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Pain in left side (where stomach is)

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You *just* had surgery. You are gonna have some pain.

The left side is where they pull your stomach out (assuming you had a sleeve). Even with laparoscopic surgery, they still cut through the muscle. It's sore and painful for a while, and if you're doing too much too soon, you can strain it a little, as well. The farther out you go, the better you'll feel, but I occasionally (even seven months out) still have muscle pain from the spots where I had my incisions.

Now, if it's hot to the touch, if you're running a fever, or any signs of infection, let your surgeon know. If you're still worried about it, let your surgeon know. They're there to keep you safe and to tell you when to go get checked.

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Generally, the shoulder pain is gas pain. It sucks, but you have to try to keep moving around and walking to get rid of it. If you have someone with you, you can have them lightly pound on your back (think burping a baby) and it can help relieve some of that, too.

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