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    I have my date and when I start my liquid diet and I’m so excited and I know the basics.. but I was hoping I could get some of your must haves or anything that made post op a little easier or kept you sane. I know there’s broths and sugar free jello and popsicles.. but I just wanna hear what everyone else had or advice or any good recipes! I’m all ears! I have tons of protein powder, unjury protein in chicken broth flavor, a bought little 2.5 ounce cups with lids..
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    This is a great question. I look forward to hearing some answers. I was thinking I will have some bone broth. Did anyone have their spouse/relative make some stock for them?
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    3 more days !!!!!

    You're doing great and good luck on your upcoming surgery.
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    Eating & Fullness.

    I start to feel that feeling too, a little below my chest. I have learned to stop eating when that happens, bc I don't feel "full" yet, but I know from experience now that if I keep eating, I will be miserably full for the next 30-60 minutes (I haven't thrown up since my surgery, but I've had extreme discomfort from eating too much, and I think I've learned from that.) I think you're right though, feeling 'full' now is not going to feel the same as it did before the surgery. Sent from my LM-V405 using BariatricPal mobile app
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    My surgery is Tomorrow! I can't believe it. Am so nervous!!!
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    Okay so I’m pretty sure everyone has a stall between weeks 2-4. Mine happened at 12 days post surgery and lasted almost 3 weeks. So here’s how it went: I lost 22 pounds in the first 12 days, then I lost 1.8 pounds over the next 20 days. There were a couple of times in that 20 days where I gained a 0.5-1 pound, then lose it, then regain. After week 5, I started losing again at the rate of 2.5 pounds/week average and 10 days ago I hit my 3 month stall (I was sleeved on 2-6-19). This time I’ve put the scale away and refuse to step on it for at least another week or two. Oh and during these last 10 days when I’ve lost zero weight I’ve managed to fit into a pair of pants that were really tight on me at the end of April so I’m not panicking. The weight will continue to fall off and the scale will continue to move down accordingly
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    The thirst is real!!

    This is one of the reasons I am glad to be here...my first reaction was a bit of panic, because it was grilled into us to start taking the vitamins & supplements after discharged home. Everyone helps keep things in perspective...
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    The thirst is real!!

    Yes, please get your vitamins & supplements ASAP!!! This is one of the things they always stress! You do not want complications due to insufficiencies! Your body needs this.
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    Cocktails & Wine

    My doctor hasn't said specifically, only that it'll cause you to get drunk faster and to be careful. I don't drink alcohol so it's not an issue for me.
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    My biggest surgical Worry? That I would wake up to find out my Surgeon had backed out and refused to do my surgery. First thing I did when I was put in my Post- Surgery Room? Flipped my gown up to my chest to make sure I had my 6 little slits, actually I had 7, I had forgotten he also uses the navel as a portal. I hurt so subtly I was concerned very much! All was well then, the blips and bumps in my recovery came much later!