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Saxenda - or Australian equalivent

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I posted a while ago about maybe getting a re-sleeve! Surgeon today has told me my stomach is still perfect after Gastric Sleeve. He wants me to try a 4 weekly injection called?? (Cannot recall the name) But from "Doctor Internet", I figure it is like Saxenda! (FYI - I have gained 24 Kg since first sleeve)

I'm a bit shocked by the side effects - has anyone tried it and can you let me know successes and regrets??? PLEASE!!!!

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I tried it for a fairly short period only as it made one of my autoimmune symptoms worse as I progressed through the higher doses. For the three weeks I used it, I was fairly fortunate that i didn't feel any of the nausea or stomach upset issues that are some of the side effects. I didn't like injecting myself but I would have likely continued using it for a little while (if it wasn't for the autoimmune issue) as I was given a free month's (or was it three month's) supply by a doctor.

It is expensive, so be prepared to spend some $$.

In one of the subforums here (the ESG one) and on a couple of fb pages I belong, some people have had good success with saxanda.

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      I just realized that I miss breads and buns much more than chocolate amd candy. How wierd!
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    • freetobeme

      VSG to RNY surgery finally scheduled: September 9, 2019
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    • Krestel

      Losing 1.2kg/2.6lbs in a week seems to be a bit disappointing when in reality it is quite reasonable at about 5kg/11lbs per month. I think that I cant quite remember the last 30kg/65lbs. Oh the mind games we play!
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      Yup, I did it! I RAN my SECOND continuous 5K ever this morning! There is an option to do a 10K Sunday morning and I'm going to give it a try. It's basically the 5K twice. Even though this is a girls' trip, I kinda wish Mr. was here so he could witness my awesomeness.
      @FluffyChix, no it wasn't on the beach nor was I wearing a bikini, but I think I should get bonus points anyway, just for doing it a second time 😎
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      1. Orchids&Dragons

        Congratulations! You have every right to feel proud!

      2. sillykitty

        That's amazing, it must feel great!

      3. Krestel

        OMG! You are so inspiring! How did you get started with your training? Running/jogging a 5k is one of my goals as well. Your journey is truly wonderful.

    • allwet

      08/20/18 - weight 165.5 / bmi 25.9 / bmr 1602 kcals / fat% 17.4% / fat mass 29 lbs
      08/16/19 - weight 149.5 /  bmi 23.5 / bmr 1500 kcals / fat% 16.7% / fat mass 25 lbs
      desired range fat % 11-22 / fat mass 17-38.5 lbs
      just got back from my 2 year check up and wanted to post.  The kcal drop has me worried and thinking i need to up the weights and trim back the cardio. Never saw myself as a person who cared for bulky muscles but the increased calorie burn from more muscle mass certainly wont hurt. 
      New goal for the next year i guess.
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