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  1. I was 63 years old when I had surgery and lost 100 pounds in 6 months. I went from a 42 DD to a 34A. Basically "rocks in socks." Pretty ugly, but only without clothes! During the past year, however, my fat seems to have redistributed a bit. My weight is the same, but I seem to be a bit more filled out. I will never have breast surgery, as a well fitting bra works just fine, and I am not out looking for a relationship. Being older, I think, adds a different perspective. I am so happy with who I am and my brand new body that can do all the things I've not been able to do for decades. Being morbidly obese was a lot more funny looking than my new wrinkles and sags, so I'll take skinny and saggy anytime!
  2. Before WLS, I made a list of all the issues I was having. I am now 18 months post op and have thus far maintained my goal weight and normal BMI. I recently found that old list and discovered that ALL the issues have resolved! Amazing! asthma, sinus drainage, sleep apnea, GERD, joint/back/foot pain, fatty liver, pre-diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol/LDL/trigylcerides, elevated inflammatory markers, skin infections, shortness of breath, low energy/endurance, activity intolerance, heat intolerance, shame, and depression. ALL GONE! I can now ride my horse, bike 50 miles, walk, hike, climb 60 flights of stairs, swim, get down on (and off) the floor with my grandkids, wear normal sized cute clothing, sit in any chair, have room to spare in an airplane seat, and just plain LIVE a normal, active life! It has been an amazing journey and I wouldn't trade it for anything.
  3. First of all, get back on track. I found it very helpful to remind myself that the food I couldn't have were not out of my life forever - just for a time. Tell yourself, "I can't have this now, but I will have it down the road at the right time." That being said, this is a great time to start retraining your taste buds and your mental attitude toward food. This surgery is supposed to help you get healthier - not just thinner. You have to learn to reframe your thinking - that fast food is NOT your friend, but veggies, fruit, and lean protein ARE your friends - FOR LIFE! This is a lifestyle change, not just a weight loss plan. I am eating healthier now that I ever have in my life, and enjoying every minute of my new food choices and lifestyle! That does NOT include sugar, soda, alcohol, simple carbs, and processed food. And I don't miss those things one bit now, as the good food is so filling and makes me feel so good. There will come the day that you can have a moderate amount of fast food - once in a while, and once you are in maintenance. But by the time that rolls around, you may not even miss it if you have learned to enjoy the better stuff. I remember my first pizza and it was NOT like I remembered - what a disappointment! Same with french fries - just a salty, oily mess that made me sick. Remember that the food industry manipulates our primal taste desires for sweet, salt, and fat. The more they can add these to foods, the more addicted they can make us to a particular product. They even add sugar and salt to foods that don't even need it, but it can trigger the addictive receptors in our brains. If you take a look at your trigger foods, I will bet they all have the deadly trifecta in some combination or another.
  4. AZhiker

    pre-op check list

    Sounds pretty par for the course. I also had to see a nutritionist. Because of some abnormalities on my stress test and subsequent nuclear scan, I ended up having a heart cath. Not fun, but everything was fine and I had surgery without issues.
  5. I make my own cheesy sauce that is great with pasta or veggies like broccoli. I do not use the processed products, as I don't think they taste that good, they are expensive, and I try not to use processed food products as a rule. To make a cheesy like sauce, I soak cashews for 30 to 60 minutes in hot water. Then I put them in the blender with a cooked yellow potato, soy milk, a small avocado, and sometimes some tofu.. Add a good amount of nutritional yeast and some miso paste, pepper to taste. Blend until smooth. The avocado taste does NOT come through, but the fat makes it "creamier." I will admit that the Beyond Beef burgers are pretty tasty. I might have one of those once a month or so, but not often. My protein comes from a wide variety of legumes, nuts, seeds, whole grains, tofu, tempeh, soy milk/yogurt or Nancy's Oatmilk yogurt which is pretty high in protein. I easily get 60 grams a day. Sometimes I will add a half scoop of protein powder to a smoothie or yogurt bowl.
  6. I have found that WFPB, combined with IF (intermittant fasting - I do 8/16) is the ideal eating plan for me. I can eat as much as I want, never feel hungry, and still keep my weight stabilized. I have plenty of energy and mental sharpness, and although weight loss did not drop my cholesterol at all, WFPB dropped it 70 points withing a few months, along with significant lowernig of my LDL and triglycerides. I feel healthier now than ever before in my life.
  7. AZhiker


