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  1. Hop_Scotch

    Dairy-Free Protein Shakes?

    Unfortunately I have tried any dairy free protein shakes but perhaps look in some of the vegetarian/vegan posts on here, there may be some recommendations in them.
  2. Please see a doctor straight away this could be related to many things and totally unrelated to your surgery.
  3. Hop_Scotch


    Yoghurt, small amount of cheese, nuts?? What do you have available?
  4. Hop_Scotch


    A good reminder, thank you!
  5. Hop_Scotch

    Scared to stop losing going into puréed stage??

    Almost everyone goes through the liquid, puree, soft food stage. The change in texture of the food may cause a stall, but calories are typically low and as long as you adhere to your post op guidelines you will be fine.
  6. Hop_Scotch

    April 3ed was my surgery

    Sounds like all is going well for you. Well done on our weight loss so far.
  7. Hop_Scotch

    Scared to stop losing going into puréed stage??

    I hate to be the bearer of what you may consider to be bad news, but a large percentage of those who have weight loss surgery experience a stall or stalls. The first stall can typically happen within the first few weeks, google 'three week stall weight loss surgery' and you will find a lot of info about it. A couple of things to remember you won't be alone in experiencing a stall, most of us have been through it and it not an out of the ordinary event even when eating low calories. If you adhere to your post op guidelines you will get through the stall, it may be a week or two (or even longer) but eventually scale weight will catch up with your body changes. Remember you want to lose fat not just weight. Scale weight doesn't always reflect fat loss. Get out the tape measure, start capturing body measurements. Also look to non scale goals and measures to capture your success in fat loss, health and fitness improvements. How far you can walk or swim, improvements in blood tests for cholesterol, fatty liver etc. Improvements in blood pressure etc etc, clothing sizes reducing and so forth.
  8. Hop_Scotch

    Eating while board...please help

    For boredom eating (or any type of emotional eating) I find distraction works well for me. Fine something else to do with your hands and/or mind. Knitting, arts and craft, go for a walk, put on some music and exercise or dance, call a friend or family member, puzzles etc etc. If you are easily distracted it won't take long but generally 15 to 30 minutes works well for me.
  9. I agree talk to your dietician or surgeon before trying peanut butter one week out, I would think it may be a bit too oily or even heavy for the stage you are at...which is typically fluids at this point...unless your surgeon has you on a different plan one week out.
  10. Hop_Scotch

    Can I change my surgery?

    Talk to your surgeon. Your insurance company too if their approval was specific to bypass. Presumably your surgeon gave you some options based on your personal circumstances. Hopefully you don't already have acid reflux or GERD for which the bypass may be the best option.
  11. Hop_Scotch

    Does this describe GERD?

    Yes sounds like it may be gall bladder issues, bile reflux possibly
  12. Hop_Scotch

    Rashes around surgical scars?

    Sounds like contact dermatitis, if it is, hydrocortisone cream should help. Hydrocortisone
  13. There are reminder apps you can use but that would require you carry a water bottle with you all the time. I have a water bottle with me all the time, at work, in the car, at home etc. Make it a habit to have a water bottle at all times, just like you don't forget your bag, phone, car keys, house keys, wallet or purse, make it habit for the water bottle bottle to be an essential item
  14. Hop_Scotch

    June Surgeries

    Don't do it, not the night before surgery. If you must do it, do it a couple of nights before. But if you need to be on a clear fluid diet a set number of days before surgery make sure you have the burger before that.
  15. Hop_Scotch

    Gained weight

    It's very likely just a temporary weight gain due to the three or four week stall or just the change from liquids/pureed foods to soft. It happens. Keep on your post op guidelines and you will be fine.
  16. Hop_Scotch


    Generally at least 2ltrs (or the equivalent in oz) is recommended, however, we do get some fluid from foods. Some people need less some people need more. Best way to tell if you are getting sufficient fluids is the colour of your pee, it should be pale yellow. It's difficult to tell though when taking vitamins as they usually colour pee a dark yellow.
  17. Hop_Scotch

    March surgeries

    I am guessing you haven't eat 7lb worth of excess calories. It is very likely fluid retention due to hormones, as your hormones balance out as you go through your cycle, the fluid retention will lessen. Keep up the fluids, keep on doing your post op program, you'll be fine.
  18. Hop_Scotch

    It's an uphill battle...

    Thank you for sharing, and well done!
  19. Hop_Scotch


    Those 5lb in the first week of a heavily restricted diet are likely to be 4lb of fluid loss. You've already lost any fluid retention so you won't see any of those big fluid losses. At your current weight of 216lb you are not going to be losing 5lb a week on an ongoing basis, it isn't sustainable. 2lb a week is great though it may not seem like it to you.
  20. Hop_Scotch

    Vitamin question

    Probably not a bad idea when you think about it. Some vitamins pills/capsules can be quite large - we have difficulty swallowing them in the first few weeks, so avoiding them initially isn't a bad thing. Plus for some of those who can manage to get them down they (or even the taste of them) can cause nausea while in recovery mode.
  21. Hop_Scotch


    Fluids will typically go straight through the stomach and some people can tolerate more straight off. If you are drinking more than your post op guidelines suggest you should be able to manage at this point, don't drink so much or maybe have a chat with your surgeon or contact at the surgeon's office.
  22. Hop_Scotch

    MyFitnessPal vs. Baritastic

    I thought the way MFP handled the breaches were quite good. The hackers got user names, email addresses and passwords only, members were advised fairly quickly and if I remember correctly we forced to changed passwords straight away. For some companies we don't hear about the data breaches or we don't about them until some months after the company has known. Unfortunately data breaches are fact of life now, and some companies deal with them better than others. Of importance is acknowledging the breach to users/members/clients, what they do to rectify and mandatory password changes, etc.
  23. Hop_Scotch

    gaining weight?

    Barring any medical reasons eg thyroid issues, compromised metabolism for other reasons or medication that causes weight gain, we gain weight when we eat calories over what our bodies use for energy. We can only speculate and a couple of things to be considered are eating a lot more calories than realising eg very calorie dense food; or secret eating.
  24. Hop_Scotch

    Hunger pangs

    Are you taking acid reducers? It may well be physical hunger you are feeling but it could also be that you are thirsty or excess stomach acid.

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