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Started by Banded Bob, Jun 27, 2007 5:01 PM
12 replies to this topic
12 replies to this topic

    Banded Bob

    Advanced Member

  • Posts: 40
  • Joined: May 2007
  • Location: TENNESSEE
  • Surgery: LAP-BAND
Posted June 27, 2007 - 5:01 PM

I get the hiccups ALOT, especially while eating. and I HATE the hiccups. does anyone else experience this?


    back on track

  • Posts: 1,840
  • Joined: Jun 2006
  • Location: KANSAS
  • Surgery: LAP-BAND
Posted June 27, 2007 - 5:06 PM

I have them right now as a matter of fact. I get them all the time. Usually just 3 or 4 at a time, but several times a day!

They were super painful right after being banded, but now it's just an annoyance. I kind of got used to it. I hiccup often enough that my 10yo nephew commented one day, "You sure hiccup alot!" LOL! I just said, YEP!


    Bariatric Legend

  • Posts: 5,740
  • Joined: May 2006
  • Gender: Female
  • Location: CA
  • Surgery: LAP-BAND
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Posted June 27, 2007 - 6:34 PM

Yes, hiccups are very common. If you are getting them when you eat it is a sign that you are near full. Its a restriction sign so don't overdue it.


    bandster at last!

  • Posts: 582
  • Joined: Aug 2006
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: MI
  • Surgery: LAP-BAND
  • Surgeon: Kevin Krause
  • Surgery Date: Jan 2007
  • Height: 5 feet 4 inches
  • Starting Weight: 275
  • Weight Lost: 74
  • Current Weight: 201
  • Goal Weight: 170
  • BMI: 34.5
  • My Blogs
Posted June 28, 2007 - 3:35 AM

I second Julie's comment. Three or four big hiccups are a big stop sign for me. As soon as they hit, I am done eating. I would say I get them a few times a week.


    Bariatric Legend

  • Posts: 7,977
  • Joined: Mar 2007
  • Gender: Female
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Posted June 29, 2007 - 5:00 PM

Sounds like a soft stop to me. I hiccup once and I KNOW to stop eating or else.

Your body is telling you something, it's a good idea to pay attention. :eek:



  • Posts: 14
  • Joined: Jul 2007
  • Surgery: LAP-BAND
Posted July 5, 2007 - 11:05 PM

It happens when you eat more than what your capacity. It is due to expansion of the upper part of the stomach


    Senior Member

  • Posts: 78
  • Joined: Oct 2006
  • Location: CONNECTICUT
  • Surgery: LAP-BAND
Posted July 5, 2007 - 11:20 PM

I get them if I try to eat too much. I wish I only got 3 or 4 at a time. Usually they are painful and last 1/2 hour at least. I could get them some times after just eating 2 small bites of fish. I dread the hiccups and sometimes resort to more fattening liquidy foods just to avoid them. I think I need a slight unfill.


    Senior Member

  • Posts: 67
  • Joined: Feb 2007
  • Location: MN
  • Surgery: LAP-BAND
Posted July 6, 2007 - 12:08 AM

I got the hiccups every time I stood up or sat down for the first month after being banded, but now (2 months later) it's only when I overeat. It was unbelievably annoying at first, the only thing that made me actually doubt my decision, but they finally do pass.


    Guru in Training

  • Posts: 298
  • Joined: Feb 2004
  • Location: TENNESSEE
  • Surgery: LAP-BAND
Posted July 9, 2007 - 11:07 PM

Usually when I have hiccups it's because as Julie said I have hit my stopping point. When I have hiccups it is usually accompanied by needing to do a small throw up...as it brings food back up. Very painful. I try to avoid situations that cause hiccups.


    Banded Down Under

  • Posts: 11,256
  • Joined: Aug 2005
  • Gender: Female
  • Surgery: LAP-BAND
Posted July 10, 2007 - 3:07 AM

Hiccups is my version of a PB. I only ever get them when I"ve overdone it or am trying to eat something extra difficult. I've just had them this minute, from trying to eat sushi for lunch. Obviously since my last fill I cant eat sushi anymore, must make a mental note of that.

I get a horrid blocked feeling, think "this is going to come up", slime a bit and then have several ENORMOUS hiccups and then it passes.

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