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    Probably best to ask a nurse/doctor, but I take Benadryl, but I’m also a year and 4 months out though. Hope you can, those pesky mosquitos are a pain! benadryl also has a topical gel for itches. I use that too. 😊
  2. Research....good for you! I’m happy you’ve found successes.
  3. Thanks. I’m happy I stumbled on to Dr Garth Davis, and others whom shared Dr Weiner, and Dr McGregor with me, to go this way. Totally sustainable for me and I highly advise it. 😊
  4. Let’s do it! I started off with the upping intake of water. I’m going to also start with some kind of home workout today, blah....lol. The main thing is making sure I don’t go snacking on the wrong stuff. if anyone else wants to jump in and do a 5 lb loss challenge, feel free to. If we start on the little goals, we’ll hit the bigger goal. Just 5 lbs! Start now....lol
  5. It’s been a year, wow. So, I went to my year check up back on Tuesday. It didn’t go very well. I’m about 6 lbs from doc goal. 20 from mine. But he wasn’t happy it seemed. Not that I care too much about his feeling about me, but it was depressing leaving. Part of it was my fault, I felt like I had every excuse under the sun why I ate some chips or a cookie. He reminded me that I’m teaching my kids bad behavior too. No one wants to hear this stuff, but it’s good to be reminded. It kicked me in the butt so much, I changed instantly once again. Life has been a roller coaster emotionally for me the past few months and I allowed those emotional eating moments to creep back in. So, no more AGAIN. I’ll be changing up my children’s menu as well. They will eat just as healthy as I need to. Other than that, I haven’t changed much from the last pic I posted. 1/2 lb down in three months. Overall I’m over 80lbs down...which is INFINITELY better! I won’t complain and can’t complain about that! I suspect once I get my head and emotions in check here, the weight will drop again to reach my goal. So, I’ll give another update in about a month, maybe sooner. I’m trying to log back in here more often again. Life happens....
  6. Wasn’t self pay, but didn’t leave our country of Texas either!
  7. Not entirely true. I had the worse acid reflux before sleeve and have had nothing since surgery (almost a year out). @Brandi. glad you are doing well!!!
  8. Newme17

    Some new found courage

    It’s never too late for a change. My hubby and I are about your age, and he just finished with a different degree last month. You can do it too hon. GO FOR IT! 👍
  9. Newme17

    Anybody take motrin after sleeve?

    All depends on how far out you are from your surgery. I stay away from anything nsaids even now at 9months post, but oh man, I would love to use some Motrin for some body aches, even today. I’d ask your doc when/if it’s okay for you. but I also read that with the sleeve the whole nsaid thing doesn’t really pertain to us so much as the other surgeries. “Sleeve gastrectomy and adjustable gastric banding tend to have little to no change in the absorption of medications. Roux-en-Y gastric bypass and duodenal switch can have more significant changes in how medications are absorbed. “ Most docs tend to limit the nsaids after sleeve for precautionary purposes https://asmbs.org/patients/life-after-bariatric-surgery
  10. Newme17

    Skin care

    Hmmm....imo, not much. Being left with loose skin or not so loose skin is a factor of many things...age, how long you’ve carried excess weight, even genetics. Best to accept that it may happen. If it doesn’t, well that’s great. If it does, then you’ll not be too disappointed as you’ve already accepted it. Just keep it hydrated with lotion and drinking your water is my best advice.
  11. I get to rest my case...this morning I tried to comment and kept getting NO PERMISSIONS. At first, I thought maybe it's a glitch and then I logged on to the website by computer and saw that the thread I was trying to comment on is in the Veteran's Forum. So, no wonder why I couldn't post. Thus, there is no way to tell what forum a thread is in on the app, under TRENDING and TIMELINE. Only way is to access the forums by subject is under FORUM. But if the TRENDING and TIMELINE and even FOLLOWING is like the dashboard of the app, it'll make sense to be able to see what the forum topics are for each of the threads. Make sense?
  12. Newme17

    New Documentary! The Game Changers

    Argh!! I don’t have FB. Lol. I’ll have my husband look it up since he does. Thanks for that!
  13. Newme17

    Vegan protein?

