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  1. I figured it would be nice to have a section where we could just confess to some of the potentially dumb things we've done, pre or post op. Just so others can see we are all human. I want this to be kept as civil as possible, where people can own up to things without anyone else chiming in with anything negative, we all know what we did wasn't "right" but I'm sure we ALL have done something we shouldn't have. I'll start. I cheated on my pre-op diet a few times. I also like to find loop holes and exploit the crap out of them. I drank beer for a week+ on my pre-op, because it didn't say I couldn't. I only stopped after I was forced to, because my wife asked my surgeon and of course they said "no"... boo. I also ate a whole slice of French Meat Pie at my Dad's 60th birthday luncheon. I cheated on my post-op diet/puree stage a bit too. I ate rice cakes and protein chips or other veggie chips. Not a lot, but it happened. I "pureed" a steak and cheese sandwich once. I ate a few fried ravioli on my puree stage as well. This past weekend, I had a beer. My wife and I took my parents out to dinner at a local casino, it's Restaurant week, so we found a good looking location and went out to eat, part of the deal was that you got a draft beer with your meal. So, I had a shipyard summer ale with my grilled chicken parm sandwich (only ended up eating 3 bites of the chicken and none of the bread). I did all that thus far and nothing bad happened. I understand the changes are to ensure we stick to our diets, but understanding that we are all human and WILL either slip up or just stray from our diets on purpose like I did. It's good to see that, it's possible to still live and be able to enjoy a few things we "shouldn't" without any negatives happening. So, what's your WLS confession?
  2. SO.MUCH.FUN! 7 pm - 3 am of non-stop dancing, 2 different DJ booths, one inside, one in a giant heated tent that was lit with ONLY black lights! (the image of me and the other girl are in the tent, the others are from the main floor) Pre shave photos but it lets you see the whole suit head to toe, not as cool with the blacklight flashlight, but you get the idea.
  3. God no... this person is actively trying to get me fired (on and off) more than likely because I call them out for all their ****, and horrible work ethic, and federal fraud/waste/abuse. Seems like they feel they are untouchable and we share the same supervisor... and the supervisor doesn't do anything because they suck as a supervisor. (not as a person, just... some people should NOT be in a supervisory role because they can't do the hard/uncomfortable things that are required.).
  4. If only... I can get when people don't like me for a reason... I don't understand when people don't like me for no reason... But thank you!
  5. Oh... and I shaved. And went to a NYE rave in a full UV reflective suit and mask. Woman in the photo with me is not my wife (not sure who it is really either LOL)
  6. Still IF'ng... sorry I haven't been around. Some issues at work are preventing me from using this site all that often... and by "some issues" I mean "Someone saying I'm "Blogging" all day... not in "trouble" but I have to chill for a bit. Still fighting to get under 200. Closest I've been at this point is 200.8 When I eat like an a$$hole, the numbers rise a bit... so, at least I know I can maintain pretty well.
  7. Matt Z

    Ancestry.Com and such Things

    I've done both. 23andMe gives you the choice on what happens to your DNA. Ancestry.com did not. Odds are, nothing bad is going to happen to you. If someone *REALLY* wanted your DNA, they could get it, it's not hard. I wouldn't be concerned about "who" has access to your spit DNA when your blood, samples, surgical waste, etc is all out there and available to anyone with the right access or need to know. These companies aren't going to just allow ANYONE to willy nilly access your DNA, they would go out of business if they did.
  8. Matt Z

    Post-Op Sadness

    Everyone is going to be different, but as long as you just keep working on your water intake and just keep trying to get a little more, you'll get there soon enough!
  9. Matt Z

    How is water going for people?

