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Democrats vs republicans

Started by loserbob, Aug 26, 2010 2:38 PM
211 replies to this topic
211 replies to this topic


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Posted May 7, 2012 - 1:32 AM


Well welcome back. You've come to the right place for debate!

So, are you happy with Obama and how he's been running things? Hope and change. We certainly got that, but not for the better.

    Elizabeth K.

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Posted June 28, 2012 - 10:15 AM

Maybe it's just me, but why does there always seem to be more liberals on the internet than conservatives? (I know there's not. Just a joke.) Every time I insert my conservative nose, I'm always standing alone.

And I go to school in D.C. Politics at its finest. My problem is this. People want morals and a "do the right thing no matter what" feel to the government. Though that would be nice, it's never going to happen. Though sometimes there is greed involved in politics, which you tend to hear about more than anything else, I have met many politicians that truly are out for the good of their constituents. I'm telling you right now, there are more greedy, selfish regular people that just don't have the means that politicians have. They would do the same thing in their position. Yet these "regular" people are rarely chastised. They're not in the media with public humiliation and shame. In some ways, politicians do have it really hard compared to a regular person if they get caught. I'm not saying political greed is right by any stretch, but if we're gonna label them all greedy based on a few outliers, then you might as well label the whole U.S. population as fat, selfish, lazy people just because of the outliers. There will always be a few, but I've met many politicians from both parties and many of them really are genuinely good people who want to help.

Though many would argue, morals are present in politics. The only problem is that people have different morals and when somebody casts a vote or makes a move, there is no way that everybody is going to be happy. Thus, you have the anger and polarization the Democrats vs. the Republicans. I mean, think about it! If you're angry about something, you don't wanna be angry alone! There you get the Dems vs. Repubs debates!

The way our government is structured in the Constitution favors a two party system. There are always going to be two dominating parties competing with each other unless we change the Constitution. Politics is strictly a game of strategy and knowledge. I'm not speaking of anybody on here, but in general I find that people really don't understand politics like they think they do. Politics, in itself, is a game. The game of politics and positions on issues are two completely different beasts, which people don't understand. For example, getting a bill to ban abortion passed is a completely different system and process than just being against abortion. There's more to it. People just don't understand all that goes into politics. Though I would love a "feel good" society where everybody does whatever they think is right no matter what and nobody was ever greedy, it's not going to happen. There are much more greedy regular people out there than greedy politicians! The news just doesn't highlight it.

Though everybody fights, I think that eventually things do get resolved with this "game" that people hate so much. It's a balancing act. Right now politics is so polar, but eventually it will level out again. It'll have to if this government is going to do anything! It's just a tense time. I'm sure once this is all over politics will return to its normal paces that it's been doing for hundreds of years.


And I'm a pretty solid Republican. I'm definitely not a hypocrite.

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