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  1. I has HH repair at same time as bypass, No issues and glad it got done all at the same time. I did have an ulcer later on, but that was not related to the HH
  2. AZhiker

    Gastric Sleevr Vs. Bypass

    And you may well find that you will not need a lot of your meds after surgery, including antidepressants. Did you know that most of your body's serotonin and dopamine are actually made in the gut? The gut biome is extremely important in regulation of so many functions, and all that is going to change. You are going to lose all that stored estrogen that is hiding in fatty tissue, and your gut biome is going to get an overhaul as you eat healthier foods.
  3. AZhiker

    Gastric Sleevr Vs. Bypass

    I agree. Although I can eat as much as I want, I cannot eat nearly the volume that I did before - it is impossible and if I do overfill, I am very uncomfortable for several hours. I used to put away several large plates of food at a family dinner or holiday meal. Now, one small plate is enough, and I usually leave food on that. It's so strange, but you can be eating along, and all of a sudden you know that one more bite is too much. Like, I will be literally sick if I eat one more bite. Never had that before. I don't know where all that food went, but it sure doesn't work that way anymore.
  4. Good for you! But don't think you have to "sell" it to anyone. If you want to say you are on a medically supervised diet, that is fine. If you want to tell people that you are having surgery, that is fine, too. But you don't have to give rationalizations or try to make them understand why this is so important and how the surgery works - because they won't understand, and basically they won't care. Seeing you actually lose the weight may even make some of them jealous and even more mean. Believe me, the day will come when you will NOT be the biggest person in the room - someone else will fill that spot and that will really upset the apple cart. All the overweight people who make fun of you now (because they secretly are happy that YOU are the fat one, and not them) will have to start wondering what everyone is thinking about THEM! Bottom line - say what you feel is the right thing, but keep it short and simple. Be prepared for everyone's opinion, but be prepared to brush them off. You don't have to answer to any of them. This is YOUR life, YOUR decision, YOUR health, and YOUR success. So glad your spouse is on board and supportive. That really means a lot.
  5. AZhiker

    Green smoothies

    You can get half of your daily protein requirements in if you use milk and add yogurt and protein powder.
  6. AZhiker

    Green smoothies

    My doc said I had to wait 8 weeks. My standard "recipe" is milk (or milk substitute), some yogurt, a scoop of protein powder, a good handful of dark greens like kale or spinach, some berries, and half a banana. I also add 2 TB of frozen prickly pear juice with is super high in antioxidants.
  7. AZhiker

    Bra help

    I went from a 42DD to a 34A. Can't find anything in the stores except training bras or sports bras that are hard to put on. So I special ordered my favorite brand from the Hanes company. Going to a higher end department store is a good idea, though. The cost might be higher, but then you could probably order online once you found one that worked. But the nice thing is about "rocks in socks" is that no one notices if I DON'T wear a bra, especially if I wear a shirt or vest over my first layer. I love the freedom. I recently broke 5 ribs from a bad horseback fall, and it is really nice not having the pressure of a bra on my chest. First time since age 12 that I don't HAVE to wear a bra!!! Wooo Hoooo!!!!!
  8. AZhiker

    Fill Doctor Needed

    Who is on your insurance list?
  9. I also had an abnormal EKG and stress test. So I got an echo and 2 nuclear scans which still showed an abnormality. So I got the gold standard - a cardiac cath which showed all my coronary arteries to be free and clear!!!!!!! Onward to surgery! EKGs are notoriously inaccurate in their internal interpretation of the wave forms. The cardiologist will do the right thing, get more tests, and hopefully you will also be on to surgery soon.
  10. 2/3 of the people in the U.S. are overweight or obese. Of those who actually manage to lose weight, 95-99% will regain it all back. Hearing someone else talk about their weight loss success is painful for many people and just makes them all the more aware of their own weight problems. Personally, I do not discuss anyone's weight, and I do not discuss my own weight with anyone else. There are too many deep seated issues. It's not like sharing a favorite recipe or new chair cushion. The best bet is to share here on this forum, or find a friend that is also a successful WLS patient. They are the only ones who can truly understand the journey.
  11. GERD is serious. It can lead to cancerous changes in the tissues. I chose bypass because of my GERD and have not regretted it a bit. There might be a little malabsorption going on, mostly fat, but I don't think it is much. Most malabsorption starts resolving on its own as the jejunum takes on a more absorptive role. Another reason I chose bypass was BECAUSE of dumping. I wanted to have as strong of a deterrent possible to sweets. However, almost 2 years out and I have never dumped, even with sweets. From what I've read, the majority of bypass patients do NOT dump. IMHO, if you have GERD, go with bypass. I actually had Barretts esophagus from the GERD, along with a nice little, precancerous Barrett's polyp which was removed pre-op. Since surgery, the Barretts has completely resolved, which I think is pretty amazing. I'd take the risk of dumping anyday over the increased risk of cancer from unresolved GERD. I would not want to undergo a second surgery, either.
  12. AZhiker

    Stomach pain when eating?

