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    AJ Tylo

    Head hunger

    Get a nutrionshinist or use a plan - Been said a million times here before Get the tool, But whip you heads ass into shape also - F#$ck FOOD
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    Hey there. I just got sleeved on Monday (11/4) at Coral Springs Medical Center with Dr. Wizman. I was scared and anxious out of my mind. Thank G-d, everything went so much better than I expected. It hasn't been a walk in the park, but everything went as well as it could have. Who is your surgeon? Sent from my SM-G950U using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Not in Florida but plenty of people, including myself, are here for you! Just had mine done on Oct 22. You'll do great!
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    AJ Tylo

    Mental Health Evaluation

    You still see dead people like me? I found it to be a silly wasted of time, although I paid cash so mine was just a formality. I had to get fully undressed and lay on the couch. Then the hot younger doctor evaluated me. Not sure why she dimmed the lights and played music, but it had a happy ending Ok anyone believe that and you have overdosed on Protein -
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    What are you eating?

    Very little! I do however crave Chinese, Indian and Korean food, not take-away or westernised stuff but proper traditional stuff. I am obsessed with kimchi and sui mai at the moment. My husband doesn't like the smell when I open the kimchi LOL I guess coz it is fermented (great for the gut) the garlic smell doesn't linger on my breath, good job really or he might move to the spare room lol
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    AJ Tylo

    Is drinking juice ok?

    Hang tight you all some of us like Juice. I do drink juice and try to get the sugar free or very low sugar versions. I also went from a 8oz glass to just a few oz. Doing your own juicing also helps - Then you know exactly what you are getting - Adding Vodka is also not allowed, but you have to get caught
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    What are you eating?

    Well I am at 5 months now and since I was 3 months I’ve honestly eaten basically every type of meat. I limit the red meat and don’t tolerate greasy food well so I limit it a lot, but I have tried about everything without issue. I prefer shrimp and other seafoods or chicken because they are less likely to make me feel bad. I haven’t eaten ground turkey yet and don’t really plan to start. It is super unappealing to me. I like regular turkey but ground turkey and chicken are not something I am interested in trying. I also love beans for variety. I think adapting to focusing all my meals on protein has been a big change for me personally. Has taken some adapting but the results have been awesome so I’m all in. I also gave up yogurt after week 4 bc I was able to hit protein goal without it.
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    Before and after. Couple close coaching friends getting ready to do the same thing. Very fortunate that I had good insurance. Had to do the 6 month wait (visit and class once a month) but it was worth it. I was a walking heart attack waiting to happen on Friday nights in the fall. So much energy and adrenaline go into a Friday night.
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    Loose skin and sex

    Ok as a guy, ive gotten a few comments: 1.) the skin isn’t as bad. Women tend to be more forgiving than men which is lame as f**k nowadays 2.) Remember men, your penis gets bigger with weight loss 😂 so make use of it 3.) no clothes, no problem. You’re past the hard part
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    Dumping question

    There are 2 big myths of WLS: 1. Dumping--people have these surgeries hoping for that negative feedback for their addictions. But if you don't change your head, nothing will change. You will still cheat with sugar. Whether or not your get sick. You will find a way to have your addiction. You can NOT depend on a TOOL to do the work if you use it the wrong way. And the real truth is that only 30% of RNY patients experiencing dumping and substantially fewer VSG peeps (maybe 3-5%?). And that dumping goes away sometimes the longer you are post surgery. 2. Restriction & Malabsorption--people believe their restriction and/or malabsorption will last for life and that they can eat anything they want cuz their "tool" will protect them and magically make them observe a moderate behavior. But moderate behavior begins with a choice in the brain and if you don't change your head, nothing in your behavior will change. People eat around their tool every day. I could eat an entire huge order of etouffee from Pappadeaux's if I ate a few bites every 10-15 minutes. I'd probably finish it within an hour! And I would have had 2 -3 days of calories in one meal. I could have a bite of Crispy Creme donut every 15-30 minutes and at the end of the day have eating 4-5 of them. I would not have dumped and I'd be craptastically full of sugar, carbs, and fat. I would have absorbed a ton of the cals. See where I'm going? In addition, both your restriction and malabsorption lessens the further out you are from the surgery. WLS only ever was intended to give people a brief honeymoon period where they could lose substantial amounts of weight and potentially reset their metabolic health so that they could then go on to learn new healthy habits for living and behaving with food/learn proper nutrition practices and live a healthy thin life the rest of their lives. Do your head work and let your tool do the job it's supposed to do. You are responsible for using your tool correctly. Don't bring a hammer to a screwdriver fight. Use your tool the way it's intended and it will serve you well--for life.