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Gastric Sleeve (revision from ESG)

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I will be heading to the hospital in about five minutes, and I thought I would start a thread where I would post my experience and updates with an ESG revision/conversion to gastric sleeve.

I had an endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty (ESG) nearly 18 months ago- more about that another time. An endoscopy last month verified that all but one suture had come undone. Time for a conversion.

As expected I am a bit nervous this morning but am grateful that surgery hasn't been cancelled in these trying times.

I don't have bariatricpal set up on my tablet or mobile so will be updating in a few days as I won't be carting my old big laptop to the hospital.

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Had my surgery and spent two nights in hospital, one night in hotel accommodation and I flew home today.

Gas pain hasn't been too bad for me, I was up walking not long after I was taken to the ward, and I walked three laps every hour during the days, did the occasional laps when I couldn't sleep at night. Tenderness and inflammation around the incision points has improved greatly too.

I started on ice chips the first evening, then clear fluids by lunchtime the next day. Before I left the hopsital they wanted me to try full liquids so at Breakfast time I had a small bit of ensure plus and lunch time strained cream of chicken Soup. I as pretty impressed with the hospital it had a bariatic menu of clear and full liquids which included apple juice, broths, Protein waters, protein enriched drinks, strained Soups, vast range of milks, teas (and interestingly coffee) etc .

At first taking any liquid triggered an instant spasm which lasted only a very short period of time. This no longer happens.

I am just having my first full liquid since I left the hospital, I didn't want to risk it at the hotel or airport in case it didn't go down well. So far so good. i am being mindful of the volume of liquid being consumed, I don't want to be dehydrated.

I have a phone call with the dietician on Friday and may be allowed to progress to purees at that stage if I am tolerating full liquids well.

I am in state govt mandated self isolation / quarantine for two weeks as I wasn't able to return to my home state by last night, thank goodness for a treadmill which will allow for some walking when I am up to it.

I haven't weighed myself yet, think I will give myself a week or so (if I last that long)- I had four 1ltr bags of IV at the hospital, I can only imagine how much Fluid retention there currently is.

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Congratulations! I'm so glad that you are a seemingly uneventful recovery this far[emoji3059]. Keep up the good work!

It's MY time!

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