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  1. I figured it would be nice to have a section where we could just confess to some of the potentially dumb things we've done, pre or post op. Just so others can see we are all human. I want this to be kept as civil as possible, where people can own up to things without anyone else chiming in with anything negative, we all know what we did wasn't "right" but I'm sure we ALL have done something we shouldn't have. I'll start. I cheated on my pre-op diet a few times. I also like to find loop holes and exploit the crap out of them. I drank beer for a week+ on my pre-op, because it didn't say I couldn't. I only stopped after I was forced to, because my wife asked my surgeon and of course they said "no"... boo. I also ate a whole slice of French meat Pie at my Dad's 60th birthday luncheon. I cheated on my post-op diet/puree stage a bit too. I ate rice cakes and Protein chips or other veggie chips. Not a lot, but it happened. I "pureed" a steak and cheese sandwich once. I ate a few fried ravioli on my puree stage as well. This past weekend, I had a beer. My wife and I took my parents out to dinner at a local casino, it's Restaurant week, so we found a good looking location and went out to eat, part of the deal was that you got a draft beer with your meal. So, I had a shipyard summer ale with my grilled chicken parm sandwich (only ended up eating 3 bites of the chicken and none of the bread). I did all that thus far and nothing bad happened. I understand the changes are to ensure we stick to our diets, but understanding that we are all human and WILL either slip up or just stray from our diets on purpose like I did. It's good to see that, it's possible to still live and be able to enjoy a few things we "shouldn't" without any negatives happening. So, what's your WLS confession?
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    From the album: After Revision to Bypass

  3. I try to IF between 6 pm and 8 am. IF was the key to the success I've had, I got "stuck" at 230... IF got me through that and down to my current of around 180. It's great because it's free, and it works.
  4. Matt Z

    Loose skin and sex

    So, I've had a recent "interaction" with a friend of my wife and I's. I was pretty up front with my skin... and it wasn't an issue at all. By the time you get to the "gear down" portion of the evening, your play date has already felt your skin, through clothing or not... they know what they are dealing with, at least to some extent. And yes... men regain length as the Panniculus fat shrinks. So, I still hate the way I look naked. But, I try not to let it bother me too much and stop focusing on what I look like and start focusing on what your play date looks like, etc. Keep your focus on them and ignore yourself. It'll be ok.
  5. I still can't really run much, but that's like a life time thing, born flat footed so running sucks anyway. Strong, I actually feel weaker. Because I used my weight as an advantage with doing things like moving or lifting stuff. Now, I've lost all that weight backing me up so it's a little odd. I actually had people pick me up, including a small female... that was a trip, getting picked up by such a tiny person blew my mind.
  6. Thank you! I've been taking everything in stride. The mindfulness stuff I learned in therapy has really changed my entire life and outlook on things. It's a daily struggle, but, it's one that has clear benefits! Only one thing at a time and only things I can actually control.
  7. It's a mixed bag. I'm happy with where I am, I'm getting to where I am happy with my outward (dressed) appearance. It's progress. Need to get back to the Gym and get some more building done... been taking it a bit too easy lately trying to deal with the other BS.
  8. Here to go, not the best, but eh lol Sent from my SM-G955U using BariatricPal mobile app
  9. Yelling is ok! LOL Yeah I swore I'd never break 230, then I did... then I was worried I'd never see Onederland... and I did. Then I thought I'd never see 180... and I did. Then I landed my "Half the man" milestone when I hit 185. I'll see what I can do about the full length photo. At work right now and they are looking at me funny.
  10. Good Day all! I still IF every day! Really don't know how I didn't do this before! It just feels so natural now. Floating between 185 and 190, still right around 18% body fat. But I can wear a medium shirt and a 33 waist Had a bunch of challenges, but I'm working through them.
  11. Up front... I didn't read though all 21 pages. But this is very important. I even got caught off guard by it and I was ready for it. With massive and speedy body changes, your hormones will more than likely get REALLY screwed up. Mine did. It was a combination of things that made things as bad as they were, but `emotional instability due to hormone changes `body dysphoria/dysmorphia due to drastic size changes `emotional changes due to changes in food relationships, even more than a year out, this creeps up on me some times `having a higher "hangry" response. I was 100% ready and waiting for the emotional side of the surgery. And it went well for a while... until I didn't. I've had emotional issues, found out about back issues (3 compression fractured vertebra and 6 bulging discs) that were masked by the fat, found out about a birth defect that wasn't found, ever (spinal deformation). We had a family crisis arise that REALLY put a bad twist on everyone's emotional standing that lasted for almost 2 months. I ended up in therapy for like 2 weeks, and then I had a cancer scare. Now, normally each of these on their own would be tolerable. But all together, with that emotional instability... and it rocked me, hard. I was not ready to handle ALL of that at once. So, be ready for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. Have a support team standing by, trust on this one, having a support structure is so critically important. Do not fear or be ashamed of a mental health issue. It's a body part like any other, take care of it.
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    From the album: After Revision to Bypass

