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  1. Cazzy

    lost 200 pounds

    Great work and welcome to the lost over 200 lbs club
  2. Cazzy

    Sternum port placement.

    I also have my port placed on my sternum, it is quite common for that here in the UK. As it is stitched to bone u rarely get any port movement or problems. It is also very handy being there in case u go in for any TT or other surgery on your abdomen as the port does not need to be moved, even with all my surgeries for skin removal the port didn't need moving and that included a major breast lift. It is very close to the surface with just skin over it so fills don't hurt and u may be able to see it once u lose all your weight and remove your bra, but not like some placement of ports where u can see them through clothing or if u wear a swimming costume or bikini. It doesn't get in the way if u sleep on your side and doesn't move around if u exercise. To me its a great place to have a port
  3. Cazzy

    I watched a video

    Doesn't hurt at all !
  4. Cazzy

    Too Full

    Try counting how many calories you eat and burn off with exercise burn more than you and the weight should start to fall, too many nibbles on protein bars and shakes can make those calories mount up ! [/u]
  5. misadventure noun [C] Definition › an accident or bad luck Good luck and bad luck Accidents and disasters Difficult situations and unpleasant experiences Failures ............ Death by misadventure UK legal › the official expression used in court for a death that happens by accident: The coroner recorded a verdict of death by misadventure.
  6. Sounds like a nightmare for you but u need to start the meetings with your doctor now, don't wait around for the outcomes of appeals etc otherwise u have wasted a month of the 6 months they are asking for. Worst case scenario is that u have to wait another 6 months, its not ideal but waiting around is much better than a total denial. Is there a way your doctor could sign off on the visits with the nurse retrospectively ? I wish you good luck !
  7. Cazzy


    Body mass index by category Category BMI Underweight Below 18.5 Normal 18.5 - 24.9 Overweight 25.0 - 29.9 Obesity 30.0 – 34.9 Extreme Obesity 35.0 – 39.9 Morbid Obesity 40 or higher
  8. Cazzy

    Milk Free Protein Shakes?

    Milk has so many nutrients including protein, why would u not want to drink it ? especially the 0 fat option
  9. Cazzy

    Can you still be a foodie

    Me too I love food and I love cooking and trying out new recipes.
  10. Cazzy

    Getting Cold Feet

    I think for most people having 'any' surgery when u are obese is scary, but all those worried about the band, the morbidity rates for having the lap band are lower than the other surgeries, secondly, the lap band is removable and lastly and most importantly ... 'IF' you could have lost the weight on your own, you would have, so worrying about the future with a lap band is ignoring the fact that you would probably continue to put on weight and or develop much more life threatening problems associated with being obese, many more people die of obesity related medical conditions than most other things nowadays, so it might be more worthwhile concentrating on the outcome if u don't have it done not the problems and maybe's if you do I never wanted to have half my stomach cut away or my intestines re-routed but understand why some people choose that route too, if you look after the band and get regular check ups there is no reason to assume it will not last you as long as u want it to. We all worry about the future for some reason or another, but its strange that most of us ignored the fact that our future being obese was the gloomiest of all.
  11. It needs to be near the surface so it can be filled
  12. Cazzy

    Caffeine and dehydration

    I have always drunk coffee with no adverse effects,, Mayo clinic study actually concludes the same as the article you linked, their one proviso is that drinking vast quantities of caffine may have a diuretic effect . Just don't drink it too strong and u can drink away all day
  13. Cazzy

    5 Days Post-Op

    I am finished plastic surgery now, my surgeon said that if u don't keep it in check u could actually just keep finding fault with various bits of ones self so all the major bits are done now, tummy, back, arms, legs breasts so now I am stopping, I may have a nip and tuck on the face in a few years as even this has a little extra skin I would like to get rid of but now I am just focusing on keeping healthy and fit. Hope all goes well tomorrow for you let us know how you are when u can
  14. Cazzy

    5 Days Post-Op

    Gratz on your surgery, looking good, take your time to recover properly and do overdo things, I was lucky I had very l;ittle pain with my abdominoplasty but I made sure I wore my compression every day for 6 weeks, it really does help the pain management. Good luck on the breast lift/reduction I found that the easiest surgery apart from the soreness, again compression bra makes life a lot easier. good luck for the 5th June ....
  15. Cazzy

    New to this site and disappointed

    So the band was invented around 1993 and 1 band was placed that year and guess what it wasn't you that got it ..according to google of course
  16. Cazzy


    I think if Missy was able to post a reply to her status she would, she might still be in hospital, or no access to a computer, she hasn't updated her status since May 28th and hasn't been online since May 30th. Hopefully she will let us know as soon as she can how she is doing. I know we all send her our prayers and best wishes for a speedy recovery.
  17. plenty of sugar free gum and mints on the market many docs don't have a problem with them just check with your own doctor for guidelines ..
  18. Cazzy

    Can you start over?

    We certainly don't measure food by cup sizes in the uk, the normal is just a small plate of food with around 3 to 4 ounces of fresh protein like fish or meat and then green veg or salad, I would think it a nightmare to try and measure your food for the rest of your life, take a side plate and make that your dinner plate, that will give u a good portion size. Every country has different guidelines how to eat with a band, we tend to be more aligned with Australia and not drinking our calories but eating fresh food .. both seem to work for most but no harm in trying other ways if one isn't right for you
  19. Cazzy


    Plenty of sugar free sweets around both in shops and googled on the internet, I always suck sugar free ones when I am cycling, I think they do their job well, as if u try to eat to many u would start noticing the sugar substitutes more and then they don't taste as good .. sugar free gum is ok too.
  20. Cazzy

    Thirsdays the day, sad...

    I would delay a wedding to this guy and give him the option to change, if he doesn't take that option then the decision is yours, I think losing weight and feeling good about yourself will help u make that decision in the future but my head says dump the selfish git, but my heart says just postpone till u are in a better place to decide if he warrants a place in your life good luck and remember this journey is about you, for you and the person to rely on is you, can a family member go with you or friend if u cant face alone ?
  21. Cazzy

    Hair loss

    Aveda make awesome products its worth a try !
  22. Just wondering how you guys are getting on .. any resolve yet ?
  23. If you are ready to get it done, then do it ! The only person who knows if you are ready for this is you Sounds like you have a lot of resilience which means u are half way there to recovery already ...good luck and keep us posted
  24. Totally agree with the above posts. Sometimes you just have to be cruel to be kind !!
  25. I had my lapband surgery in January 2011, by April 2012 I had lost 235lbs and in May 2012 I had my 360 degree abdominoplasty with abdominal muscle repair and my brachioplasty on my arms, If you have finished losing weight then it is time as far as my surgeon was concerned, if people lose weight by dieting alone the chances are they can put weight back on and therefore waiting a year is a good idea, but the lapband should help us all not to gain the weight back we lost so cant see any harm in doing it when u finish losing. I have had everything done now and all surgeries completed in exactly 1 year, I was 56 yrs old when I started this 57 when I had my first skin removal surgery, We are all different and consult your surgeon when u feel its the right time for you and rely on their judgement ..

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