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    How It Went, For Me!

    tonibugg I'm actually quite tempted. I want a juicy burger but in my gut I do not feel hungry like that empty hungry feeling. Every day the pains get a little better. tjloser I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thought I would do a play by play for others, but also for my own record
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    Ok, so i am ready for the wrath that I'm sure i will get about posting this.... but i really want to know how others feel. How do you feel about Medicare and or Medicaid paying for Lapband? This infuriates me...... I get up every freaking day and head to work for 7am and work till 4.... then I clean office building on the weekends to supplement our family income to be able to get the "extras" in life. I work because i have to and because my family need food, house, car, electricity... and insurance. So not only do we pay for the insurance, but the co-pays, the meds, the deductibles and the 20% after that. In the meantime, people are getting all their pre-certs, surgery and fill...... for free. Why should i have to pay for your surgery when you don't have a job or insurance to pay for it your self.... Then come on here and complain about and or wonder if your fills will be covered......Really!!!! I wish the government and other peoples taxes would have paid for mine....Oh and my recent Tummy tuck... i sure could use the help paying that $8800.... any takers Ok, Bring it.....
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    Well, Hello to you that is currently reading this. My name is Kanda and I am 31 married with one son. I had my lapband on October 27th and have lost 67 pounds. Lately, I have been stuck in a rut but today I wake up and realize life is great and I will succeed. I am hoping to find others that want some buddies no matter where we live because lets face it...we are the only one's that know what its like going thru this whole ordeal. Our struggles and our positives. I live in Colorado but am from Texas. I have to say even tho lately I've been sorta down...This is the best thing I have done for myself. I suffer from PCOS so that does not help when trying to lose weight. anyway I hope to meet people that just want to vent or be cheered on so Good luck to all of us!! :wub:
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    So today has been a busy (but productive) one! I had my nutritionist consult this morning and got a lot of good info, and then I stopped downstairs at a bariatric products shop and got some chewable vitamins. I admit, I didn't quite know what I was doing when looking at the vitamins (SO many choices) but I tried to choose a good multi vitamin that had a high dose of folic acid (for about 20 bucks). I then spent a good portion of the day (while at work, lol) making my other appointments. I was successful in setting up my labwork and EKG at my primary care provider for Friday, and my case manager scheduled my sleep study (7/17) and all the hospital tests (Upper GI, Right Upper Quandrant Ultrasound with Gallbladder, and Chest X-Ray) are on Thursday. Whew! However, after doing some research, I'm going to cancel that sleep study and reschedule with another provider that is in-network with my insurance. So one of the last pieces of the puzzle is scheduling this darn psychological. I am having a TIME with this! My surgeon's office gave me a list of local providers that they typically work with, but it turns out that NONE of them take my insurance. I have been quoted anything from $450-$700! So today I went on my insurance website and looked up in-network providers that do bariatric psychological evals (I was pleasantly surprised that I could specify that service in the search option) and I called and left a message for a provider right down the street. Of course, I am irked that they didn't call me right back, lol. Hopefully they will call me back soon and I can get something scheduled. Side note, while I was on my insurance website, I found out that they offer a $30 discount per order on Nutrisystem. I have been doing Nutrisystem for about 3 months, wish I had known that!!! I called Nutrisystem and they said they can't apply the discount retroactively, but they can apply it to future orders. Well, considering I am probably cancelling Nutrisystem before my next order is shipped as I am getting ready to have surgery, that doesn't help me out that much. Doh! Oh well...
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    I think people on this forum may be the only ones excited to be "overweight". By that, I mean, my BMI has put me in the "obese" category for so long - I'm just over 1 point from being "overweight". I'm so happy right now, I set a goal to be at 205.0 by my next fill on July 16th and today I was 205.2. So close! Plus, I still have 12 days until my fill. I hit a plateau last week for about 6 days, and I started feeling those old feelings of "I'm never going to hit my goal, I'm just going to gain it all back, why can't I do this" but my husband just kept reassuring me that people hit plateaus and just be patient. About 4 days ago I started losing again. I've been in a good rhythm and have been losing 1/2 lb - 1 lb a day. How? I'm logging every single morsel I put in my mouth. I'm focused on protein first, then veggies and fruit. I'm drinking 80-120 ml of water a day. I'm taking all of my vitamins in the morning and making sure I get enough sleep. Most importantly, I'm exercising every day. I wear my FitBit and strive to hit my 10,000 steps and 15 flights of stairs a day. I either jog 2-4 miles outside, hit the treadmill and elliptical at home, or do the UFC Trainer with Kinect. My dream is to start some sort of kickboxing/MMA class when I get to my goal weight. I knew that lap band surgery would be a journey, a long one, and I wouldn't expect results too fast, but I've been pleasently suprised by the way my body is responding. I'm 6 weeks out and have lost 38 lbs. It feels SO good to be headed in the right direction. I'm going on vacation to Vegas in September and would love to be down to 180 lbs by then. Just have to keep up the hard work.