    Current medical research is showing that the human body needs between 90 and 110 oz of water a day. And that's for NORMAL humans. This doesn't include increased need for exercise. The human body uses water to process fat. So, if you aren't giving your body what it needs just to do it's normal day to day, fat loss is going to suffer, greatly. Not even getting into the whole persistent dehydration state thing. Do your best to try to hit 128 oz of water a day. I know it seems tough, but just do your best and you WILL see the benefits of doing so!
  10. Matt Z

    18 hours after surgery

    A little trick I picked up over both my WLS's, using the incentive spirometer (or not) when you get to your max inhalation, hold it for a few seconds and "compress" it a little bit by bearing down into it a little, not enough to cause pain, but enough so that you feel the increased pressure inside, this helps force the gasses out of the cavity where they can be trapped.
  11. Matt Z

    18 hours after surgery

    Did they give you an incentive spirometer? If so... make sure you use it every hour, it really does help for those gas pains!
  12. Matt Z

    New symptoms

    You can still get your protein in with shakes. Just make sure that the protein is listed as an "Isolate" and not a "concentrate". Isolates are milk based, but are highly filtered and have little to no lactose. Generally people with lactose issues have no problem with protein isolate. Concentrate is simply a milk concentrate so lactose is much higher that one would expect. Good luck!
  13. This is misleading. Required, No. Beneficial, Yes. No amount of anything will ever change the fact that, the larger your muscles are, the more energy they will burn, full stop. Also, after WLS, with Visceral fat loss leaving muscles and connective tissue with extra slack due to the missing fat padding, you *NEED* to exercise to tight up loose ligaments, tendons, etc.
  14. Matt Z

    Let's talk poop.

    Good luck! I'd so much rather it be nothing, then hear something bad happened to you!
  15. Matt Z

    Let's talk poop.

    Give them a call back and let them know about the poop situation. It's VERY important that they are aware of it as well. Pain or not, there could be major issues given the vomiting and nausea symptoms as well. They need the full "Tip to Toe" picture of what's going on otherwise they can miss a diagnosis. With WLS, it's better to over share with your team than to leave things off the table!
  16. Matt Z

    Let's talk poop.

    I'm curious. You are following your surgeons orders of not consuming fiber (not sure why they said that, maybe the sugar...but they sell sugar free versions, I take it daily, zero issues) so, wouldn't you follow this logic and see what your surgeon says about taking a stronger laxative? And how's that water intake? Every time I hear "I'm constipated" generally water intake is lower than it should or could be. I would certainly NOT start a laxative while you are vomiting and nauseous. The bigger concern is, you are vomiting, nauseous AND not evacuating. Those symptoms could point to being impacted, an intestinal stricture, or other issue preventing your waste material from processing. I'd *REALLY* suggest calling and talking to your team ASAP... just in case.
  17. Matt Z

    Today is the day

    Congrats and Good Luck!
  18. Matt Z

    Today is the Day!!!

    Congrats and Here's to an easy surgery and a smooth recovery!
  19. Matt Z

    Bad posture

    Any core building exercises will help! I'm in the same boat. Being overweight we hunch and don't realize it. I had the added surprise of finding out I had spinal arthritis, but didn't know because all the visceral fat was protecting the nerves. I picked up a posture corrector on Amazon and I use that on and off. And I make a consious effort to keep my head up, shoulders back and spine upright. It's such a weird feeling! It took years to screw up our posture, it's going to take time and effort to get it corrected.
  20. Matt Z

    100 lbs in under a year?

    Right! Sadly Dehydration and inefficient levels of hydration aren't the same, I'm not even sure if they can test for "proper hydration" only if it's a problem and you are actually dehydrated. There is so much "art" involved with this whole process!
  21. Matt Z

    100 lbs in under a year?

    That sucks! But it's more than likely what is causing your losses to suffer. We need water to process fat, we also need water for everything else our body does. I'm pretty sure I've provided this information for you in the past, so I apologize for the repeat. Current medical science is showing we need 90 - 110 oz of water a day, normally. That's outside of any extra exercise or weight loss. Good luck!
  22. Matt Z

    100 lbs in under a year?

    I certainly didn't expect to break more than 100 LBS in less than 9 months, let alone a year! Other than really hammering the water intake... I can't think of a reason why my specific results are what they are. But, water really REALLY is amazingly important to weight loss.