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7 yrs post sleeve---now revising to RNY due to GERD

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Hey all, I'm back because I've developed severe GERD, esophagitis and a large hiatal hernia. I had an endoscopy this past Tuesday and they found my hiatal hernia was classified as large, several superficial ulcers, severe reflux/GERD. The esophagram I had a few weeks ago showed esophageal spasms and the results of the endoscopy indicate the spasms are due to the acid reflux. I frequently throw up my food due to the coughing triggered by the spasms. Fun times I tell ya! I saw my surgeon Wednesday and I was already thinking about hiatal hernia repair and asking about if she could do the RNY conversion at the same time. Well, she brought that up before I could. She gave me a few options and the repair and conversion is what I felt most comfortable with. She's having her prior authorization person working on the insurance part. I should hear something before Christmas. We're looking at a possible date of early to mid-January.

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Sorry to hear of your GERD problems! I too have GERD and a sliding hiatal hernia so I know how painful and GROSS tasting all of that is. I was thinking of the sleeve but changed my mind due to these issues (surgery is Jan 18). Hopefully insurance will move quickly so you can put all of this behind you. Good Luck!

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I had sleeve 2017 and having a revision to bypass Jan. 13 due to 30 lbs regain and GERD. Even Water causes heartburn. I basically sleep half sitting now. I am so nervous but hopeful.

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