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    7 month update...down 103 lbs

    Wonderful, wonderful post. Thank you for taking the time to share and you are doing amazing! Can’t wait for an update. SW 284 CW 205 GW 141 (Normal BMI) SD March 2017
  2. Too cute! SW 284 CW 205 GW 141 (Normal BMI) SD March 2017
  3. Amazing story! Thank you for sharing. You are beautiful! SW 284 CW 205 GW 141 (Normal BMI) SD March 2017
  4. I currently consume anywhere from 450 - 650 calories per day. I log on myfitnesspal to track my protein mainly. I aim for 75 grams of protein per day. I don't always make it. My average protein is 50 to 75 grams per day. I still struggle to drink the 64 oz of water per day too.
  5. I had surgery 3/2/2017. 2/8/2017 I weighed in at 284. My Pre-op started 2/23/17. Today I weigh 248.
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    It will pass. Promise!
  7. AB2B

    Feels so good!

  8. 4 weeks post-op today! Feeling great. Down 35 lbs since pre-op diet started.

  9. Amazing [emoji1319][emoji1319][emoji1319][emoji1319][emoji1319]
  10. Hi. Yes, no redness for me either. It does feel like burning with movement.
  11. I am two days post surgery. Swelling on the incision next to my belly button is huge and painful. Lots of bruising too. This is on my left side. Can anyone give me some insight on how long this will take to normalize? Thanks in advance.
  12. I had my surgery on the 2nd also. Lots of swelling and bruising around my belly button. Sipping is pretty uncomfortable but trying to when I am not sleeping. No bowel movements either. Burping on and off but not much more. Best of luck and speedy recovery to all.
  13. My surgery is tomorrow morning! I am a flood of emotions, but mostly excited to start this journey. I appreciate all of you for your endless advise and information. Wish me a speedy recovery! Soon I will be on the infamous losers bench. I can't wait.
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    Thank you! Everything went well. I've had gas pain. Walking has been helping. Just received my liquid tray. I've been cleared after my GI X-ray to start liquids
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    Everywhere I go! [emoji3]
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    Thank you all! Calling it a night. I will arrive at the hospital by 6am. Update the moment I can.
  17. I am feeling the same right now. I am scheduled for tomorrow morning. I believe this feeling is completely normal. I can't wait to share my experience with you all.
  18. AB2B

    Money money money

    I am responsible for $1400. I am 2 days away. We can do this! I am so excited. We will do great. Best of luck!!
  19. AB2B

    Got my clearance!!!!

    Awesome!!!! Congrats
  20. My day is Thursday. I agree with the pillow. I've read a few suggest the same. I bought the GasX strips. I won't get the mess till after surgery. Best of luck to you.
  21. AB2B

    Stomach Band or Support

    I've read others used them and it helped. My doctor however does not allow the use of one
  22. Hi Luann, Me too! I arrive to the hospital at 6 am on the 2nd for surgery at 8:30 am. I am so ready, excited and nervous. So many emotions.
  23. I also purchased a couple of the clear Isopure drinks. I will be trying coconut water, pineapple orange and lemonade. GNC had them on sale for $2 per bottle. They each have 40g of protein!