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  1. These were taken 4 months Post Op, I started my journey in May @ 670, lost 20 pounds before surgery, and on July 2nd, I was 650. Today, I'm 535. Which means I've lost 135 pounds since Memorial day -- not too shabby!
  2. Well, the time has finally come. It is July and tomorrow at least 18 of us (I think) will be getting sleeved! viva la July 2nd! lol. I saw a similar thread for June and thought this would be a good idea for support while in the hospital recovering. I will be going in, in 28 hours to be exact. Then my life changes forever....I wish everyone the best of luck especially my independence day siblings all 28 or so of us being sleeved the first 4 days of July. Good luck safe journeys if going to Mexico and I will see you on the losers bench where we will all be winners! Sent from my Kindle Fire using VST
  3. Patrick Curl

    Official July Sleevers Postop Thread.

    Most of us have moved over to a facebook group I started : https://www.facebook.com/groups/sleevers0712/
  4. Hey, I haven't posted in QUITE awhile, sometimes I have good days sometimes I don't.. I don't always eat right, but I can't stuff myself like before... I'm actually thinking of trying out for the Biggest loser, because I could really use some psycho-analysis from Jillian, and some good fitness coaching.... I've recently broken the 500 pound mark. I started at 670, lost 20 pre-op, and 150 post op. If I can get to 470 (currently 495, that will be 200 since I began the Journey last May- - if I can get to 450 by July 2nd, that will also be 200 since my surgery... those are my two goals for now.... Here's some updated pics, showing my progress.
  5. From the album: Patrick Curl

    This includes my highest in 2011, and my pre-op diet (Memorial Day) - Nov 10th. My surgery day was July 2nd 2012.
  6. Patrick Curl

    Patrick Curl

  7. Patrick Curl

    Subway, Yes Please!

    Hmm.. sadly i think i go back and forth between 2 and 3, but I'm over 500, pounds and have lost 132 since June. My bmr is higher than most, so i should hopefully keep the trend going.. plus I'm probably only person in forum who would be happy weighing 350, ...i really need to start adding weight training though...i haven't done hardly any exercise except for more walking since surgery, since surgery i started school, work full time and we now have 2 foster Children which keep me busy, but lifting and playing with them may help with muscle growth he he
  8. Patrick Curl

    Second major stall...

    Oops, reading should be eating, in my phone Damn you autocorrect
  9. Anyone know if this is normal for someone at 500+. Sleeved July 2nd, Lost 33 pounds in 3 weeks, then 5 over 3 more weeks, then sept through first week in November steadily losing about 5 per week. The whole month of November to the first week of December I've lost 10 pounds total, most during beginning of November. I have been having some swelling in my ankles, so i may be retaining some Water and that could account for some...wondering if this is normal... Getting kinda discouraged...really want to lose at least 100 by next July... Currently I'm at 538, started at 670 preop (memorial day), 650 day of surgery. I'm excited by the journey so far just feeling little distraught right now.
  10. Patrick Curl

    Second major stall...

    Thanks for the kind words, yeah i could do better in watching what i eat, I've been reading whatever i want, just less amounts than what our 3yr old eats, kinda figure if i eat what a 3 yr old eats, i definitely can't maintain 500+ pounds. Usually during stall i just upped Protein drinks, and do more Soups and liquids, but that hasn't helped much either...guess i just need to be patient, i do feel loads better than i did... The swelling is causing what i think is a gout flare up..not diagnosed but my big toe will get swollen and hurt for a week or so then go away.
  11. This is just a quick update to let ya all know I'm still doing great, haven't been on much cause I've been living and loving life, and trying to start my own business(if you know any small businesses that need mobile marketing send them my way). My highest weight was 699, in 2011. I lost 60, but for the next near kept going from 650 to 670 & back again. When i started my journey to surgery in May i was 670. From memorial day to July 2, i lost 20 pounds. I'm now 3 months out and almost at 100 since surgery. Currently I'm 560. I feel a lot better, starting to go through clothes faster and being a lot more active. I can go to the zoo and not get tired and it only takes half a day not the whole day. I walked around the ren faire twice before sitting once, before i couldn't make it past the gate without sitting. I definitely wouldn't change this for anything, I'm not always perfect though, i don't always make the best choices, but my portion sizes are so small it just doesn't matter and I'm never ever ever hungry, i love that i don't have ghrellin ruling my life anymore! I'm doing measurements and pics tomorrow, stay tuned!
  12. I'm using a clap..with a humidifier..and I wake up two or three times a night with my mouth completely dry....so dry I had blisters on my tongue this morning...and cheek is stuck to gums..I think part of it could be I tend to sleep with mouth open more when on my back.... And I cant sleep on side or tummy because of jp drain. Anyone else experience this? Sent from my Kindle Fire using VST.. seopressor plugin
  13. Patrick Curl

    Excessive Dry Mouth...w Cpap..

