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  1. Hop_Scotch

    Drinking with Meals

    It not's just about feeling full, its also to avoid washing food out of your stomach too quickly which then stops you feeling the restriction that WLS is to suppose to bring. I have an autoimmune issue, I don't produce a lot of saliva and have a very dry mouth. For the most part I don't have issues not drinking while eating and not drinking for 30 minutes after a meal. Sometimes I do need a small sip to help something be swallowed but the majority of the times I am fine. You'd be surprised what new habits develop. 99% of the time, when I am at home and work I look at the time when I have finished my last bite of food, add 30 minutes and that's when my next drink is, even 18 months down the track. If I am out having dinner, I will likely have a few sips of wine while eating.
  2. Hop_Scotch

    Australian newbie

    Hello and welcome. I had my WLS in NSW though I live in another state) and my surgeon was Dr David Joseph. Sounds like your surgery will be here before you know it. Do you have a pre-op diet you need to follow?
  3. Hop_Scotch

    Month 2 Stall

    Well done on for your efforts so far, you been doing great! Your weight loss for your starting weight is probably above average for the time frame. As you are very close to the healthy weight range for your height weight loss is going to be lower and slower, and you will likely experience more stalls on the way to your goal, with your goal weight being on the lower end of the healthy weight range. What type of exercise are you doing? If its fairly intense you may need to up your calories a little, I know that may feel counterintuitive but for some people it does break a stall. Are you still weighing an measuring your food and drinks with calories or just guestimating? If guessimating, time to get the measurement tools out again.
  4. Hop_Scotch

    One week post-op — feeling hunger

    Are you taking stomach acid reducers? You aren't eating a lot of food right now and unless you are taking acid reducers there is a lot of excess acid, this can sometimes feel like being hungry. Sometimes too when we are thirty we feel hungry, try sipping some fluids.
  5. How much fluids - go by the colour of your pee....dark yellow need more fluids (though this can be difficult to determine with vitamins). Later in the day is a good time to check, vitamins have probably been peed out by then. It may take a while to get to 2ltrs a day, work your way up as per some of the suggestios already made.
  6. Hop_Scotch

    stopped weight loss

    What is your current weight? How long since you've lost any weight? It's not usual to have a stall or two, or more during weight loss stages. Have you checked how many calories you are eating? Following your post op food guidelines? What type of workouts are you doing? If weights, fat loss may be masked by fluid retention. Maybe post a typical day's menu and some people may offer some suggestions.
  7. A couple of weeks even. You are doing great. Don't let unrealistic expectations be your undoing.
  8. Hop_Scotch

    Feeling frustrated, and regretful

    You had a low start weight and not far away from the healthy weight range for your height. You've been losing 1lb a week, you've been going great. I think you may want to reconsider your expectations. You say you are stuck at 167lb? How long for? Stalls are par the course even with weight loss surgery. Patience is needed for stalls, and as long as you are following your post op guidelines the scale weight will catch up. At only six weeks post op you are progressing through the food stages and are probably starting to move a lot more, possibly even exercising. Your body is adapting to change, give it time.
  9. The pre-op diet is for shrinking the liver. I guess you could keep it up if you wanted, but it will be a long four weeks or more before surgery. You could may be eat at a small deficit, maybe 250 to 500 calories less per day than needed for maintenance or eat at maintenance level. How much do you weight and what is your goal weight?
  10. Hop_Scotch

    Am I worth it..

    Every single one of us is worth it and worthy of it, including you. I wish you all the best.
  11. Hop_Scotch

    Typical weight loos

    It's just an average, some lose more, some lose less. Barring any medical or medication issues, if you follow your post op eating guidelines (including the long term guidelines) you will definitely lose more than the average.
  12. Hop_Scotch

