy. After the video they sent in a dietitian and a nurse to talk to us and sign paperwork. The dietitian talk to us about the diet we need to start two weeks before surgery and also what our diets will look like after surgery. The nurse talked about medications we need a take before and after surgery and also talked about the hospital we would be staying at. After the dietitian and the nurse spoke to us we each went into a room and waited to speak to the surgeon. This is the time where if you have any questions you would want to ask them. After talking to my surgeon she sent me to hospital to take a urine sample because I was a former smoker I guess they actually have a test where they test you for nicotine. It was a really long appointment with a lot of overwhelming information thrown at you. I actually thought they were going to do more test like x-rays or bloodwork but they didn’t. But I will have a physical done by my primary care doctor on the 14th so I’m guessing that’s when they’re going to do the bloodwork and the tests. I hope this information helps others! I am so nervous and so very excited to be a part of this group!!!
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    lots of people have. Just go back to basics (not all the way back to liquids only - but the whole protein first, then veggies, then, if you have room, a small serving of fruit or "good" carb, like some whole-grain thing). And be sure to measure/weigh things and log everything you eat.
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    Success in losing regained weight

    Oh forgot to mention sleeves in Aug 2017 started out 275 lost originally 110 lbs Sent from my SM-G950U1 using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Sweet Tooth

    I sort of did. I was never a sweets person (I always preferred salty stuff). Since about 4-5 months post WLS, I began to realllllly like dessert, LOL. I was recently gifted a whole bunch of sugar-free candy...maybe that would help a little?
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    I hear ya! I'm no those last 20 pounds myself and mine has been STUBBORN. Now I'm kicking it back into gear and losing about 1/3 lb/day. I really had to experiment with my calorie intake and learned that I needed to be eating MORE calories because my body was refusing to lose when I was under 800 calories. Now I'm around 1100/day and that seems to be the magic number. Still small portions, lots of protein, lots of water and some exercise.
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    Taco bell beans and cheese. Mostly carbs but i think im ok since all i have had the last 4 days was basically water. Sent from my SM-G960U using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Surgery Tomorrow

    The calmer you are the better. I have now had several surgeries, the best piece of advice anyone ever gave me is that if anything happens you will never know. So just relax and go with the flow.....
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    Sandra Nuelken

    Surgery Tomorrow

    Some of that pain may be the gas they used to expand your stomach. If you get up and walk around it will go away. The only discomfort you have is with the incision, no pain on the inside as it doesn't have pain. I walked around a lot to break up the gas and left the next day, no pain meds used at all. I took a Tylenol PM when I got home. The gas can cause a lot of pain and pain meds won't help. You need to move and walk.
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    So my appointment is tomorrow morning and my doctor said that it will take about three hours just wanted to know what kind of test this appointment includes? I was reading online that it may Include a colonoscopy pap smear and mammogram is that true? I also have to have a physical from Primary doctor on the 14th. I am getting super nervous!