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    Still Worried

    Many Americans continue to experience mental health difficulties as the pandemic enters the second year. Reports say that about a fifth of U.S. adults (21%) are experiencing high levels of psychological distress, including nearly three-in-ten (28%) among those who say the outbreak has changed their lives in “a major way.” Not surprisingly, psychological distress is higher among those who express concern about becoming ill with COVID-19 or believe that the disease is a major threat to their personal health. Have you in any way feel that the virus is a major threat to your health? What have you done to overcome this feeling? Were you already vaccinated?
  2. Numbheart

    Still Worried

    Getting fully vaccinated does make the stress level go down because somehow we feel that we are protected. Do you work? were you allowed by your company to work from home?
  3. Numbheart

    Still Worried

    Yes I believe so too, when are you scheduled to get vaxxed?
  4. Numbheart

    Multi Vitamin Suggestions??

    My top favorite is Barimelts because of the methylfolate and methylcobalamin. Also, Optisource tastes like Orange Sherbert, very easy to chew and I enjoy the taste.
  5. Numbheart

    Favorite Sugar free or alternative foods?

    Has anyone tried homemade kale chips? I saw someone post it on IG and I tried it, it cooked on an air fryer. I also like sugar free jello
  6. Numbheart


    Lovely dress, really looks good on you
  7. Numbheart

    Hello and Thank You

    Congratulations on your surgery and welcome to the forum!
  8. Numbheart


    Were you able to push thru with your surgery?
  9. Numbheart

    Still Worried

    I am glad that most of us are doing everything we can to avoid getting the virus and most of us decided to have the vaccine. It's our way of helping the society
  10. Numbheart

    What if

    Weight goals are achieved by a combination of changes in diet, exercise, eating habits and keeping your emotional life in balance.
  11. I am looking forward to more adventurous trips like hiking, trekking, biking
  12. Numbheart

    Post op GERD help.

    I agree too, but I also hope he gives you something for temporary relief
  13. Numbheart

    R.I.P. Boobs

    So a lift and an aug will help.
  14. Numbheart


    Looks like you really had fun and the place looks awesome
  15. Numbheart

    Food Before and After Photos

    That looks really good, I need to try and make one later
  16. That's great! happy for you
  17. Numbheart


    so sorry about the miscarriage, I think you have to ask your doctor about your lapband
  18. Numbheart

    This group is really great

    I agree this group is really great. People here are really helpful and friendly
  19. After your surgery and on your way to a thinner and healthier life, did any of you use an app to help you keep on track to reach your goals? Which apps did you use? There are a lot of choices and many of them seem similar.
  20. I will try both, will go with the Baritastic first then Myfitnesspal
  21. Numbheart

    Ahem... 100 lbs down.

    Hurray! congratulations on achieving your goal.
  22. Pack lots of high-protein, low-carb snacks and keep them with you at all times
  23. Numbheart

    Postop puréed diet ideas?

    Yogurt (plain or sugar-free, low or nonfat, blended without fruit chunks) Strained cream soups (celery, potato, mushroom, or chicken made with skim milk)
  24. Numbheart

    Walking shoes recommendations

    Asics Gel Quantum 180 4 Sneakers. Tiosebon Athletic Walking Shoes. New Balance FuelCore Nergize Sneakers. Adidas Ultraboost 19 Sneakers.

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