    What stage are you at in your plan? You are probably trying to eat too much at a time, or food that your pouch can't tolerate yet. When I was a month out, I was eating broth, protein shakes, cottage cheese, refried beans thinned with broth, very small amounts of lentil/bean soup, 1-2 oz of calf liver, or soft fish. About 400-450 calories a day.
  13. A couple of years ago when I had surgery, I was really pushing for a December surgery date, for insurance reasons like yours. But, due to being denied by insurance (because my doctor office lost some reports and didn't submit them), I had to go through the appeal process (after I produced my own copies of the reports!), which delayed my surgery til Feb. I was not happy about that, but let me tell you, it worked out. Surgery cost is not the final expense. In my case, I had an ER visit for blood clots, a couple more scopes due to an ulcer and follow up from a Barretts polyp discovered pre op, and then there were more non surgery related medical expenses as well. So I met my deductable and OOP max in 2019 instead of 2018. I think you have to hang in there and just see it through to the end, whether that is in 2020 or 2021. You pay now or you pay later, but chances are you will meet your deductible one year or the other. Keep in mind the reasons why you want the surgery. The risks of obesity are life threatening, and the older you get, the less quality of life there is as an obese person. WLS is ALWAYS a royal pain on the pre-op side, but the end results are so worth it in the long run. I hope you get a negative test real soon and that you remain symptom free. Hang in there! The race does not go to the fastest, but to the one who perseveres.
  14. AZhiker


    BCBS Tennessee required 6 months of PCP visits/supervised wt loss program.
  15. AZhiker

    Too much weight losd

    I think I have had fat malabsorption since surgery, but my vitamin levels have been good. I do not have any problems taking my vitamins except that sometimes I forget to take them. I try to eat an extremely healthy Whole Foods Plant Based diet to get all the phytonutrients and natural vitamins I can. I chew everything really well, especially anything raw. So every calorie is very nutritionally dense - not calories that are empty ones from simple carbs or processed products. This may well be why my vitamin levels are good. I have to admit I feel there are changes mechanically, but I can't really describe the feeling. Somehow, even though I have lots of energy and am healthy, I feel a bit more frail somehow. A little more vulnerable. Maybe that's because my bones are visible and I am not encased in an insulative, padded layer of fat. I feel that my pouch is more delicate than my old stomach and still vulnerable to ulcers. I am very careful to avoid all alcohol and soda, but I do have some decaf coffee occasionally. Its hard to describe, but I do not have a body that is simply thin - it is different and not completely intact like it used to be. That's not bad - just different. And I do not regret the surgery one bit. I knew it would be a complete life makeover, but didn't realize the total depth of that makeover until afterward.
  16. AZhiker

    February 2019 weight loss buds

    So I actually did go out with my staff for a Christmas dinner last night. There were 8 of us there and I was the smallest! 2 years ago I was the biggest. So surreal still, sometimes. Like how did this happen? But then I looked at the plates and meals............... Hmmmmmm. You are what you eat. I am starting to feel a little anxious about regain during the 3rd year which will be starting in a couple of months.
  17. There have been a number of high quality, controlled studies that have shown consumption of increased vegetables, particularly the cabbage and broccoli family can prevent fibroids. The best results are with vegans who consume large amounts of veggies, and there is a higher incidence of fibroids in women who consume large amounts of red and processed meats. I can only think that the new dietary lifestyle that is required with any sort of WLS would help prevent formation of new fibroids. You are going to be eating more vegetables and eating a lot healthier than you were before surgery. Any positive dietary changes are going to help.
  18. AZhiker

    Dreaming of food??

