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    At 6 weeks, fiber may not be the best option for you only because you're still healing. Better options to get things moving again: Miralax, Milk of Magnesia, Dulcolax, Smooth Move Tea. Depending on the severity of your problem, you can also try glycerin suppositories or even enemas. Remember to be drinking enough water. The GI tract needs water to remove the wastes from your body.
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    Sandra Nuelken

    Soft food diet ideas?

    Cottage cheese, yogurt, scrambled eggs, oatmeal, soups.
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    I feel the same way. I feel like I'm at a decent weight now, meaning I'm not plus size anymore and I look a lot better than I did but my mind goes to the weight I still have to lose. I feel like I'm still fat and I cant just enjoy my success so far. I agree we all have some dysmorphia. Probably years of feeling like a failure. Its hard to get rid of those negative feelings. I think also, most of us lose weight and start to sag and get flabby in certain places and that makes the weight loss less positive. The loose skin is the biggest downside to weight loss for sure. One thing I can say...I gave my old clothes to a co worker who apparently was my size when I started and I CANT BELIEVE how big she looks. I had no idea I was that big. So I didnt know how fat I was in the beginning and I dont know how 'thin" I am now. I have a distorted image of myself apparently at every stage.
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    Sandra Nuelken

    Soft food diet ideas?

    I like Costco rotisserie chicken, I just about shred it into tiny pieces then put cold-pressed olive oil on it with Italian seasonings. My cholesterol is amazingly low the good is high. I try to work at least a teaspoon of olive oil into my meal plan each day. I also like it on my cottage cheese, it makes it taste a bit Italian. My doctor said if he had my Cholesterol readings he would be so very happy. Just a thought.
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    Soft food diet ideas?

    Moist cooking methods work best for soft foods and although chicken thighs are easier for a lot of people, still many experience issues with chicken. So think instapot and crockpot cooking and things made in a dutch oven like potroasts, slow cooked ground meat chilis, stewed chicken, smothered chicken (made bariatric style). I did a ton of foil and parchment fish (white fish and salmon and also shrimp, and crab can also work), soft scrambled eggs, soft boiled eggs, soft meats with "meat lube" = premade low cal, low sugar, low carb gravies to put over them. One of my favorites was doing Thanksgiving green bean casserole made bariatric style with canned chicken in it. So good. Also made a lot of tuna salad with hb mashed egg and low fat cottage cheese to replace the mayo. I'd add some dijon mustard and pickle juice or dill relish. This recipe works great for salmon and chicken salad versions too. I just kept it very simple, and ate the same things daily/repetitively so that I could just focus on keeping cals low and protein to meet my macro goal. And time passed quickly. Canned green beans, frozen broccoli, frozen cauliflower were my friends in the veg department. Also no sugar added Granny Smith applesauce.
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    Heard back from Surgeons office

    They say I am going to skip the Psych stuff, and the usual longer diet since my BMI is 36. I will have to meet with a nutritionist and do a 3 day diet before surgery. The gal I talked to said she would talk to the DR. on Wednesday and then get back with me to schedule my surgery. Whoot!
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    Soft food diet ideas?

    I stuck with boring stuff, after all it was just two weeks. Cottage cheese, sugar-free pudding, sugar-free popsicles, soup
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    This!! This is what I worry about with doctor..initially I was a 'prospect' so lots of attentions and allusions to things being doable..but now I'm a 'customer'..no need to "court" me. It is wrong. Not sure how many ppl in your area but maybe another practice would appreciate you more. Doctors forget that having 'success stories' and ppl willing to reference, maybe even drop into a meeting of newbies....ya know?
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    This was incredibly insensitive, rude, and uncalled for. Stop being a d**k
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    Couldn't you hold back and take contraception so that your surgery hasn't been for nothing...