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How to find the best surgeon??

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Stupid question, especially since I'm a nurse and soon-to-be Nurse Practitioner...but I don't really know any great plastics people and not sure how to go about finding one? A fellow NP recommended one guy to me but that's ONE recommendation, and I'm not sure that one is enough for me. I thought of tapping into some Doc colleagues but I don't necessarily want to disclose all the details and I'm sure many of them will ask. I no longer see my original bariatric surgeon so can't really go that route either!

Anyone know of a good website or way of finding out who the best are in your area or state?

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I'd start with www.realself.com

also, many people who have been through this recommend finding someone who either specializes in body contouring for massive weight loss patients or if not, at least does a TRUCKLOAD of them. Most general plastic surgeons say they do this, but it's supposedly a complicated subspecialty, so ideally you want someone who does these things all the time - not four times a year.

I ended up going to Chicago for mine (I live in Wisconsin) because I couldn't really find anyone around here who either specializes or who does this all the time.

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