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  1. Jazzy1125

    Gaining weight 1 month post op!

    track what you are eating and make sure you are doing your protein first. At 17 months out unless i intentionally eat a carb and only a carb, i still dont make it past the protein..
  2. Jazzy1125

    Ever forget you had surgery?

    I always order normal, but never like i did pre surgery. The food sits too long in the fridge and then has to go in the trash.. Now.. automatically half goes in the freezer and i am 16 months out.. almost 17.
  3. Jazzy1125


    I finally hit goal this morning!!! 16 months, 2 weeks and 4 days! YAY!!!! Now to see if it goes any lower and just keep it there and still do the same things. I was bad last week during quarantine and ate the wrong stuff and had a 2.5 pound gain over the course of 2 weeks. I decided on Monday to do a reset and do liquid only.. after 3 days i dropped 7 pounds... now to ease back into food so it doesnt jump too high!
  4. I am 16 months post op and my stomach does this whenever it feels like it, no rhyme or reason lol.. Hang in there
  5. Jazzy1125

    It's going slow

    The slower the better sometimes. It will all come off in the end. Focus on the day to day eating and even though its coming off slow you will see the long term results over time.
  6. Jazzy1125

    Baby guilts

    Hang in there... it will be sooner than you may think right now... for now maybe laying down or cuddling together will get you through the next few days... you should be able to be well enough in about a week.
  7. I make protein muffins with Almond Flour I have a base mix i use, i also add protein powder... and then it depends on what type of muffin, sf choco chip, mixed berry are the two i made so far... i would like to try a banana nut or maybe carrot... i have 3 days to decide and i have to make the next batch lol
  8. Jazzy1125


    be careful what you choose. just because we can have it doesnt mean we should.. high carb whether be in cereal or anything else is a huge derailment.
  9. 16 months out and i still cannot eat a lot. for me i needed the restriction because your right.. the minute we start eating bad or over eat we will put the weight back on. the surgery is a tool not a magic resolution. We still have to do all the hard work, eat right and exercise or we will be back to where we started. Its a lifestyle change as is diets, however diet only doesnt keep us or at least me on plan, you always fall off. This is a way to keep myself on track and i do not regret it one bit.
  10. Jazzy1125

    Getting antsy.. Ready to do this..

    Hang in there and in the meantime do as much reading from these boards as possible and take notes... the more you read and see what others are going through the better prepared and know how to handle what happens in your case. Not everything will happen but some things will and you will know the why behind it and know how to handle or what you may need to do to change it ( if its something that can be changed) for going forward. Good Luck on your Journey!
  11. Jazzy1125

    Three Months now! w/pics

    you look amazing!!! Keep up the great work!
  12. do side by side pics.. I went from 306 to 152 and still going.. there are days i dont see change either until i put them side by side.. yes my sizes changed, but my mind still sees the "fat" me from time to time... keep track, take measurements.. when you dont see change look at the numbers.. even though i still struggle with compliments.. it will start to be as real as it can be
  13. Jazzy1125

    Time frame

    i was self pay. I decided on Sept 25th 2018 and my surgery date was Nov 8th.
  14. Jazzy1125

    Still cant believe it

    you will get there! Day by day! Stick to the plan.... and it all will work out in the end.
  15. Jazzy1125

    Still cant believe it

    Amazing! Congrats! Just keep at it as it slows down in the next few months and do not get discouraged... it will be greater than you ever imagined it could be. I expect to be at my goal by April.. then see where it goes from there.
  16. Jazzy1125

    Gatorade before surgery?

    Each doctor is different. Follow your doctors recommendations. i am sure he has a good reason for this. my doctor did not do this so i have no clue, and i came out of recovery fine
  17. Jazzy1125

    Go to meal

    slow cooked meals. .it allows me to get more then protein in because if i make normal meals i can never get past the protein for some reason even at 15 months out.
  18. Jazzy1125


    It will come back. .anyday now Each person is different so just do what you can and before you realize it you will be more energetic than you have ever felt
  19. Jazzy1125

    I am concerned

    Reach out to your surgeon to make sure nothing is wrong!
  20. That is correct.. I understand it but still frustrated LOL.. And now i am at 152.. i am almost sure this surgery wont happen now till next year. My doctor requires 3 to 6 months of stability before doing it. Its all good tho, give me more time to accumulate the funds needed so i dont have to throw it on a credit card LOL... I just have a lot going on this year like my best friends wedding and i dont want to have the surgery interfere with my travel plans, but also wanted it done before her wedding.. just being selfish i guess lol
  21. Jazzy1125

    Food Before and After Photos

    all this stuff looks so good. I needed new ideas, so thank you.. I will have to go back and read all of these in details lol
  22. i am 15 months out. I am at 153.. while my goal is 145... i still have skin surgery coming so now i feel that every pound loss is going to put me under my goal. My surgeon already moved my appt from April to End of June because i am still losing without trying. This is now becoming a concern for me. When i talked to her last week i was 157.6... today i am 153. If i lose 6 more before end of june she is going to push it out again.
  23. Jazzy1125

    I got sleeved yesterday 2/11/2020

    congrats and welcome to the losers bench.
  24. Jazzy1125

    Not enough weight for surgery

    Clothes shopping gets harder LOL.. I find myself still going to the plus size sections. I recommend not buying a lot as you get to smaller sizes as the clothes only last a month or so. Last year i donated over 500 items. Now.. i buy maybe 3 or 4 outfits only and wait till the last possible moment to buy the next size down. My BMI was a lot higher, and no co morbidities, but nevertheless... i waited way to long but there is a reason for everything! I am glad i am on this journey.. Now i am trying to figure out how to stop the weight loss as i dont want to be too small LOL
  25. Jazzy1125

    Cheated on Liver Shrinking Diet

    just get back on track! one mishap will not do damage, but try to stay on track because after surgery you will not have a choice but to, so it will make it easier. Also the shrink diet is so it can reduce your liver size as it sits on top of your stomach They need to be able to see around it in order to do the surgery laparoscopic. If they cant, they can end up opening you up instead of you having 4 small sutures.. everything the dr asks us to do is for a good reason.

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