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  1. Hello guys, I am 4.5 months post op and I still have a problem with eating too fast at times, I just wanted to suggest if you are pre-op try practicing eating slowly now so that you can get used to eat and newbies please continue to eat slow, I said all of this because eating too fast can literally mess up your whole day, I'm speaking from experience. I ran to the store on my lunch break so I didn't have much time left to eat and I was all tuned up for my smoked salmon, 7 multigrain crackers and 5 grapes...I ate a few bites so fast, all of a sudden a feeling came over me, the food was just sitting at the top of my stomach I started feeling bad, lost my whole appetite and still feeling pretty crappy. I KNOW BETTER but it happens. I wanted to share this so that you all do not have to experience this Hopefully I will feel better by dinner time. I wish you guys all the best on your journeys.
  2. Wanda247

    Nearly One Year Out...LOVING LIFE!

    What a great story!! Thanks you for sharing and I totally agree with everything that you stated...My same sentiments. Congratulations and I appreciate your very positive view point. You ROCK!!
  3. Mine was pureed chicken salad, it was great!!
  4. Wanda247

    ❤18 mo/1.5 yr Post Op❤

    You look great honey, and have done such a wonderful job. You are so motivating. I hope you Gerd gets better Keep maintaining!!
  5. Wanda247

    Ten month before and after pics

    You look amazing!! Congratulations. Cheers to HAPPY, HEALTHIER YOU!!
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    Thank you. That's great!! you are seeing results quickly. I understand how you feel I think that we all felt that way in the beginning but after a while you will just learn to follow the plan because your body is going to do what it wants at 9 months out some months I only lose 1 lb but I don't stress anymore because it's coming off and I know that I'm following my plan. Congratulations and keep up the good job
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    Also do a search for stalls on this site, you will see that everyone usually have them around the 3 week mark, after reading some of the stories I think that you will feel better...keep doing wht you are doing, you got this!!
  8. Wanda247

    Diabetic Results

    ***UPDATE*** I had blood work done for the second time since having surgery back in August 29th 2018 and I am soooo ecstatic! I Got me blood work results yesterday from my PCP and My A1C is 6.0. Before surgery it was out of control 9.7, after surgery my endocrinologist took me off all diabetic meds (I was taking 1500 mg of metformin and the highest dosage of Victoza and felt sick every day) three months after surgery A1C went down to 6.7, now 9 months it's 6.0. My main reason for having wls was to get better control of my diabetes. The sleeve is working great for me and I'm so happy that I had it done.
  9. Wanda247

    goal has been achieved

    Great job my friend. You rock!!
  10. Hi there, are you taking your vitamins? Reason that I asked is you stated that your skin looks bad. If you are not start back but I agree with the others for your height that seems to be a healthy normal weight. And yes find another bariatric center in your area to get the help that you need. I wish you the best.
  11. Hi there, so sorry that you are having this issue with weight gain at 6 months, I really do think that everyone means well with the advice given and I to think that you are consuming way too many carbs, so instead of the big bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, have some protein, a boiled egg and maybe a turkey sausage patty, if still hungry after that have a 1/4 cup of berries (me personally can only eat 1 patty or 1 boiled egg at 7.5 months PO) I avoid carbs because that is what got me to the weight that I was and they really do make you more hungry...Just really start logging your food, I mean every morsel that you put in your mouth because you will be surprised at how many calories you are consuming if you are not tracking. My daily intake at this stage is about 560-800 calories, I lose slow but steady and I'm okay with that because I am following my plan. Also the surgery is just a tool for all of us so we have to work hard at losing the weight, so get in to see your nutrionist ASAP so that you can get back on track...don't beat yourself up, you are reaching out for help and we are here for you even if it's tough love, be open to constructive criticism. You got this ((Hugs)) I wish you all the best
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    Oh my, you look great! Congratulations 😍
  13. Wanda247

    Today is my one year surgiversary!

    You Rock! Congratulations, you look great!! 😍
  14. I used to have 2 bellies one at the top and one at the bottom...they have now merged into one LOL. Loving my tool, did I say that before 🤣😎☺️ Have a great day everyone ✌️
  15. Wanda247

    I just realized...

    It's the little things right. LOL
  16. Wanda247

    Had to share great news

    Awesome!! You're doing great, keep up the good job 🙌
  17. Wanda247

    I just realized...

    Congratulations on your surgery date, time will fly by so fast. I had to have 4 months of NUT visits per my insurance, so I was on this site everyday reading and learning as much as I could, it actually prepared me so much for the unknown before and after surgery. I'm excited for you. Keep in touch
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    I just realized...

    Thank you and you WILL be there!! When did you have surgery?
  19. Wanda247

    I just realized...

    Thank you DanaC84 it feels so good!
  20. Wanda247

    I just realized...

    Thank you buddy! You too. Look at you only got 7.5 lbs to goal. WOW!!! Congratulations 👏
  21. Wanda247

    I just realized...

    LOl...Thank you my friend
  22. Good for you! I did the same thing a few months ago, but I went to Wendy's, that used to be my go stress eating food and it's across the street from my job...I felt crappy too and it was disgusting and I'm glad LOL
  23. Wanda247


    Glad you are better and yes take care of yourself, time goes by so fast too, It's 6.5 months already for me...each day gets better and better
  24. Me too. Now that I spend less on food I spend a little more on my water as well.
  25. Wanda247

    TERRIFIED of gaining weight

    I agree with everyone as well and I have been watching my 600 lb life every since it came on, I started out watching the biggest loser, it just always fascinated me how different (great) people looked after losing so much weight, that show actually motivated me to start exercising and going to the gym, but of course i would not stick to it, but it gave me hope that I could do it to...I don't think you're obsessed it's just that we can relate and it's real life stuff. I even watch re-runs girl lol. BUT we are NOT putting this weight back on ((hugs))