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    And I couldn't be happier! Lost all the weight I wanted to, lost a cpap, lost several chins, lost knee pain, gained confidence, gained a new wardrobe, changed my life! If any of you are struggling - trying to decide to do it, thinking it'll never work, thinking you can't, let me tell you, YOU CAN!!!!! I am rooting for you and am always happy to talk to ANYONE who might need encouragment. I'd post a pic if I knew how...maybe I can do it on the mobile app!!! PS.....My horse is still fat!!!!!
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    I had my lapband removed and sleeve done on October 1st and I haven't lost much weight. My doctor told me that statistically lapband patients have a hard time dropping weight faster than someone who only had sleeve surgery. I'm getting very discouraged and frustrated because I'm not sure if it was even worth it! Help! I don't know what to eat or even if I'm eating enough and then when I do eat I feel like I'm eating too much. Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using BariatricPal mobile app
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    When did you guys start the gym?

    I was cleared for everything at 6 weeks (but I was walking since post-op day 1). I didn't actually do more than walking until about 8 weeks though...hot yoga, zumba, rock climbing, upgraded my walking to alternate jogging laps. I also did minimal strength training (and still do), but only because I hate it, not because I can't. These days I run 5km a day and do 15 mins of strength training on some body part or another every day. (Full disclosure, I was off my running routine for about 2 weeks to due illness and laziness, but am back on the wagon as of this morning!) I have loose skin. Agree with @catwoman7 as well: loose skin after massive weight loss is pretty much unavoidable except for the lucky few. Also agree with @Healthy_life2: strength training/lifting helps to tone and fill in a bit, but will not eradicate the loose skin completely. I will say this from my experience though: I really, really, really hated the look of my loose skin about 15-20 lbs ago, I guess because there was still some fat under there and gave it a rolling look. Now, that I'm leaner, the look is not as bad, to me at least (still hate it, but I'd remove the 3 "really's" now, lol). In my "problem areas", the skin looks more like wrinkled fabric now and is much more easily hidden...so this is less annoying to me. With that said, I am scheduled for an arm lift and breast lift revision (to address side boob) next week, which was scheduled 6 months ago. I was thinking I wanted a tummy tuck too, but I have since decided that I can live with it as the loose skin is limited to above my belly button (you can see a pic of how I hide this in the "Albums" section in my profile) ...my butt is another story. I have been doing lots of butt exercises but there doesn't seem to be much improvement there. Mr. says it may be because my ratio of running to weight training is too long-distance-running-centric: Weight training plumps the butt, endurance running flattens it. He suggested I add in some short distance sprinting in my runs, which I tried this morning, but I'm not sure I like doing it in and around the neighbourhood, lol...I will try it on the treadmill tomorrow. Wow, I just re-read this post. Sorry it's so long!
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    When did you guys start the gym?

    Just wanted to know when did everyone surgeon say it was okay for you to work out? I kind of really want to avoid the extra skin from hanging and get my tone on lol
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    hello everyone im back

    Wishing you a speedy recovery and best wishes for the holidays and a happy, healthy 2020
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    Minimal Weight loss

    Sooo I’m 3 weeks post opp and no weight loss ... what’s the deal?! It’s this a real thing? Please tell me !
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    Report the doctor to the medical board.. They are not meant to have bias. They take an oath and duty of care. Find a better doctor after surgery..
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    Minimal Weight loss

    The three week stall is a real thing. Perhaps your holding onto water weight? have you not lost anything?
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    I personally wouldn't do a pouch reset (I've read too many negative things about it) or liquids/protein shakes only - that's pretty hard to sustain for more than a couple of days. Just start eating the way we're supposed to - protein first (60-80 grams a day for most of us), then non-starchy vegetables, and then, if you have any room left, a small serving of fruit or "healthy" carb (like something whole grain). Log everything you eat and be mindful of your overall calories (and calorie range is an individual thing - you may to experiment for awhile to find your "sweet spot"). I agree with the above posters that a support group might be helpful, too... also, some anti-depressants can cause weight gain. I'm not sure about the one you're on, though. If it's one of those that does cause weight gain, maybe check with your doctor to see if there's a different med that might work for you?