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    Eating still hurts 😩

    I was sleeved on March 5 and yes at the beginning is really tough, try having really small bites I also discovered that there are just some food that just dont agree with me anymore anyway talk to your Dr express your concern just to be on the safe side it does get better way better but there are food you won’t be able to handle anymore small price to pay for a new healthy life
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    First - 6 lbs in a week and a half is GREAT. Likely your body gained some weight from swelling/fluid while in the hospital, so you're still working on that. One thing that has helped me feel better is that I created a chart (mine is in Google Sheets, but Excel would work too). It has my weight lost on it. Then I added a line that has a trendline from my surgery weight to the goal my doctor gave me (for me 60% EWL in 12 months). Even though I've had a couple weeks where I "only" lost 1.5 lbs or so, I am still WAY under the goal trend line. It helps me look at the big picture. See below (with the actual weight removed). The dark blue line shows my actual losses. Light blue is the trend of my actual looses. Red is the trend if I want to lose 60% EWL in a year.
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    I need to get back on track

    Wow well having 13 kids and an absent hubs is certainly anxiety inducing!!! Also about the anxiety, maybe call the doc and go get a physical/all your blood drawn. It could very well be a vitamin/mineral deficiency at 2 years. Not sayin' it is...but it could be. Also, drink LOTS of water--like north of 100oz per day at least! Try to drop the crap carbs (at least a little at a time), and so agree with everything that @skinnylife said!!! Start that logging again and tracking stuff! You can do it!!!!
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    It’s Go Time!!

    Currently sitting in my pre-op room getting ready to have surgery. Ready to get on to the next stage and better my heath. Anyone else having/had surgery today?
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    although I don't think I had such dreams (I usually don't remember my dreams, so I don't know for sure), I suppose that's not uncommon when people have upcoming surgeries. Just rest assured that WLS is one one of the safest surgeries there is - safer than a hip replacement surgery. Mortality rate is something like 0.3% on the bypass, even lower for the sleeve. That means there's a 99.7% chance you're going to pull through just fine. Complications aren't common and, when they exist, are usually minor. I had a stricture, which happens to about 5% of bypass patients (making it one of the more common complications). It was an easy fix. Try not to worry about it - this is a very low-risk surgery and I'm sure you'll do just fine. You're at more risk staying overweight than you are having WLS.
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    Protien and Broth!

    I prefer Protein20 protein water from Sam's. Not quite as sweet. Also, the other ones can be mixed with sugar-free lemonade to lessen the sweetness. Don't get too concerned about your protein right now, hydration is the most important. It takes a lot of people a few weeks to get all their protein
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    Help, I'm hungry AGAIN!

    I am in the same boat as you. I had lost 110 pounds but have since put 20 back on. I am about 14 months out. The restriction is still there to an extent but I can eat more that I used to right after surgery.
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    You will be lucky now to lose 2lbs a week. The less your eating the harder it is to lose. Your body is screaming what are you doing to me. Hold on fat hold on. I didn't lose weight for two weeks, I didn't care. I know I am doing what I am supposed to do. Just hold on and it will happen.
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    I need to get back on track

    Help I am two years post op and just can't get my crap together. I don't over eat, however I haven't been making good food choices. I lost 123 lbs and have gained 30 lbs back. I am in a size 12 and honestly that is the size I wanted to be, considering I was a size 24 when i started. I got down to a 10 and now that I had a taste of it I want it so badly, but just cant seem to get back on track. I know these may seem like excuses, but life has thrown me some major punches this past year. My husband started a job that requires him to be gone most of the week and we have 13 children. I only have 11 home now but as you can imagine it is a busy job and I find very little time for myself. Any suggestions on how to get my crap together and get back on track? I have noticed since surgery, I have developed major anxiety and had many panic attacks. These are all new to me. Has anyone developed anxiety since surgery? If anyone has anything that has helped them get back on track please feel free to share>
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    Vitamin Patches

    Great news on the Labs! My 6 month labs are coming up in January and hoping for the same! Why is Bariatric Pal changing from Patch MD? I order mine thru Patch MD website, they frequently have BOGO sales!