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Stir fry cauliflower rice with tofu

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Just made this. It serves 8-10 2-3 oz servings. Has sat well on my stomach in the pureed phase.
1 lb. soft tofu
1 bag of cauliflower stir fry rice with edamame and carrots

3 TBspoon soy
1 Tbspoon hoisin sauce
1-2 Tbspoon Sriracha sauce
2 dashes of soybean oil
Tsp spring roll sweet and sour

Squeeze excess liquid from tofu by putting on a plate and laying 2-3 plates on top about 20 minutes. Dump excess liquid.
Put tofu and marinade in zip bag for overnight.

Put bag of cauliflower rice in microwave for 2 mins

Drain tofu of excess marinade. Stir fry on med hi with a little soybean oil. It will look like scrambled egg that goes in stir fry rice.
Add cauli rice and stir up to heat through.

Slotted spoon to serve.

No this is not restaurant stir fried rice. But it is also not carb heavy or calorie heavy.
1/3 cup is 68 cal, 2 fat grams, 7 Protein grams, 6 gr carb.

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Any pics?

(we love pics! Lol)

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