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  1. Having been here a few months now, it’s become obvious that it’s so different for people having weight loss surgery in the UK. Procedures here before WLS is different. Most of the people over the pond have it through their insurance and this means a lot of pre operation meetings/assessments/work, over many months. In some ways I feel this is good, as people get to learn so much before having their surgery. However that’s not the usual way here in the UK. You tend to learn ‘in the moment’. If you are eligible for WLS through the National Health Service, you may have to wait for a long time, 2 to 3 or up to 10 years unless you are at the stage where your weight is life or death. So, many fund it themselves. I think this site is excellent for advice and support however it does mainly tend to show what happens in the States, where you can buy certain things and what’s available. So here’s a few things (not exclusive, would love it if others add stuff here too) I have learnt in my very short weeks since surgery. PLEASE can we all add our own likes/dislikes, UK advice etc etc Bariatric cookery books are excellent however there are many other options to learn about pre and post op foods. My dietitian is great but I have learnt so much through researching online. There are so many Bariatric Centres all over the world showing what you can eat pre ad post op and as long as you add a dash of common sense, it can work well. For example; if I read from a Bariatric Centre that I could eat tuna on day 3, I would be clicking the X asap!! Centrum advantage chewable Vitamins are lovely and recommended by UK Dietitians for post bariatric surgery. Tesco’s have them on offer at the moment, 3 for 2. They have carbs, but balancing a few carbs for nice tasting vitamins isn’t going to kill me for the time being. Keep your fridge/cupboard stocked once you know what goes down well for you. Don’t spend too much in advance in case you don’t like it. I spent a lot on liquid Iron without asking around and my god, it was disgusting. I took it twice then threw it away. I could have asked here and go advice but I didn’t. (see below) Use this UK forum to keep in touch with others in the UK to ask for and pass on advice. We aren’t the minority in the world for WLS however we are a small group here. Make friends here, they can be the best support you can ask for! OVER TO YOU !!!
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    Don’t. Please just don’t. It’s not worth it. I used to be morbidly obese. Now I’m skinny. And an alcoholic. Every day is a fight.
  3. _Kate_

    Hypothyroid Sleevers?

    I have hashimotos and the weight dropped off at the beginning. We are all different so don’t beat yourself up for not losing at the same rate as anyone else... A loss is a loss, so well done ! 😀
  4. _Kate_

    Boobs !

    So I have posted my tummy and horrific eye bags and now for the boobs I cant tell you how happy I am with the result. I am posting with Viamin E cream on the scars and nipples as I dont know how to cover nipples on photos. I am a complete tenchnaphobe. There are a couple of dressings on which will be removed on Thursday this week.. whooot whoot Before Three weeks out from surgery At least now when I take my bra off my boobs don't hit the floor lol Kate
  5. _Kate_

    Body ache

    I didn’t but just wanted to say that I hope you feel better soon!
  6. _Kate_

    Progress pics 10 months post op

    You look great and from the smiles obviously feel great too! Kate 😀
  7. Hiya coops.. I’m UK too and used to enjoy milky coffee. I now use Alpro fresh light Soya Milk (not the unsweetened) and that feels like a treat during the day. For me it’s all been about the carbs. Low carbs/Keto weight drops off although much slower than during the honeymoon phase. This milk is carb free, 78cals and 7.1g of protein, 4.3 fibre for 12oz. Wishing you the best for keeping on track ! Kate 😀
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    5 years and it is never too late

