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    Im having trouble

    @Brebrejonassen @DaleCruse said, "It sounds to me like you can't afford to NOT have the surgery" i agree with the above, probably many OP would also agree. you know that being overweight can/will cause many health issues/ problems (diabetes, blood pressure, joint pain. to name a few. etc Having WLS is life changing, would be terrific for you. turn in copies of ie your income, debts, electricity, heat, food, normal essentials to hospital hospital will/might help with your total bill .hospital would rather get some money from you than none at all (if they don't work with you) then hospital should/might help lower the bill considerably!! monthly pymts? this entire process will probably take quite a while,IMO it's worth the trouble. (and frustration) you will have to deal with. take yourself off the back burner. Go up front where you belong. i have confidence in you - get to work!! "God Grant Me Patience, Just Hurry Up About It" best wishes good luck kathy
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    Whoa! Moments

    I feel like I lost some height because I used to have to buy tall clothes (I'm about 5'8") but now they're way too long on me. I know I didn't actually lose height, I just don't have as much in the booty and belly to fill clothes out, so now I can buy regular length pants. Nice for me because they are often a bit cheaper!
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    Help needed

    after that long, you're probably in maintenance. If you want to lose more, you'll have to cut your calories. Log everything you eat....and weigh and measure things like meat, cheese, etc. Portion creep is real. I know I'll have to weigh, measure, and track for the rest of my life, or I'll start gaining weight.
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    Im having trouble

    It sounds to me like you can't afford to NOT have the surgery. Good luck.
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    Help needed

    Congrats on your amazing results. You have gotten some great advise already. If your diet is okay, you need to check your vitamin levels. If you are not loosing, you might not be supplementing right or enough.
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    What's your pre op diet like?

    Yep. Me too. Today is Day 1. I was good all day but getting super hungry tonight [emoji51] Even raw veggies sound good right about now lol
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    Pre op weight loss

    I did a two week preop. Two shakes a day, protein and a salad, and two approved snacks. I lost 15 lbs. I was kind of shocked.
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    Surgery TOMORROW!!!!!

    Good luck! See you over on the post-surgery forum!
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    Im having trouble

    I know the feeling of being on a tight budget and thinking you can’t afford it. Really though when it all comes down to it can you really afford not to do it? Your health is worth way more than any struggles you may have with coming up with the funds.
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    Hi everyone! I'm me and nervous. I just turned 60 years old. I think I'm officially grown up now. I'm young at heart, goofing around with my grandchildren all nine of them. I have had crohns disease since I was 19'years old. I still managed to make it through nursing school and more ask retired after 35 years. My husband and I have custody of three of our grandchildren after our son in law died and our daughter ran away. One of the things I would like to run by the members is my feeling of selfishness about having this gastric sleeve. I'm overweight, diabetes, hip replacement and crohns. I feel that if I didn't make it through surgery, it would absolutely devastate the grandkids again! I never thought I could even have a sleeve done due to having all of my colon and rectum removed. So, I have an ileostomy. I have a huge hernia at the site. I went to Duke University and the gastroenterologist suggested I have weight loss surgery because if he repairs the hernia, the weight will cause it to come back. I'm scheduled in three months.