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Sleeve to revision because of heartburn

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Hi! I’m new on here but I have a question. I had my sleeve done January 2020 and was very happy with my results and so glad I did it. I have lost 135 lbs and want to loose another 20-30 lbs more. Now being out 15 months I have developed heart burn, acidic reflux which at times is horrible. I have had heart burn in the passed but infrequently. The GI doctor has done an endoscopy and took biopsies plus stretched me as pills and food were getting stuck in my throat. Now I have this horrible pain after I eat anything like chicken, pork, fish and red meats. I don’t cook with spices, onion, or garlic. The doctor has given me different meds but nothing has worked. Right now I’m on Protonic 40 mg 2 times daily and Pepcid at night. I had an abdominal ultrasound which they found no gallstones but an minimally enlarged spleen. By the way had my gallbladder was removed 37 yrs ago. I was told by her nurse practitioner that the next step is to have a revision. Is this correct? Is there anything the GI doctor or Bariatric surgeon can do before this? Can anyone tell me about the revision? Does it hurt worse than the sleeve? Everything is basically the same as the sleeve except of course the surgery itself?

Thanks in advance.

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I haven't had the revision, but it isn't uncommon. A few people on here have had it, so hopefully some of them will respond. The food plan is pretty much the same as it is for sleeve.

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