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  1. Hop_Scotch

    HELP scared

    I originally had an ESG, it wasn't painful as such but I did have rolling stomach cramps, you can get over the counter medication for that (buscopan). You need time to allow the suture / anchor sites to heal, so I would think most doctors would give you at least a week or two of fluids (shakes), I did see one plan when someone had to do shakes for about eight weeks. It really does depend on your doctor's guidelines (I would have thought you would have been provided with guidelines by now). I am not sure why you think having a weight loss procedure makes you (or anyone else) a quitter. I imagine you have had many attempts at losing weight and haven't been successful? If this helps you lose the weight and maintain the lost, that's a good thing. ESG is a lot different than the surgical options, the reduction in stomach size is not as great as those options, you mostly certainly eat more than a few bites at a time (as is the case with the surgical options once healed from those procedures). This is from an Australian perspective but you may find it useful https://bmiclinic.com.au/endoscopic-sleeve-gastroplasty-faq/
  2. Hop_Scotch

    Will relationship go from bad to worse?

    Sorry to be bearer of bad news, but yes, I think things will get worse, a whole lot worse. Please seek counselling for your low self esteem, you deserve much better than this and you should not be tolerating it.. Talk to someone (a lawyer perhaps) about a possible break up and what you need to do. Please get counselling for your children, they need to know that his behaviour is not okay and it doesn't need to be tolerated in the home, at work or with friends.
  3. Hop_Scotch

    January 2023

    Yes, while a lot of people do have a pre-op diet, some don't. Some surgeons just don't require it, while others base off your liver function tests (where there is very likely a fatty liver), ohters just require for all their patients regardless. You can chat to your surgeon see which camp they are in. If you are not significantly overweight it may be that your liver function tests were okay.
  4. Hop_Scotch


    I am able to tolerate meat and chicken. If you are happy to expand on your post may I ask what you mean by not being able to tolerate meat/fowl? Does it make your vomit? Do you experience a lot of pain? Or just can't tolerate the smell and/or taste?
  5. Hop_Scotch

    Sweating after eating

    Some people sweat a bit after eating proteins, google protein sweats.
  6. Hop_Scotch

    Anyone else able to chug water?

    I'll be three years out in this coming March, I can probably chug nearly half a small glass of water, but I generally do a mouthful at a time.
  7. I can't stand to look at photos with an half eaten meal with teeth marks (sandwiches/burgers etc) for some reason it just grosses me out.
  8. Hop_Scotch

    Insurance Approved me in 1 Day

    Hello and welcome! Wow so quick.
  9. Hop_Scotch

    Working Out After WLS

    If you haven't been to the gym or done weights before, it maybe worthwhile having a couple of sessions with a personal trainer. After a couple of sessions have the trainer give you a program which you can work on for a period of time and then increase the weights as your strength improves. There are many beginner programs available for free online...bodyweight programs without any equipment or resistance programs using bands or hand weights.
  10. Hop_Scotch

    Doc visit

    Well done on your success so far! Hope all goes well for the planned surgeries.
  11. Hop_Scotch

    Almost have everything checked off

    I haven't had thyroid issues but just wanted to say hello and welcome!
  12. Hello and welcome!
  13. Almost every one stalls, some stall early on some a little later. There are thousands of posts on here regarding stalls and it looks like you are a little early to the infamous three week stall...for some reason a lot of people stall at three weeks post op. It's hard not to be disappointed when the scales do not reflect the effort put in but noww is the time to make sure you have some non scale goals. Take some of the focus away from scales. Keep to your post op plan and weight loss will catch up. Edited to add, your body is still very much in the healing stage and there is still likely a lot of inflammation which can cause fluid retention. Some surgeons suggest not weighing for at least a month, there is good reason for that and now you are all too aware of it.
  14. Hop_Scotch

    Question About BMI

    This is true. A weight lifter (or those with similar muscular builds may well show as being overweight by scales and BMI but in fact have a very low body fat percentage. A DEXA scan is a one of the more accurate measures to determine body fat percentage vs lean body mass. Your high blood pressure may well be related to genetics.
  15. Hop_Scotch

    Nutrition fact

    I didn't say anything was dangerous, I said its a lot, and I said I haven't seen anywhere on here aside from yourself who has ever said that bariatric surgeons recommend up to nearly four litres a day. But please point me in the direction of anyone who has ever said they regularly drink 28 litres of fluids a day.
  16. Hop_Scotch

    Losing hope

    Only lost 62lb in six months? Nothing only about that, I would say it was pretty significant. Hair loss is common after any surgery, and for the majority of the people, the issue resolves itself in time. Sweets well tis the season and all that, what matters there is ensuring that you get back on track. You've lost 62lb how can that be a waste of time and money. Surely your health has improved? Surely you are walking lighter and breathing easier? While the end goal maybe a much healthier weight, sometimes its useful to focus on non scale goals. Improved health and fitness...lower blood pressure and cholesterol, able to walk faster or jog, fitting into smaller clothing sizes, able to play with children/grandchildren easily etc etc Well done, keep up the great work!
  17. Hop_Scotch

    Nutrition fact

    A gallon is nearly four litres that is a lot of water unless exercising intensively and/or living in a fairly hot climate. From what I have seen in these forums for USA 64 ounces of fluids a day seem to be more the norm. 64 ounces is nearly two litres. Australia recommendation is generally two litres.
  18. Hop_Scotch

    eating out at pureed stage

    I know each surgeon's post op regime is different, but that's a sustained period of the pureed stage. Does the restaurant have its menu online? If so, have a look and see if anything suitable. You could also call the restaurant find out what may be suitable or if they do soup. They may even do something for you if you chat with them before you go.
  19. Hop_Scotch


    If you are not using a mixer try it with a mixer. Does your stomach respond the same way with other liquors or alcohol? You may have a stomach issue? Ulcer? Perhaps check in with your doctor.
  20. Hop_Scotch

    Thinner Times Forum?

    Not likely all the WLS traffic but facebook has many many WLS / bariatric groups.
  21. From memory (and happy to be corrected if my memory is faulty), daily calorie allowance is based on weight (entered in your profile settings) and adjusted up if exercise is added. Calorie allowance is not adjusted via check in weight entered. See 'Update diet/fitness profile' in the following link to enter current wegiht so as daily calorie is adjusted. https://www.myfitnesspal.com/account/settings Not sure how many lbs/kilos up or down are needed to see an adjustment in the set daily allowance though. Edit add: Just played around with my settings and calorie allowance changed when I updated current weight in the account settings. I use the website not the app so don't know if the settings are the same in the app.
  22. Hop_Scotch

    I just don't know

    Sorry I had edited my post but not all of it. I didn't mean to imply his behaviour wasn't only unacceptable in the workplace. Good luck with your discussion.
  23. Hop_Scotch

    I just don't know

    I am by no means an expert on relationship behaviour, but from I take from your post is that it maybe insecurity / jeaolousy but also some control issues, in the sense of controlling you. His behaviour certainly isn't acceptable in the workplace. Does your husband show the same behavour in other aspects of your life outside of work?
  24. Hop_Scotch

    October 5 2022 surgery date

    Shouldn't be too long before you are feeling more like your usual self.
  25. Hop_Scotch

    Baby Spoons

    If you are thinking about buy smaller spoons why not just use teaspoons.

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