    I hope it goes well for you. You will most likely loose a good deal of weight initially. However, my long term keto friends still struggle with weight maintenance over time, Sustainability and nutritional balance can be issues. I know I would never be able to handle the high fat load of a keto plan. I have been on a whole food plant based plan (WFPB) for about 6 months now and doing great, feeling great. Weight is well controlled and I am NEVER hungry. I eat 8-10 servings of nutritionally dense veggies/fruit every day, along with at least 3 servings of legumes/tofu/tempeh, 2 servings of whole grains, and a wide variety of nuts and seeds. I get at least 60 grams of protein daily, All my labs are great. My cholesterol dropped from 235 to 152 and LDL is actually BELOW normal range! Even 100+ pound weight loss did nothing for my cholesterol and high LDL. Interestingly, when looking at populations with the greatest longevity and members over 100 years old, all of them are plant based with very little animal protein. Hmmmmmm. The highest rates of osteoporosis and hip fracture are in populations that consume the most meat and dairy products. Hmmmmmm. Food for thought. Bottom line for me is that WFPB is healthy, sustainable, and affordable. I do triathlons, distance biking and hiking (aiming for a one day, rim-to-rim Grand Canyon hike and a 100 mile bike race next year), and I feel great with loads of energy! WFPB allows one to enjoy plenty of healthy carbs that are incredibly satisfying and which provide a lot of energy. I never feel deprived.
  8. You are so right. It is more than just how we see ourselves, but also how we see others. There is a HUGE difference between being a member of the "outsider fat tribe" and the "normal tribe." Not only has our personal perspective changed, but others have, too. If you walk into a room of people you don't know, you are now automatically included in the "Normal Tribe." Any obese people in the room see you this way, also, when in fact, we most likely still feel like members of the "fat tribe." The fat tribe members will assume you are judging them, because that is how WE felt when we were fat. It's so weird. I've had patients tell me I couldn't relate to their obesity, since I am thin. Then I tell them I lost 110 pounds and that I really CAN relate, and they just don't know what to do with that, either, because now my success demands a response that many of them, unfortunately, are not willing or ready to make. I've heard all the "reasons" - genetics, slow metabolism, thyroid, can't exercise, etc, etc. - the same ones I used to use to explain my obesity. It is sooooooo strange to navigate this shift in how we think and how others think about us, and then having to reconfigure our responses to others' shifted views. The good thing, is that it gets better with time. Things really do start to feel more normal, the longer out I am from surgery. It's a matter of learning how to live in what feels like a new world with reverse polarity!
  9. AZhiker

    Pre op liquid diet

    Hurray!!!!! Good for you!!!!! This is the attitude that will make you successful! I am soooooooo proud of you and and your determination. You did not let that bit of chocolate get the best of you - you nailed it!!!!! Woo hoo!!!!!!!
  10. AZhiker

    Pre op liquid diet

    You do not NEED this - you want it. Big difference. Use this experience to learn a really, really important lesson that you will need for the rest of your life. You are not depriving yourself by denying chocolate - you are helping yourself achieve the greatest goal of your life.
  11. AZhiker