    Weight gain

    Well its unlikely to be a fat gain, its likely to be a temporary scale weight gain likely caused by fluid retention or something else. Keep following your guidelines and you will be fine. If you have constipation at the moment, that could be a factor too. Also make sure you weigh the same time of day each time, best is first thing in the morning after going to the toilet. Make sure the scales are in the same place and that the batteries do not need replacing. You didn't mention if you had changed what your are eating or drinking in the past couple of days or if you eating more volume? Have you started to exercise? Do weight or strength training? All these could result in temportary fluid retention.
  13. I am not sure an ESG is a good option for a younger person with a higher BMI. I had an ESG which is now converted to a standard surgical option. Unless the doctor is extremely expericenced in doing ESG the sutures have a high rate of loosening or coming loose all together. About 15 months or so after my ESG an endoscopy showed that had happened to me. Put this together with a young person who may not be so compliant with food volumes etc - eating more than a specified volume amount (consistently) could also cause the sutures to come undone or loosen. ESG leaves a stomach with a bigger volume than the surgical options so average weight loss is less than the surgical options. I believe the ESG average rate of loss of excess weight is 20%. Some people will lose more, some will lose less. I chose the ESG because it was minimally invasive, quicker recovery etc...but after going through the surgical option later, I wish I hadn't let those things sway me.
  14. Hop_Scotch

    Hair loss finally reducing...yay

    A little over year since my VSG, Hair loss started about three months later. I have noticed in the past week, that hair loss has substanitally reduced when showering/washing hair, woohoo! I have fine curly hair and while showering hair loss was about three to four times my usual, I don't think anyone noticed but my hairdresser and me, if anyone did notice they certainly didn't didn't mention it to me. Coming into Autumn soon, Hair growth is likely to slow down again due to seaonal changes, but I don't expect that the loss rate will pick up again;
  15. Hop_Scotch

    First Time Drinking Alcohol Post Op

    It didn't read as a joke, may be use a smiley face or something else that indicates a joke next time the joke isn't going to be obvious
  16. Hop_Scotch

    First Time Drinking Alcohol Post Op

    What does your doctor say? Me personally, I enjoy a drink occasionally, but I do make sure I get what nutrition I need first, and only have a drink if I have the calories available. My question to you is how often would you be having a couple glasses of wine? For most, a couple of glasses of wine occasionally is probably okay once maintenance is reached (depending on how many oz/ml), for others its may be a slippery slope, and a couple of glasses of wine occasionally becomes a couple everyday which result in lack of nutriton as some calories are spent on wine instead of food. Remember for a long period of time we are eating much lower calories than is the norm, doesn't do our bodies any good to spend them on alcohol if we aren't getting enough nutrition. By the way no need to insult anyone responding by calling them 'Karen' (even if you disagree with or dislike what they have to say), that's uncalled for here...
  17. I haven't had the revision you are contemplating, but I hope you find someone who has to chat with, and I wish you well with it.
  18. Hop_Scotch

    Any August 2021 Bypassers?

    Is that two cups of protein or vegetables?
  19. Hop_Scotch

    May surgery.

    Sorry you are going through this. What does your surgeon or doctor say about it?
  20. Hop_Scotch

    15 months post sleeve

    I would think it was more about the volume rather than weight. If you are concerned speak to your dietician or surgeon. Given that your profile shows you are in a good place so you must be doing right regardless of the weight of the food you are eating.
  21. Hop_Scotch

    Headaches... ugh

    Possibly...have you cut out caffeine? It's also possible you need some electrolytes (you should be able to find some without any added sugar or no/low sugar).
  22. Hop_Scotch

    Can't lose weight

    Over what period of time did you gain the 20lb? How long have you been trying to lose the gain and what have you tried? How many calories are you currently eating? Are you weighing and measuring everything you eat? Tracking everything you eat? What exercise are you doing? How much fluids (and what fluids) are you consuming? This will help people in their responses to you.
  23. Please contact your surgeon, this is not normal. If you haven't been prescribed acid reducing medication you need to be, and if you have, maybe it needs to be stronger. Either way please contact your surgeon ASAP so it can be investigated. It may help if you sleep on an incline and make sure you don't consume anything a few hours before you go to bed.
  24. Hop_Scotch

    ESG on 5/14

    Great you are doing your research. Typically average excess weight loss with ESG is lower than the surgical options as the volume of the stomach remaining is a bit greater than the surgical options, so I think you should be fine for not getting too skinny too fast. Some people lose more than the average of course, and vice versa.
  25. Hop_Scotch

    ESG on 5/14

    @flgirl23 My ESG was converted to a sleeve in March 2020. My ESG failed most of the sutures had come out or loosened. If you go a head with the ESG make sure you use someone who had done many ESGs, I am taking in the 100s, you want them to be as experienced as possible, you will also want to know there success rates for 1 year and 2 years out, ask how revisions for tightening of sutures and revisions to surgical options..

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