    Little Green gave you a real nice detailed answer! Sorry about the nut thing though, but the diet can be achieved successfully! Blessings to you hon.
  14. @Cindysmom (Ilene), I believe your testimony will be helping others who come across this article. Be blessed hon and congrats at looking to the truth in your journey.
  15. I went all fanatic today about my kitchen cupboards. My girls tend to accumulate snacks and I’ve just had it. I pulled them all out and together and said eat these. So they did. Then I threw whatever was left away. Went to the store a little later with my oldest...she says “mommy, I’m going to buy some cookies”. I say “say what? No you aren’t. I just got rid of that junk and you won’t be putting them in the kitchen, and for sure not your room! So NO, no cookies!” She settles for gum. If the temptation isn’t there, I won’t bother with it, but there’s been too much of it, partly my fault. So I’m done. And hopefully I’ll get my kids to eat a healthier snack alternative as well, which they will, cause they have no choice now. LOL
  16. Newme17

    Pain while eating

    It takes approximately 6 months for your stomach to be healed completely. A great time to really develop good eating habits, eating slow, chewing well, etc.
  17. Wish I had come back to this thread sooner....I'm glad you're doing great! I hope the year is going just as well for you so far!
  18. Newme17


    Whoa girl...I honestly can't help you with the free popcorn dilemna! Wish I could though, I eat popcorn every chance I can! It can be pretty bad! Thus, I couldn't ever work at a movie theatre. Nope, no way. You're brave! I DO HOPE YOU FIND a "cure" As I was typing, I thought... if you allow yourself one small handful, and NO MORE, then you can enjoy that little bit and go on your merry way. BUT, a big BUT...if you cannot discipline yourself...yes, please find an alternative. Hope someone can chime in here for you!
  19. I haven't noticed much difference at all, I'm not at skinny and don't ever plan to be...maybe I can give a better answer when I hit "fit". But 81lbs down...of all the people I associate with they are still just as accepting and nice to me as before. Strangers..nope, no difference. Men, I don't pay attention...I've got my husband who has all my attention. (Ya'll can all just go throw up now...lol)
  20. You will feel better each day! Keep that walking up and drinking, err sipping water too. I can’t wait to hear of your awesome progresses. 😊
  21. Newme17

    hair loss

    I think it’s awesome you doing everything from scratch. I need to follow suit...maybe when my four year old finally gets to kindergarten and I have time to do it! 😊
  22. Newme17

    Dr. Matthew Weiner

    @JohnnyCakes you may not like this, but check out this video. I am wrong, it can make you heavier. I will for sure advocate Dr Greger. https://nutritionfacts.org/video/chicken-big-poultry-and-obesity/
  23. Newme17

    Dr. Matthew Weiner

    I have yet to look him up and see what he’s about, but I wonder, what’s your take on why he is? Update: well I couldn’t find much other than the book being for sale and I couldn’t find what he really promotes lifestyle wise either. But I did find some kind of Dr V challenge which is just terrible. I’m guessing the challenge is for normal stomachs...and even if so, it’s still terrible. Way too low of calories, that’s a recipe for weight gain. Anyone has any input on this this guy, I’m intrigued, but not so much as I am with Garth and Weiner and Greger.
  24. Newme17


    Don't know, don’t count. So glad I haven’t been a victim....those terms though, O M G!
  25. Newme17

    hair loss

    I stopped counting protein about that time. After reading a book by a bariatric surgeon, Dr Garth Davis, called Proteinaholic, it was evident to me that there wasn’t any need to cram so much of it into my diet. If I eat the right nutritious foods, I’d get the requirements needed in. Alas, some folks need to know, and that’s okay too. From what I’ve read (this book has science and sources from all over) we don’t really need as much as the western diet says. I probably eat on average maybe 40 g a day. Eating lots of veggies and grains, and even fruit will get that for ya. Ive had three blood work ups since my surgery and not one of them states I’m at a deficit of anything. 😊

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