    Pre op liquid diet

    I guess my question to you is, "Are you really willing to do whatever it takes to get the weight off and keep it off?" If so, then follow your doctor's instructions to the tee. If you start making little exceptions now, you are starting a pattern of compromise that will undermine your success. I am not trying to be mean, but realistically, and honestly, it is all those little bites and nibbles that got us in trouble in the first place. This is the time to make the radical lifestyle and mental changes it will take to be successful in the long run. If you read posts from folks who struggle with regain, it almost always goes back to little slips that become more and more frequent. I include myself, as I've gained back 4 pounds, and I know it is from excusing small slips and justifying needless nibbles. If you want to get the weight off quickly, you must make the determination that you will not cheat - at all. You have 67 pounds to lose and you could do this in well under a year - 6 months even, if you stick to the plan. Don't flirt with temptation. Tell yourself, "It's just not worth it," and get your mind on something else. You can also tell yourself, "I can't have that now - later I will be able to eat that again, but not now." And most importantly, tell yourself, "I AM NEVER GOING BACK!" And that starts right now. Research tells that people with a very fixed determination are the ones who are successful in their long term weight loss. Your journey is starting now, and right now is the time to start retraining your thought patterns and reframing your attitudes toward food. Every day is another step toward your goal. Make every day count!
  12. AZhiker

    Gastritis from CPAP machine?

    You may need to be scoped. Scans don't always tell the true story. I imagine you are on omeprazole or something similar? And you are avoiding coffee, alcohol, soda, and trying to sleep with your head/upper body elevated? I think if you can elevate the head of your bed, you will find the gas bubble problem to be better. Are you breathing through your mouth? Do you need a different mask? (BTW, after losing weight, I do not need to use my CPAP anymore! It is great!) I developed an ulcer 6 months after my surgery - for no reason. The doctor said it might have been a stitch that didn't heal well, I was on omeprazole for 4-5 months. A follow up scope showed that everything is now healed and doing fine, but I did buy a bed with an adjustable frame so I can easily elevate the head. Best thing I ever did (besides surgery!) The weight loss and head elevation completely resolved my gastritis and GERD. Even the Barretts esophagus resolved, which is amazing. Hang in there. Only good things to come for you! A year from now this will all be behind you and you will be a new person with most of these health issues resolved. PS: It could be that the pressure setting of your CPAP is too high. Have you talked to your sleep doctor? As I lost weight, my pressures were adjusted, until I didn't even need it anymore.
  13. That was me, too. I always saw myself as overweight, but not really obese. Now when I look at old photos I am mortified at how fat I really was. Now it is hard to envision myself as anything but large. I went from a 24 jeans to a 10, and am very comfortable with that. I did save some old jeans and it is really pretty horrifying to think that I could now fit TWO of me into that pair! What has helped reframe my new size is looking at other people at work who wear the same sized scrubs as I do. I used to wear 2XX and now wear small. It has helped to see other people who wear smalls, also, to realize that my size is the same as theirs. It still seems surreal at times, but the small scrubs don't lie. I really am that size. This daily reinforcement has been a positive reality check for me.
  14. AZhiker

    1 year post-op gastric bypass

    15 months post bypass here/ Doing great! A whole new life and loving it!
  15. AZhiker

    Trouble Sleeping

    When I was in the active weight loss stage, I had so much energy I couldn't sleep. I got about 4 hours each night, and still felt like an energizer bunny all day. My thyroid tests were all normal, I attribute it to being in mild ketosis during such rapid weight loss. It was a very euphoric feeling. I was exercising like crazy and still had so much energy. That is all settled down, now that my weight is stabilized.
  16. Yup. At 9-12 months, I could not keep weight on, no matter how much I ate. I was literally stuffing myself. And now at 15 months out, I have started to gain. Others Feb 2019 ers have also started to experience this. I would say, "enjoy the ride while you can," When the honeymoon is over, it is over. Now I am going back to the basics to get those 7 pounds back off, and it is not easier the 2nd time around.
  17. AZhiker


    IF IF IF you can handle the fats. Many post op patients cannot. And to state again, fat is simply a lot of empty calories (the most densely caloric food there is) that does not provide nutritional value. If you are getting so many calories from fat, you are sacrificing the benefit of other foods that are much more nutritionally dense.
  18. AZhiker