    Congratulations for getting back on track. Not easy to do by any means 😀
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    I use a little bit of Stevia.. I find it very sweet though so only use it when I really need it.
  10. “ I never know it’s you from the back”. One year in. ”Wow you’re still eating small meals “ Three years in ”Dont lose anymore, you will look like you’ve just come from a concentration camp” From a Jewish work colleague. I was so shocked. Was glad to hear the next week she was moving not only to a different department but also to another town. Usually she’s such a lovely person 😕
  11. I know I’m a day late but never mind lol. Friday was great, I worked 11 hours but managed to get a ton of work done which means I’m on top of everything for my holiday... I leave next Thursday for two and a half weeks in the sun... hurrah. I slept so well last night, a first for the past ten months or so which is fantastic. What FluffyChix said !!!
  12. Five weeks and two days since my last drink and back at the gym three days a week. I went to the rehab support group, which was rubbish. I have decided to do private counselling, one on one. Fifteen pounds down.... That’s 15!!!!!!! 🤸🏼‍♀️🤹🏻‍♀️
  13. Congratulations !!! 😀
  14. Every single day is a struggle but even after such a short time I feel so much better. Thank you x
  15. Thanks for all your kind words xxx
  16. I am going to keep this short (If I can!); I’m English and English people tend to keep things to ourselves with strangers, especially if it is a point of failure so I am nervous about posting this. I had a gastric sleeve on 23rd July 2015, so 2 years and 7 months ago and it has been easy peasy with regards to food. I used to think that I couldn’t really support other people as I never had issues with the operation, or the months that followed nor with the huge weight loss. I felt fantastic, healthy and was going to the gym 3 or 4 times a week, swimming a couple or more times a week and walking my lovely Labrador a couple of hours a day. I could walk up steep mountains and still have breath to talk non-stop. Life was great. My second son got married at the end of Feb 2016 and I had a glass of champagne and a couple of small glasses of wine at the reception. The three drinks lasted 9 hours. For the rest of the year the drinks increased. I would have a couple of glasses of wine at the weekends. Then after a rough day at work (I have a very stressful job) I would have maybe one gin and tonic. That became a glass of wine and a gin and tonic and so on. I would have odd weeks where I didn’t drink at all so I never really saw it as an issue. I enjoyed it but did not really crave it. Jump to January 2017 and I had skin surgery. Tummy tuck lower and upper eyelids and a breast reduction and uplift. The first four weeks were perfect and then I started having the wounds split on my tummy and breasts. I was very ill and had to go to the hospital every day to have the wounds redressed and packed (they were black and absolutely stank at this point) initially I had three open wounds and as one started healing another would appear. In all I had 17 wounds along the scars and had to have additional surgery in June to clean 2 of them out and re-stitch them. In 2017 I had a total of 6 months off work because of this and slept in a riser recliner for 4 months. So, I started drinking heavily around May last year (that’s not an excuse its just the reality). I did it in secret, I hid bottles all over the house where I knew my husband or sons wouldn’t go (like the washing machine lol). I hid them in wellington boots, in old handbags, in my laptop workbag, in the garden, the car, behind furniture. I tried a few times to stop but just couldn’t. I spoke to a gentleman on here who had the same issue in the past, he said he had never posted about it because it would just get backlash and I felt the same. I told three close friends, I stopped drinking and lasted 3 weeks then started to drink more than before. I would get alcohol at different shops daily, so they wouldn’t judge me! Once I bought two ltr bottles of gin and the woman behind the counter said, “watch out, you will become an alcoholic with all that”. I nearly burst out crying, I felt so ashamed. It got worse and worse then a lot worse. I was drinking 4 pints of beer and half a ltr of gin a day. I functioned well in my job and no one suspected a thing. Even the friends I had told before didn’t know I was back on the booze. Then one night, I was driving home from work, stopped to buy some gin, and thought I’d get some ready made up ones too which come in cans. I drank 3 whilst I was driving home. That was my wake up call. Im an ex policewoman and have been to many accidents where the drivers have been drunk and I was ashamed of myself. I saw the Doctor the next morning and whilst I was telling him what I had been doing and sobbing my heart out, I had a panic attack and ended up passing out. He was so good with me and signed me off work for a month and referred me to a drink and drug support group. He then put me on a 10 day detox at home where I have to take a ton of tablets. This is my last day. Tomorrow I only have to take 6 tablets a day of one medication and the other one has stopped. I have my first appointment next week with the support group. Once they have seen me I will again change medication and will need to stay on that between 6-12 months. I am so lucky to have had the guts to see the GP and tell him the truth. I feel so embarrassed and ashamed. Throughout all of this I have kept to my eating plan, stuck to drinking 64oz water, and taken all my vitamins. I cant believe that I have had the control over that yet not over the alcohol. On the day I saw the GP my Blood Pressure was 202/147 so I have to go every day and its now normal. I am now 176llb so have put 40llbs on, not through food but through drinking calories. I haven’t read through this after typing it as I might just lose nerve and delete the lot so if it sounds odd or the grammar is poor please excuse that. I am still having withdrawal symptoms (just the tremors) but at least I wake up in the mornings and can remember what I did the night before. I know people here who have a glass of wine every night after work. Some people can, I obviously can’t. Just be careful. Please.
  17. _Kate_

    New Booty....any advice

    Keep busy, clean the house, do yard work, read the forums, go for long walks, go swimming, ask family and friends to support (if they know). Go clothes shopping, just looking and imagine being in them.... You will do fine Congrats on the surgery date !
  18. It's really helped me posting here and thank you for your words xxx An update is that I have detoxed for nearly three weeks now (at home) and other than the shakes and a little anxiety I have daily, I am feeling good. They messed up my appointment at the drug and alcohol detox place because they changed the initial appointment and forgot to tell me or my GP that it had changed, so I won't be seeing them until next Monday. Every day has had its struggles but I am getting there. Kate It made me laugh when I looked at my old profile pic. I am holding a massive birthday cake and a glass of champagne, neither of which I had!! I ate the blueberries off the top of the cake and the family ate and drank the rest. lol.
  19. _Kate_

    Felling down

    I tried all sorts when I was constipated after surgery and the only thing that worked for me was Dulcolax. Poo can weight quite a bit too, so you might find that when you do manage to go, you could be a couple of pounds lighter than now. I really do hope you feel better soon but if you don't it might be best to contact your team and ask their advice. Congratulations on the surgery and speedy recovery! Kate
  20. Blair - You are such an inspiration to me. Always have been and always will. My husband has been my rock, hes working with me to beat this. Its a blip, a massive one but just a blip. Thank you so much xx
  21. My friend called me last night and told me off for being ashamed of myself. I think I have used the word ashamed more often in the past two weeks than I have the other 56 years of my life. Your post made me smile. Thank you. xx
  22. Do you know what orionburn, i really do feel I will be fine. I'm just so glad I have managed to stick to my food plan, that has been a real blessing!