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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, Lock down the guys/gals rooms by gender!!

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If business economics don't play a role in locking down the veteran's board why should that be a factor in locking down the guys n gals boards? Otherwise it would be one board titled, 'all those intimate questions'. It appears the original concept of them was to make separate boards, and use the honor system as regulation and as shown that is not really working as planned.

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On 6/11/2018 at 12:55 PM, Sosewsue61 said:

If business economics don't play a role in locking down the veteran's board why should that be a factor in locking down the guys n gals boards?

Because whether or not a person is a weight loss veteran is quantifiable and provable....and not political.

What gender a person identifies as is more of a gray area, could be legally be construed as a buisiness discriminating.....and is very political.

This is why "business economics" could play a role in one, but not the other.

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Are we talking about a person that identifies as a female but anatomically is a male or vice versa or what?

Example - an obese man that has lost all the excess weight might have questions about getting his sagging ball sack lifted because now he sits on it and it causes extreme pain. A person that has transitioned from female to male isn't likely to have a lot of excess skin there - (at least not in the same way and those new balls do not function the same way either - getting tight with arousal, etc) (unless maybe they gained weight after transitioning then lost weight again).....soooo even though the person has transitioned, they could partially answer.

And no woman can answer at all. It seems like the women violate the guys room more than vice versa.

But if the person transitioned and already registered as the gender they would have access to it anyway. It's not my business if a person transitions, if that makes them happy - good.

There is also no way there can be agreement on this subject, nor the likelihood of our opinions influencing the moderator on it. I still doubt it would impact the bottom line. Time to move on.

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My personal feeling...is that the honor system is good enough for a free message board on a site which has the primary purpose of selling bariatric products. A couple more reminders here and there if people continue to violate suggested protocol...seems like the wisest course of action. (to me)

That said, I don't participate in gender restrictive rooms because I think they're kinda stupid in 2018....so it doesn't affect me.

I was just pointing out that it is a potential legal civil liberties issue...because I like the site, and believe there is enough volatility among the membership to red flag a potential legal issue with gender exclusions. (if your purpose is to sell stuff...err on the side of caution and avoid this nonsense...hell, i'd avoid "gendered" rooms all together)

A good business model would be to weigh the business generated by these rooms against their maintenance, controversy, and potential problems. Are they worth it? Maybe they are. I don't have enough data to know.

Either way....it ain't up to me. And I'm glad of that.

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I’m sorry chiming in here I’m gender non inanity I go by the pronouns she her them they and I found this to be highly upsetting by the one member because people like me do exist and I feel like honestly having gender restrictive boards creates weird tension for ppl like me commenting

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