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    Thanks for your story! This is awesome to communicate with others who're going through the same experiences. I'm not scheduled until August28th and I can't wait!!! I scheduled my flights today, from Western Ky. to Mexico, just the trip has me excited. I've never been to Mexico, or on a large jet. I'm going by myself, my hubby can't get off work to go, there's no-one else I would want to take with me.. I look forward to the time alone really...I'm a nurse, mother, wife, Never get to be alone. Anyways, I hope you're still doing well, sounds like you're doing well on energy, you diet etc.. I hope I have similar experience. I think I will, I'm not afraid, or even skeptical about the procedure and am familiar with what to expect. I also realize the band is a tool, not a cure-all for wt. loss. I plan to exercise, eat 3 good meals a day, and be patient most of all. Keep us posted please, we enjoy reading others' day to day experiences/feelings/and especially the successes...
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    Holla fellow bandmates! Welcome to my Day 5, so glad you could make it. Today is a great day, I have minimal discomfort and if I HAD to I most certainly could go to work tomorrow. The past 6 days seem a jumble in my mind. I remember driving to the hospital, I remember the liquid courage before surgery. I remember the post-op and the nurse combing my hair back into a ponytail. I remember slightly more than that until Thursday. I went to the grocery store and over did it, I had a bad night that 2nd night and paid for it with not being able to get comfortable. I took it easy on Friday, went outlet shopping yesterday, and today I went to Walmart for about 1 1/2 hours. (doesn't everybody?) I also spent around $60, it always seems to end up being around $60 no matter how good my intentions are, no matter what I need to replenish or just get for the hell of it. I've been trying to familiarize myself with this site and it is slow going. I don't know if it's just me not being able to navigate around it so easy, or if it just has too much stuff to delve into at once. I do know this on my short time here, if you have a question about anything, and I mean ANYTHING, chances are someone here has been there, done that, and has the tattoo to prove it. I guess that's the point isn't it? It's a great thing to be able to cyber gather with "like" people not only finding people close to us, but in the same state, country, and yes, all over the world, simply amazing to be able to share our stories, our lives, our hopes and dreams, the good and the bad, when we know better, we should do better! Thank you bandmates that have come before us, went through trials and tribulation, pain and agony, laughter and tears so that we may find comfort in your defeat as well as rejoice in your accomplishments, again we thank you! I have yet to have anything but water, crystal light, coffee, and vanilla protein since Tuesday. I may get a little crazy tonight and splurge on some chicken broth, I'm edgy like that don't you know! If I sound redundant in my writings it's because I never reread or edit my posts before I hit the publish button. This may be obvious to some of you because I can only imagine all my grammatical errors, and for those I will just apologize across the board right now, please forgive me. I don't even know if anyone reads my "blog". I know at least 4 people have because you have commented and I received a notification telling me. I had my surgery Tuesday, June 26, 2012 and I am scheduled for my first fill July 5, 2012 That makes my first fill just 9 days after my band placement and hernia repair, I can tell you are dazzled by my mathematical abilities from that difficult equation. Looking through this site, it sounds like that's a tad bit early. Today was the first day I got an actual hunger pain, no worries I splashed it into oblivion with protein. I noticed some of you all didn't get filled for a few weeks, up to a few months. Everyone's different, no truer statement. Have I mentioned that through this I have still had to prepare meals for my 2 teenage boys? Well, I have and I do. Just because I have a road to go down doesn't mean I have to drag them through the pot holes with me. Sure, I could have sent them out for fast food everyday but that's an oxymoron kind of, don't you think? "Mom had the twisty tie surgery to lose weight, so we have to eat out so in a decade or so we can do the same thing!" Uh, I don't freaking think so! I pre-made some lean BBQ chicken, roast and potatoes, and had lean turkey and ham on hand for sandwiches so they wouldn't starve, teenage boys are always starving! Today I actually cooked (over the stove mind you) for the first time since my banding. What's for supper? So glad you asked! I made spaghetti, I nixed the garlic bread because like the rest of the country I don't want to turn my oven on because it's freaking too HOT! Tonight was the first time in a long time I didn't eat while cooking. You guys know what I mean, I used to call it "tasting" but the truth is I was eating, and eating a lot. I may not serve myself a plate, so to speak, at dinner time, twisting my mind into thinking "I don't even eat dinner!" I know the truth, I ate dinner whilst cooking it, and during that process I'm sure it would be equivalent to seconds and sometimes thirds. Well anyway I went passed that first hurdle. I cooked the lean ground beef and drained it, then I took a small tidbit and put it in my mouth. This is especially strange because I loathe beef. I chewed and chewed then I spit it into the trash. Real sexy and ladylike huh? Needless to say, ground beef still tastes like crap and I didn't even attempt that with the penne, nor the sauce I'm just not ready to test the water nor gamble regarding food at this time. Onward and Upward Bandmates, come from a place of gratitude instead of entitlement. Lo & Behold...
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    You say you posted this but can't see it. I found it no problem. You might have to refresh or even close your browser and reopen. Great read! Good lick.

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