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  1. Eight years out-I weigh once weekly and log it. If my weight goes up two weeks in a row I modify my intake immediately.
  2. Foxbins

    Mexico Aftercare

    I had my surgery done in Mexico and told my PCP I was having it done there. She strongly urged me not to have it done, but I did. When I returned I had the finest care she could provide--quarterly labs, referral to a nutritionist, quick answers to my questions. Find a PCP who understands you are trying to get healthy and convey that you're not having surgery in some strip mall by a person who didn't go to medical school, because all the US physicians I've talked to think that Mexico is some medical backwater instead of a sophisticated country with excellent universities.
  3. I had surgery 8 years ago. My physicians are the only ones who know.
  4. I had my surgery eight years ago in January. It really is an individual thing--my stomach seems to be quite sensitive and what other sleevers could eat early on I could not. I watched a woman who had surgery a month before me consume an entire sandwich for lunch. At the time, she would have been about six months postop and me, five. I couldn't have eaten a sandwich any more than I could have flown to the moon. For one thing, bready things feel terrible in my stomach--they did then, and they do now, so no cake, doughnuts, bread, croissants, etc for me. I handle toasted or crispy things slightly better, but the amount must be small. As for what I eat in a day--I have coffee with Splenda and 2 Tbsp of half and half for breakfast. Sometimes, but not very often, I might have one of those Oui yogurts. Lunch is a slice of cheese, 2 oz of meat, and four Triscuits. I have a mid-afternoon snack of nuts or maybe a cookie. For dinner I have a stirfry of veggies and shrimp, or a beef steak with mushrooms and tomatoes, or a Lean Cuisine dinner if I don't want to cook. I hike and ski, but I have always found it easier to lose by cutting calories than by exercise. Exercise is to keep me strong and functional. It's easy to graze all day long and the weight can easily pile back on. I added seven pounds last year purely from Starbucks and "treating" myself to dessert (Usually a piece of chocolate) after lunch and dinner. After I cut that out, the seven pounds went away and now I'm back in my comfort zone. I weigh myself once a week, and if there is a gain two weeks in a row I cut out Starbucks and sweets. I eat anything I want, but the quantities are small; a half-cup of anything is a good-sized serving for me, and I've learned that my eyes can be way bigger than my stomach, so weighing or measuring my food is a good thing. If I'm out, at a friend's house or a buffet, I take a quarter of what my mind tells me to, because a plateful of little dabs of things will probably be just right. If not, I can go back for seconds, or more salad or something. Really, for me it was about finding more interesting things to do than those related to food. I can eat so little, it's not worth my while to make elaborate recipes any more. I do bake quite a lot, which is funny because I don't eat cakes and such, but my neighbors, friends, and co-workers love me. Don't force anything, do what works for you, be patient, be kind to yourself. We all spent years and years beating ourselves up for being fat, please don't do the same thing trying to be thin. Surgery works better for some people than others, and no one knows why. Best wishes to you.
  5. I have a hard time with slow-cooker meats. It seems as if all the moisture in the meat leaches into the sauce/gravy/liquid and leaves the meat dry inside. Chicken is okay if I stick to dark meat and eat slowly and is better with a sauce or gravy. Dense fish, like salmon and tuna, comes right back up every time, but sautéed cod and trout are fine. Well-marbled beef is wonderful, juicy and delicious. Eggs are hit or miss, scrambled are a no-no, soft boiled or over easy are fine. Chili is good, too. Give it a little more time and you'll find what works. You can always vary the taste of your protein with spices, sauces, and gravies.
  6. Foxbins

    Scallops FTW

    Scallops were one of my staple foods early on. My nutritionist hated them, she kept saying, "There's nothing in them," meaning omega-3s and other stuff you get in fish. My reply was "They are full of protein and I can keep them down, so I'm eating them." I still eat them quite frequently. They're good, aren't they?
  7. Foxbins

    50 and Up Sleevers

    I was 56 when I had my surgery. I think I did fine--look at my stats!
  8. Foxbins

    I'm so COLD!

