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  1. Are you taking stomach acid reducers? It could be excess acid rather than hunger??
  2. Hop_Scotch

    Food Schedule

    You aren't likely to feel restriction with liquids unless you consumed a significant amount in a short period time. Liquids slip through the stomach fairly quickly. Don't chugg you should be sipping slowly.
  3. Hop_Scotch


    Good that the issue has been identified. I had a temporary bout of lactcose intolerance, it didn't last long. I used something like a lactaid tablet if I wanted small amounts of dairy.
  4. Hop_Scotch


    Lactose intolerance? A lot of people develop it for a period of time after surgery, for some it doesn't go away
  5. Maybe put in a future surgery date..
  6. Hop_Scotch

    Raw honey

    For what and in what quantities. An occasional bit of honey isn't going to hurt you, but if you are doing low sugar or carbs, it does have a lot of sugar in it.
  7. Hop_Scotch


    Looks like you have done great so far regardless of what weight you started at. What had you expected to lose by now? What are your stats? Height and weight? It would be helpful if you filled in your profile.
  8. Hop_Scotch

    Eating Earlier than scheduled

    Regardless of the varying post op guidelines, I'd be wary of advancing through them early without the okay of your surgeon. You trusted them to do the surgery, trust them with their or their preferred dietician's post op guidelines. There will be time enough to tweak somewhere down the track when the stomach has healed properly.
  9. Hop_Scotch

    Eating Earlier than scheduled

    It isn't clear what stage you are at - do you mean the consistency of oatmeal so perhaps at the pureed food stage? How long to go the next stage? If its a little while perhaps speak to your surgeon or dietician about advancing early. Some people do have difficulty when they first try eggs after surgery, from memory I was one of them. First time and second time I did soft scrambled eggs I had a bit of pain and a lot of pressure in the stomach. I didn't try them again for another week or so, they went down better that time.
  10. First thing - you may want to change your user name - having your email address as a user name will likely result in a lot more spam due to the email bot finders. So to the advice from people around you - I am assuming they are not medical or health specialists? They may be well meaning and while some family members may be concerned about possible medical complications are more likely to be concerned about the change in the status quo. You are likely to lose the weight that is required for health and maintain that loss long term? If so, you may not need the surgery. But if like most of us, you can lose some weight (not likely all that was needed) and are not able to maintain that weight loss beyond the short term, you will greatly benefit from weight loss surgery. Your medical team believes you are a good fit for the surgery and believes there is a need for it, you had reasons for looking at weight loss surgery - are those still valid? If you don't do the surgery where will you be a year from now? More weight gain - more medical issues?
  11. Hop_Scotch

    Anyone for August 2020

    What is stopping you from eating/drink shakes? Is it pain or nausea or as you say just not hungry. If just not hungry, you really do need to make the effort to consume more your body needs the nutrition, if its pain or nausea has your doctor given you anything for it?
  12. With a smile on your face change the subject without even responding to the questions or with the same smile say you body or anything related to it isn't up for discussion. If HR say anything about that, you can tell them you were were pleasant to those who you feel are harrassing you. In fact you'd like to lodge your own complaints due to the constant invasive personal questions.
  13. Hop_Scotch

    Losing Weight Too Fast?

    That weight chart may not be applicable to ESG as ESG is a non surgical loss procedure as well as the typical resulting sleeve being larger than a surgical sleeve. You say you are worried that you are not eating enought but are you following the post procedure guidelines provided by the doctor who did the procedure or a dietician? Your weight loss may be higher than is typical for ESG but if you are following your guidelines for meals (including timing) and volumes as well as eating sufficient protein you are likely to be fine. If you are genuinely worried get in touch with your doctor or dietician to confirm everything is okay.
  14. While your BMI is below 40 do you have any weight related health issues or any issues that are made worse due to your current weight? If so, I would have thought these would have got you over the line. Sorry my response isn't Lindstrom related.
  15. Your guidelines may be different but the most I was to have in a meal was 1/2 cup and if that hadn't been finished within about 20-30 minutes to leave it. I was to have 6 meals a day. Maybe check in with your dietician to get some clarity around volumes per meal, how many meals etc etc.
  16. Hop_Scotch


    What may be best tasting will vary from person to person. Right after surgery yoghurt would have been too thick for me (unless I had thinned it out with some milk) as I was in the full liquid stage. In any event was soon as I was able to have yoghurt without thinning it out, I used (and still buy) a high protein yoghurt - yopro.
  17. Post op programs vary greatly. In my program I could have yoghurt and custard in the liquid stage as long as it had been thinned out for instance. How much protein shake are you drinking per meal? What is the volume of 4-5ozs of yoghurt - 1/4 cup or 1/2 cup?
  18. What type of foods are you eating?
  19. Hop_Scotch

    Today's the day

    Woohoo! Hope it all goes well for you
  20. Hop_Scotch


    Also try water at different temperatures. You could also try other no calorie no caffeine fluids such as herbal or peppermint teas. Water is possbily not tasting too good because you are in ketosis because of the high protein/low carb intake...tasting metallic? It will pass soon hopefully.
  21. Hop_Scotch

    First Plateau?

    I think you need to set yourself some realistic expectations, you've started off at a fairly low weight compared to many. You are doing great so far. Because of your lower start weight your weight losses are likely to be lower and slower than most from now on. Stalls are normal even with weight loss surgery.
  22. Hop_Scotch

    First Plateau?

    You are doing great so far. Its not a plateau more likely a brief stall, and it won't likely be your last stall. It is very normal, there are no tricks other than keep sticking to your post op guidelines provided by your surgeon or dietician. Your weight loss will kick in again soon.
  23. Hop_Scotch

    GERD, PPI's and low WBC

    I can't help with the medication side of things, but if your GERD is bad enough that you have needed PPIs for that period of time, has your doctor or surgeon discussed with you about gastric bypass which is known to bring relief from GERD for a number of people who have had a sleeve.
  24. I won't get into the political side of weight loss or HAES, but I did want to say that he was one person, you seem to be judging all men on the attitude of one. Not all men want a skinny person, not all women want a lean and super fit person. I would think that there are many who just want a real person with a wonderful attitude in all things regardless of how that person looks or weighs. It isn't hard to see who people are, those who choose others based solely on how they look....its in their words, their actions, how they treat others, and not making light of this but I can't tell you how many people I have unfriended on facebook based on their posts/memes but its quite a few...it is to demonstrate that people can't help but show who they are. Sociopaths and narcissists may be an exception to that.
  25. Hop_Scotch

    Anyone for September 2020?

    I assume you are pre-op? I guess it may be considered an appetite stimulant but perhaps they are weaning you off it pre -op rather than post-op, you will have a lot to contend with immediate post-op, you won't want to deal with withdrawal then. Caffeine will likely irritate the new stomach as it stimulates stomach acid production.