    Wore a Tank top to an Amusement park and actually got complements. We went into the water park too and rode the slides. Me, in a tank and shorts, in the water... getting complements and being able to ride EVERYTHING without even a second glance or to look for the extender belt. It was an amazing NSV.
  13. Matt Z

    WLS and Clothes

    42 and under are available at most places. Even Kohl's has larger sizes now.
  14. Matt Z

    Loose skin and sex

    I'm right there with you. I *HATE* the extra skin... that's all I can see and it grosses me out... I love how I look dressed... and I've even started wearing tank tops and much more fitted clothing... but naked... BLAH so gross!!
  15. Matt Z

    Loose skin

    I went from 370 down to 183 at my lowest... currently sitting between 185 - 190 at 18% body fat. I have minimal issues with skin, sure there is some extra, and I hate how it looks, but it hides very easily. I've got other photos in my profile that highlight the changes. But at the end of the day, it's going to be 100% personal, everyone's skin is different, where they carried their weight, how their skin reacted to the weight etc etc etc.
  16. Matt Z

    Voice Change?

    I have noticed a bit personally, but others have commented the same.
  17. Matt Z

    Let's talk about body dysmorphia

    This is so real. On both ends. When I was big, I really didn't have an understanding of HOW big. 370 at 5 foot 9 is big. Now that I'm down to 185... I don't feel as small as I am. I went from a 52-54 pant to a 34. I went from 5xl shirts to a L. I look at my pants and stuff now and I'm like... PFFT those are too small. Yet, they fit just right. I've been told by a coworker that I give myself more room than I need to, like we were removing a monitor from a wall mount, there is a table in front it it with equipment, I leaned over the table and equipment to get to the mount, I was told that I was standing like 6 inches away from the table. I thought I was right on it. I had a time where I was in the gym, doing my own thing, headphones in etc. I saw someone walking towards me in the mirrors so I stepped to the side to avoid them.... it was me in the mirror I saw. It took me a few moments to fully realize what just happened. I saw someone that I did not recognize and I moved to allow them to pass... but that person that I didn't know. Was me. I'm told it gets better with time. My surgery was March 27th of 2018, I've been in the 180's since March 27th of 2019. So, yes it seems it's common. It's quite weird to experience.
  18. That's a fairly old report and does not include the rate of revision from Sleeve to Bypass in the "complications" It also seems to include the dumping in the Bypass but not for the Sleeve as far as "complications". The rate of Sleeve to Bypass revision is fairly high. This also doesn't include or account for the medical advancements that have become common practice over the past several years AND seems to include older post op issues from older forms of the surgery. And, lets talk about the fact that Gastric Bypass happens more often than the Sleeve, thus again skewing the real numbers. Case by case. They would come out about even. Except with the looming revision for the sleeve. I had the band. I needed revision. So I had to have 2 surgeries thus increasing my overall risk as opposed to getting the bypass first which would have lowered my overall risk. Any information, when taken without all facts can seem scary. But you need to look at the entire picture. 273 SGs were performed of which 6.6% (n = 18) were converted to RYGB most commonly due to inadequate weight loss (65.3%) and severe reflux (26.1%). https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28416180 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29496440 You've got approx. a 10% chance that you'll need revision to another surgery. So, maybe 1 surgery vs 1 surgery without factoring in revision increasing the risks because now you've had 2 surgeries instead of 1, leaving out dumping for the sleeve but adding it in for the bypass, sure, it looks like the bypass is a much more dangerous surgery. When you factor EVERYTHING in... pretty sure they break even if not a little in favor of the bypass. You still can't undo the sleeve though, no matter what happens. 70-90% of your stomach is gone. Nothing usually gets removed in the bypass, just moved around. Again, either way. Good luck with your choice.
  19. Just remind them that this IS the old you, from before you gained the weight.