    Same with me. It doesn't happen anymore, but I used to have dreams of totally pigging out on pizza, ice cream, and eating a whole cake. I would feel terrible, guilty, and shamed. Then I would wake up and be soooooo relieved!
  19. The worse part about endoscopy is a little prick for the IV. Then it is a short nap, the procedure is done, and you get breakfast. I've had several done, and it really is no big deal. The actual procedure takes all of 5 minutes. The doc needs to see what he/she will be dealing with. I had an undiagnosed hiatal hernia which was then repaired at the time of my bypass surgery. The cardiology is also just a matter of procedure. They may want to do a stress test, which may involve an IV and medication to make your heart beat fast, as if you were on a treadmill. It's not exactly pleasant, but doesn't hurt, and the medication wears off very quickly. For me, there were abnormalities that needed further investigation, all the way to an angiogram. I was really nervous about that, but it showed that my coronary arteries are clear! I feel like a dodged a bullet with decades of obesity, and it really gave me so much more positive hope that I wasn't waiting to drop over from a heart attack. It was a GOOD thing and I am thankful for having done it. You just have to tick these items off. You deserve to know what you actual health profile looks like, and of course , your surgical team needs to know this, too. Just keep copies of EVERYTHING! Go to medical records after the procedures and get your own copies or ask your doctor for copies. It's good to have these in your own personal file as reference points for the future. And anything like a cardiac clearance, psych clearance, nutritional eval - KEEP the copies! Doc offices have been known to lose these things and when you have a copy it will same time and frustration. Take things one step at a time and you will be fine.
  20. AZhiker

    Thanksgiving win

    Isn't is wonderful to get on the scale and see that it hasn't moved UP! I basically ate everything, but instead of 2 or 3 full plate loads, I had a salad plate with a little of everything....... but I couldn't finish it. Amazing, when I remember the volume I used to put away. I just LOVE my new life, my new body, and my new little pouch. I feel so NORMAL and that is such a strange feeling, but great!!!
  21. AZhiker

    Week 2 eggs

    Once I started on soft foods, I could tolerate cottage cheese, yogurt and refried beans that were thinned with broth, but my tummy did not tolerate eggs for several more months. It's different for everyone, so just experiment until you find what works for you. And your list of tolerated foods will change each week.
  22. AZhiker

    Thanksgiving cooking

    I agree. During my first post op holidays, I still did the cooking, but had other family members do the taste testing. You really only have to get through one holiday season - by this time next year, you will be able to enjoy all the healthy foods, but in much smaller quantities. You will learn to cook in healthier ways, eliminating the sugars and a lot of the fat. You will use more vegetables, cooked healthier, and fruits will play a more important role in desserts. Just hang in there for the next month and you will be fine. The best part is that this is one holiday season that you will LOSE weight instead of gaining!!!!!
  23. AZhiker

    Excess saliva???

    It's called the "slimies" and happens when your stomach wants to get rid of that extra bite or something that did not go down well. It can happen a lot in the early months after surgery, as you learn not to take that extra bite, and to slow down your eating so you can start feeling satisfied before eating too much. It is horribly uncomfortable, for sure. It still happens to me once in a while, usually because I ate too much too fast. I don't vomit easily, so I spit and spit and spit until it passes, which can take up to an hour for me. Yuk! Anyway, lots of people experience this. Just try to be mindful when you eat. Chew every bite really well and put the fork down between bites. Enjoy the taste of every bite, and don't think you have to "finish every bean and pea on your plate."
  24. AZhiker

    Expected weight loss

    I didn't lose a shoe size, but it is definitely easier to get into my riding boots now. The one thing I lost, which surprised me a lot was BONE DENSITY! Although I have exercised a lot during the whole weight loss phase, and afterwards, with lots of walking, my bone density went from normal to slight osteopenia. From what I've read, this is not uncommon. The bones simply do not need to be as heavy and thick once the weight comes off. I had a bad fall from my horse a few weeks ago and although I did not damage a hip or shoulder, I busted 5 ribs. But I think I would have broken them, even without osteopenia. Anyway, I would encourage you all to get your bone density tests done whenever they are scheduled. I am also surprised that this was never mentioned by my medical team as a potential side effect of surgery.
  25. I was always very active ........ until my joints gave out. I have arthritis in both hips, my back, and one knee, since I've already had a knee replacement. Don't wait until your joints are ruined. You never get them back, and although a replacement is great, it is never like your own joint. I was overweight/obese for 50 years. I only wish I had not waited so long to have surgery. I have my active life back now, and have resolved all my co-morbidities, however I can't reverse the cartilage loss and damage to my joints. Obesity will catch you, sooner or later. I went a long time before I started having the creeping BP, lipids, and borderline glucose. That's called Metabolic Syndrome and sooner or later it will find you. That then develops into diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and a bunch of prescription medications. Sleep apnea is another big one. I didn't even know I had it until I had a sleep study and found that my apnea was actually very severe. I was on a cpap machine for a year (wonderful thing, that machine - really!) until I lost the weight and now I don't need it at all. Get the weight off now! If you are ready to make the dietary and lifestyle changes, do it while you are still young and healthy. You will also have less loose skin if you have it done sooner than later.

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