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    I am going through the same thing... my family doesn't know that I'm going to have the gastric sleeve because they are very judgmental so I am going through this journey alone. I have a few friends that had the procedure done so they are the only ones that know about it. I'd say, continue to get support from the ppl here or create a YouTube page about your journey....you'd be surprised of how much support you'll get from others! Sent from my SM-G935T using the BariatricPal App
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    Im 8 weeks post op and I finally started exercising yesterday. I walked a half mile yesterday and a mile today. I feel good and im very motivated. Hopefully I keep it up.
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    Thank you for the tip I just may try that, and blessings to you on your journey as well.
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    Medical alert bracelet

    char3672 You could get a necklace instead.Keep it inside your shirt.
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    UP and down on the weight, sounds more like Water. Try watching your salt intake. There are other factors for fluctuating weight, like stress & bloating (usually due to high fat/salt food/drinks). If I were you, I'd probably take a water pill the day before my last weigh in and take so milk of magnesia to clean out my system. LOL Just to be on the safe side. My insurance doesn't require a weight loss either, and I'm doing my best not to gain as well. So I understand what you are going through. I have a feeling I might be a few pounds heavier at my next appt only because I'm weight training. I usually gain (due to muscle) before I start losing--but l always lose inches --which in my mind should be the ultimate way to "weigh" ourselves unless you use the old fashioned caliper method (the best method of measuring body fat). Anyway, blessings on your journey!
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    sleeved 11/30/16

    So that's great you lost a lot quick and your doing well. The only tips I have is to stick with the diet they give you once you stray it can be difficult to get back on for some so keep your goal in mind. High Protein low carbs
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    I have the same problem, my height is 5'4, but some records show 5'5, my surgeon's office said it shouldn't be an issue.
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    sleeved 11/30/16

    Omg! I was sleeved on the same day as you and I just lost 30lbs. I want to loose around 45lbs more but I see I don't loose so fast anymore. To be honest, I don't train much but I take care of my food. To eat good quality and protein but still. I'm starting to get worried. :/
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    Holy crap! I was denied a few weeks ago. Today I got a verbal approval and what a huge sigh of relief that is! I thought by now is already have had it. I'm so glad to get the help I need! Sent from my SM-G930V using the BariatricPal App