    Eight years out in January and I own more sweaters than any other article of clothing. Bought a heated mattress pad and have been very happy since I can't get to sleep if I'm cold.
  9. I love marinated mushrooms--it's the vinegar! I'll have to try string beans. For protein, do you like eggs? tofu? beef? shrimp? I can't manage well-done anything, but a few strips of medium rare ribeye goes down nicely, and tofu, if you season it with strong flavors, is not too bad. I put it in stir frys. Eggs are hit or miss, but usually I can do soft boiled. You can put raw pasturized eggs in shakes without running the risk of salmonella. Shrimp are my go-to protein, I put them in salad, eat them boiled with cocktail sauce, toss a few in with the stir fry vegetables, eat them on top of Triscuits with avocado and hot sauce...
  10. Foxbins

    ? for people with Reflux

    It didn't feel any different, I just noticed I was burping again. I burped before it was fixed, and then I stopped for a while after it was fixed, and then I started again. Figured the hernia was back. Upper GI shows that it's smaller than the one I had pre-surgery, though.
  11. Foxbins

    Bougie size

    Mine is a 36F and I did fine. Smaller sizes are associated with more complications like leaks and strictures. Also, bougie size is only a guide to the end size of the stomach. If your surgeon oversews the staple line, your stomach will be smaller than the bougie size. As long as your surgeon uses a generally accepted size, say 32-40, I wouldn't worry too much. We are talking millimeters of difference here.
  12. I had my surgery 8 years ago, post menopausal and age 56, and lost 100 lbs. Surgery weight was 232, down from a high of about 240 (I stopped getting on the scales when I started wearing size 22 pants). I thought my "goal" weight would be 150 because I couldn't remember ever being any smaller than that. I hit 150 and just kept losing. The sleeve did most of the work, it hated bread, sweets, pasta, potatoes, and most other high-carb food. Over time, I have lost my liking for them. Over the past 8 years I've put on 5 lbs, probably due to my metabolism slowing, but I'm still a size 6. I weigh myself every week and if there is a gain 2 weeks in a row, I cut back on Starbucks and olive oil until I'm back at 137. I wish you as much luck as I have had, but not being obese is wonderful. Every bit you lose helps.
  13. Foxbins

    Doctor is difficult

    Most Urgent Care centers do H & Ps. If one is near you that might be an option until you find a new PCP.
  14. Realself.com is a good resource. I'd recommend my plastic surgeon, Dr. Lev in Costa Rica, for face/neck/eyes/nose/breasts but if you want something like a lower body lift he's not known for those.
  15. Foxbins


    I drove myself home from the airport on the 3rd postop day.
  16. Oh, I remember that liquid phase...it was hard. I was using Premier Protein shakes and after drinking them for a while they were so sweet I could hardly get them down. I ended up cutting them with skim milk and adding banana extract, almond extract, raspberry extract...anything to change the taste. Even now, I crave texture and spice. Red pepper flakes are my friend, as is Tabasco sauce, salsa, garlic/chili paste, and A1 sauce. I put croutons on stuff just for the crunch. Soon you can have all of them. Be patient.
  17. Foxbins

    Gastric Sleeve

    Stalls happen, no big deal, just stick to your program and you should be fine. Your body has to undergo a lot of changes to lose the amount of weight we need to lose and it can take some time as things adjust. I can gulp water if I want, no problem. I also use straws from time to time, no problem.
  18. Liquids/water will not make you feel full, so please don't worry about that. Burping may or may not be a signal of fullness for you. feeling hungry...I lost my hunger after surgery and it's still gone. I can tell I need to eat something because I feel "empty" but it's not hunger the way I felt before surgery. I could not drink as fast as you can when I was immediately post-op, but we are all individuals and as long as you aren't vomiting, getting foamies, or slime, you are doing fine.
  19. I love White House Black Market, but really I shop anywhere I want now because I know I will fit into the sizes they have. Plus, (I was so thrilled about this) you will come to know what stores/brands run true to size. I tried on a pair of size 6 pants at TJ Maxx and although I could button the waist button, the hips were too tight and I couldn't do up the zip. Not because I gained weight, but because their size was off. The clothes were at fault, not me!
  20. Sure, you can mix anything you want. I used to add vanilla, raspberry, banana, caramel, or almond extracts/flavorings to my shakes. Plain shake flavors got boring really quickly for me. I also added skim milk to cut the sweetness in later weeks when they became sooo sweet to me.
  21. I order soup or an appetizer as my main meal. Nobody ever says anything, I've been doing it so long--8 years in January.
  22. My sleeve doesn't tolerate bready things or pasta very well, but other than that I eat what I want.
  23. Foxbins

    Gastric sleeve friends a year out or more

    I'm 7.5 years out from my surgery. My surgeon died but because I had my surgery in Mexico I knew my followups would be done in the states by someone else. I had quarterly labs the first two years, then annually since, from my PCP.
  24. Foxbins

    Should I switch to RNY?

    Yes--20 mg of omeprazole in the am and 20 in the pm and I'm fine.
  25. Foxbins

    Should I switch to RNY?

    I had my sleeve in 2011. I didn't have GERD before the sleeve, mine developed about 18 months after surgery. However, I still don't have any hunger and for me, the tradeoff of no hunger + GERD was worth it.