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HELP!!Bariatric Advantage* (Vitamins&ProteinPowder)

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Hey Y 'all, I'm In need of a Little Help, If Possible...…..Its a Long Shot....

Does Anyone have any Unopened OR Extra products of the Bariatric Advantage Brand*?!?

My Dr has told me that at my Pre-Op Class I 'HAVE' to Buy their Bariatric Advantage(Pre-Op) Kit* OR buy the Products IN the Kit* OR They WILL Cancel my Surgery!!! I'm scared I wont be able to get it; since I had late Notice, and this Surgery Means Everything to me(and my Kids Future)!! :(

The Kit cost $320, and I was JUST told about this recently; and with the Holidays here we are short on money(have 3 kids)!!

Here is the List* of Products(I NEED) in Kit(ALL Bariatric Advantage Brand😞

2* LG Bags of HPMR (Protein Powder)

Multi-Vitamins chewable (60Count)

Iron Chewable (90count)

Vitamin D Gels (30Count)

Omega3 Chews(60Count)

B12 Melts (30Count)

FloraVantage Probiotic Chews (90Count)

Calcium Citrate Chewable (90Count)

Balanced Soup (Carton 14packets)

… I know Its a Long Shot but if anyone might have any of these, and not using/Extra I would be Very Grateful if you could send them to me!! Thanks in Advance!










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That is a whole lot of stuff. They should not require you to buy theirs.

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I am sorry that I cannot help you out but I agree with the above poster that it is totally ridiculous that they make you buy all this stuff! $320 for the kit is outrageous!

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