    There are a lot of reasons to avoid the keto fad. You are already going to be in a keto like state after surgery. As you break down the fat so quickly, you will produce lots of ketones. Fat malabsorption is not unusual after WLS. Eating even more fat is not going to be helpful and a lot of it will just pass through. Fat is not going to give you the nutrition you need in the way of vitamins, minerals, and phytonurtients. It's basically just a lot of calories that you don't need and most likely can't even utilize. Consuming a lot of meat is not even healthy and contributes to a host of other health problems down the road. After WLS, you have 3 immediate goals: Water, protein, and vitamins. As the diet advances, it is still water, protein, and vitamins, but in the form of more whole foods. Getting in a lot of fruits, greens, veggies is the best way to get phytonutrients and vitamins for lifetime health. Every bite you take after WLS should be as nutrient dense as possible and have a purpose for promoting your lifelong health. HIgh meat and high fat does not do that.
  19. AZhiker


    One thing you will learn is that you have to listen to your own body. If you are more comfortable right now on shakes and broth, then stick with them a while longer. You will not hurt anything by doing this. First goal is to get your water in, then the protein, then the vitamins. My doc would not even let me have pureed veggies until week 8. There are so many different "plans" out there, that you have to realize that each doc is a bit different in what they are asking, but that none of them have an absolute corner on the truth about what is best for YOU at this moment in time. Listen to your own body and advance the diet as you are able. Going slower will not hurt you.
  20. AZhiker

    Discouraging friends

    Superman, everyone likes naturally pretty or cute girls. That's the problem. Our society places high value on physical beauty, and not everyone is naturally pretty or cute. By your own admission, you like pretty and cute - not plain or less than average. Women know this and they want to be more attractive......... which is why they have the surgeries. Most women who have plastic surgery do not do it because they "feel they need to be fake." They do it because they feel their bodies need some intervention to meet societal standards of beauty.
  21. AZhiker

    February 2019 weight loss buds

    Froufrou, Hang in there! I have gained some, too, and I know the fear - like what if it all comes back on???? But we have worked too hard to let that happen. Both of us recognize how easily and how quickly a few extra pounds jumped aboard, and both of us are taking control NOW! Not 50 or 100 pounds from now. For me, I know I started snacking too much and fell into some emotional eating. I also have not tracked my intake very well during the past couple of months. So my plan is to plan and track daily, cut out the snacking, fill up on more veggies, reduce some of the grain based carbs, stop eating after 7 pm, and get back to some IF days. I also got sick and fell off on my exercise, but am now getting back to more. Tell me what your plan is. Let's get this done. We can come out of this pandemic craziness back nat our goal weights and stronger than ever. All is not lost if we learn from the experience and can come back with resilience and a successful new plan. This will not be the only time we regain a few pounds because of stress or situations or illness, so the lessons we learn now will help us down the road. I'm pulling for you. We got this! New day tomorrow, right?
  22. Whats really neat is when people who dont know you or that you have surgery make comments on your small size. I was trying out a bicycle and the guy in the store was holding it for me. "You won't fall, I've held much bigger people than you. You're little." !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. Superman, I lost my weight quickly, as well, and looked very thin, with my new found ribs, collar bones, hollow thighs, bony shoulders and hips. My spine and tail bone made sitting in hard chairs very uncomfortable. I was eating as much as I could, with a lot of whole grain carbs and couldn't stop losing. Then at about 15 months out, I started to notice a change. My face and thighs started to fill in a bit. I wasn't changing in weight, but it was looking a bit differently on me. 144-145 is my sweet spot. I then went up to 152 almost over night. So now I am watching volume and carbs more carefully. Am now back to 149, so 5 more to go to get back to the sweet spot. I thought I was invincible there for a while - like I had been given a new body with the metabolism of a hummingbird, but I now see that it is actually more like a normal person - (at least not like a sloth as in the past). I just have to eat more carefully now - and more mindfully. Things do change, I just hope it doesn't get much harder by year three. As long as your BMI is OK, enjoy the new body and transformation.
  24. I had to do the 6 month thing, too, but it was a good time to really examine my own heart and decision, as well as research the surgery thoroughly. I watched every You-tube by Dr. Matthew Weiner, read books, and felt that my decision was based on good information and not from impulsion. I went into it scared, but knowing what I was getting into, and even with a couple of post op complications (blood clots and ulcer) I have no regrets what so ever. It has changed my life for ever and I AM NEVER GOING BACK!