    my full face mask works well w/ a goatee --but if I forget to shave my cheeks for a couple days, it doesn't work that great...
  14. The first pic is from my highest weight - 699 in Feb, 2011. The other is before I started my surgery journey I was 670. The other is at 602 - a month out. Honestly, I don't see much difference myself... but I feel quite a bit better. The next hundred will be the best!
  15. Yeah, I've lost like 15 on BMI, gone from like 97 to 83 or something last time I checked. Yeah, will probably be awhile till I mentally see the changes, but physically I can do a lot more, I have less nerve issues in my right arm (fat pinching nerves causing thoracic outlet), and I'm wearing 8x instead of 10x pants. I'm excited for the next 100 cause that will put me back to where I could do a whole lot more stuff, and be more active, and just enjoy life more. For so long I haven't been living much, cause I plan everything based on 'will there be some place for me to sit -where I can fit comfortable?', and it will be nice to wear nicer clothes again, right now I can only fit into stretchy pants. I was 450 when I met my wife in 2005, we got married 2 months later, and between 2005 and 2011 I ballooned to 699 pounds. So excited to be in the 500s again, and I'm pretty sure I can get to 400s by November which would be totally awesome. I might be riding roller coasters, before this time next year! Anxious and excited--wish I could skip forward a few months and already be there though.. I absolutely LOVE my sleeve cause even on days where I don't eat the most healthy stuff ie pizza or wings -I eat 2-3 wings max, or 2 squares of a thin crust INSTEAD of the whole damn thing, or 15 wings, I just don't have room for it, and a couple small bites really satisfies me..--it's amazing to be satisfied on so little...and Breakfast and lunch is always healthy Protein stuff, have never been over 1000 calories since surgery, and lately been walking a lot more --and easier and swimming.
  16. Patrick Curl

    This May Be Inappropriate, Forgive Me :)

    Not in a rush..or takes longer due to erectile dysfunctional?
  17. Patrick Curl

    Any Ohio Sleevers?

    Sleeved July 2nd lost 20 between memorial day and surgery...lost additional 45 since surgery... Memorial day: 670 Surgery: 650 Today: 604 I'm in Dayton.
  18. Okay so here is what happened today: I went to preop testing. I got poked in the arm. Then I got an EKG. Then I got an ultrasound(hurt more than the poking they really pressed hard against my rib cage which is kinda tender). Then I got a chest x-ray. Then went to lunch for an hour. After lunch I went to a Seminar and talked to a Lady who went over the whole surgery process, what it entails, what we can/can't eat before/after surgery, etc. After the seminar there are a handful of things that freak me out: 1. I'm very squeamish and we will have a little bulb or drain attached to us that will catch any leaks, or other fluids - we will wear this for 3-4 weeks till our first post-op consult with the doctor. 2. Catheter, she showed a dummy with a catheter attached and I felt sick, seriously. I'm not too concerned about it going in she said 'don't worry, you'll be knocked out' to which I then said, yeah but not when you yank it out...that's when it hurts. 3. Blood clots still freak me out and worry me. I definitely don't wanna go through all this to die from a blood clot. 4. It's just really getting real...lol Gettin' nervous my surgery is two weeks from Monday! Yikes! So after the seminar we went upstairs and walked around the surgery floor. It's pretty long and we have to do 10 laps a day..carrying all the damn wires attached - that's gonna be fun lol... After the hospital my wife and I went walking at the Arboretum it was fun, and as a bonus they have benches every 50 feet so when my back hurts I can easily find a spot to sit down -this is my new favorite place to workout at ... I didn't eat all that healthy today, I had a slice of pizza on wheat crust + turkey pepperoni at the hospital which was pretty good but healthier than normal pizza, but probably still not ideal. I also had a Muscle Milk w/ lunch for added Protein. dinner was a Gyro without the pita, and half of a rootbeer float (split it w/ my wife). The good thing is I'm like 300 calories under goal because of my exercise! Carbs are probably pretty high though, but, oh well.. I think I will reach my goal of losing 40 - 50 pounds by my surgery. I've already lost 20, just need 20-30 more - hopefully 30. I'm pretty excited about everything, though more nervous than I was, but all in all I had a pretty good day!
  19. Patrick Curl

    Hey July Sleevers!

    Sleeved July 2 Height 5'11 Starting weight 699 Day of surgery weight 649 Weight today 610 Goal...300 by my surgiversary. Goal weight...240 Sent from my Kindle Fire using VST.. seopressor plugin
  20. Anyone else have problems with...drinking? I dunno if my sips are too big..but it feels weird and like it hits my stomach and splashes backwards a bit then back down....or like a bubble comes out of my tummy..or something...it doesn't hurt but not something I enjoy...doesn't happen with frozen drinks or food or popsickles mostly just Water liquids like Gatorade or water... Anyone else find drinking to be odd? Sent from my Kindle Fire using VST.. seopressor plugin
  21. Yeah found out smaller sips work but I hate small sips lol.....guess I'm just gonna have to learn...
  22. Patrick Curl

    Hey July Sleevers!

    To clarify, it's the New Whey Liquid Protein Shots... that I heard were actually not recommended by most Nuts as the protein is a mixture collagen, casein, and whey protein, which makes it not as good quality--and is the equivalent of really eating about 19grams of protein for every 40 grams of the protein shot.
  23. Patrick Curl

    Catheter question for men

    Mine hurt really bad cause the transport guys almost pulled it out...he tripped over the tube!....when they took me for my swallow test. And every time they'd make me get put of bed it would get caught on something and pull a little and every tug on it hurt....I'm like hello thats an extension of my junk!
  24. Patrick Curl

    Catheter question for men

    Isnt part of it also so you dont pee while under or waking up.

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