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I am almost 3 months out. My doctor has a food plan of introducing all Proteins at 4 weeks, start vegetables at 2 months, potatoes (all varieties) at 4 months, fruits at 6 months and all foods at 1 year. The nutritionist said try some fruits at 2 months as they may be easier to digest vs vegetables however be aware of carbs/sugars etc. A lot of others post here about potatoes and oatmeal a few weeks after surgery.

So far all is well but I feel like I am not getting natural Vitamin sources with such a limited diet. I do take Calcium and bariatric Multivitamin. I'm in a rut and stick to a premier shake, yogurt, some meat (protein, tuna, egg) and some limited vegetables like carrots, cauliflower, and broccoli.

Is anyone else trying chia seeds? ground flax? fruits this early post op? I asked about nuts and the nutritionist said to try it slowly.

When I look at Keto recipes they have a lot of foods I have not tried yet. I am feeling a little overwhelmed so I just stick with my basic foods.

I have lost an average of 3 pounds per week form month 2-3 on 600 calories and started at a BMI of 35 so I think I may be losing too fast (I never thought that would be a concern).

Any tips?

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Follow your surgeon's rules. They are there for a reason=to absolutely MAXIMIZE your weight loss. Don't get tricky. Just blindly follow his or her plan. Let's face it. We didn't exactly do so well for ourselves when we were in control and winging it, did we? Don't squander your honeymoon period.

The. End.

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