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Oh God. I live in a boring food country.

S.O.S someone send me a care package😧😂

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3 hours ago, Pandemonium said:

Look what showed up on my doorstep this morning!!!


So they are only 4 inch tortillas, so pretty much street taco size...but also a great bariatric size. They smell great, but I won't be able to do a taste test until dinner, but am already adjust my dinner planning to be able to include them. Instead of chicken salad in a ramekin, I'll do a couple of wraps. I'm absolutely excited and hope that they taste as good as they look because this will be a game changer.


Okay the little recipe booklet/newsletter that came in the package has given me my new favorite food idea:


PLEASE let me know how they are!! I love tacos!

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Okay, so I ended up eating three of my newly arrived tortillas. Given their small size, they really aren't usable for wraps, so my chicken salad wrap became chicken salad "tacos".


I heated each tortilla up, as per the maker's recommendation since they are pretty fragile without being heated up. They have a perfect tortilla texture! I wondered if maybe they'd end up being a little rubbery, but not at all. They are multigrain, so they do have that multigrain taste to them, if not a LITTLE bland in flavor, though really, the flavor comes from what you're putting in the tortilla, so that wasn't a deal breaker by any stretch. So these get an enthusiastic thumbs up from me for a low carb, low calorie tortilla and I can't wait to make more use of them!



They also have low-carb and regular tortilla offerings in a number of varieties AND they apparently donate 10% of all of their profits to charity and 10% to employee profit-sharing. They seem like a really great company to support!

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