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I am pre op sleeve but a 13 year lap band veteran who lost 100 lbs.

Everyone has given great answers and I have little to add except this:

Do you ever feel guilty taking Tylenol when you have pain? Did you really try to alleviate the pain without resorting to medical intervention? :)

You deserve to live a long healthy life.

You deserve to benefit from the best medicine and science have to offer.

5% of do it yourselfer weight loss is successful in the long term when they were more than 30 lbs overweight. There is not enough evidence to support this crazy idea that willpower is effective against obesity. There is lots of evidence that weight loss surgery is.

Keep telling yourself all of the above.

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OK so I understand I may get a telling off from some of you, but this is something I'm really curious about so gunna just go ahead and ask.
Before your weight loss surgery, did you guys really try to lose it on your own? May sound a silly question, we've all tried but how long was we trying before deciding on the surgery and how long did each diet and excersize plan last?
I'm asking this because since bring accepted I'm starting to feel guilt. (I will be getting my surgery on the NHS) I feel like I could of tried harder and for longer and that maybe I'm not deserving of this surgery. I have serious motivation problems when it comes to even going to the shop down the road from me let alone excersize. I think it's due to my depression.
Also having pcos, it takes a lot longer for results to start showing so I hold my hands up and say that because I wasn't seeing change soon enough I would get upset give up easily.
Please say I'm not the only one who feels like this! Ever since deciding on getting the surgery I can't help but feel so undeserving of it.
Surgery due January 17th 2018
CW 238
GW 133

I had tried over and over and failed to keep any weight I lost off. So once I saw that I weighed nearly 500 lbs I got depressed even more and went on an eating binge before trying again. I felt after losing 200 lbs that I had still failed because I was regaining quickly again. I finally went to my Dr and asked for help thinking I would get some diet plan and if I was lucky a prescription. But he immediately recommend WLS surgery and my thoughts were that I had completely failed if I was "that big" I felt I could have tried harder up until the week before my surgery when I realized that I needed this to change the size of my stomach so I would stop feeling like I was super hungry all the time. I realized I couldn't shrink my stomach any faster than I could shrink the excess skin I have. So having it surgically "fixed" made the most sense to me. Only you know what's right for you best wishes no matter your choice. I'm certainly glad I made the choice to have the gastric sleeve in 2011. IMG_20171204_074746.jpg IMG_20171222_084816.jpg

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I felt the same way. Cancelled my first surgery date a week from surgery but later had it done. It is a better tool for me because of the limitations on the amount you can eat. It’ s still not easy but I’m glad I had it.

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    • SabrinaGoddess

      Banded in 2009; Unbanded 2012
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      The decision to have Gastric Sleeve made Oct. 17th, 2019
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      So my surgery anniversary date is on the 24th of this month, but I had my 1-year follow up early with my surgeon this morning (I have another 1-year followup at the hospital on Monday to get my bloodwork and labs done).
      Anyhoo...my surgeon was very pleased with my results (and so where the office staff apparently, because 3 of the front desk ladies came by my exam room to give me props/high fives/generally gawk at me).
      But get this: he asked if I would be willing to come in for a future photoshoot so that I could be on a poster! And I was all, ummmm....no thanks, LOL.
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      1. SabrinaGoddess

        Why? You worked hard! You can do it!

      2. ms.sss

        I guess I could, but the idea of being out there for all to see just skeeves me out! Nope, not for me ;)

    • Krestel

      Today was a really tough day and I turned to food (and a watered down glass of wine). The interesting part was that I felt REALLY full after eating half my go to cheat snack, tortilla chips with cheese. So the GBP is doing its job!
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      Does anyone know how to change specific info on ur profile ex. Surgery date weight etc. ?..
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      1. Cheeseburgh

        Click on your pic/name. A list will pop up and scroll down to “my surgery”. You can change Surgery specifics there.

        To adjust weight stay on that same page, look left and click on progress. Voila!

    • Krestel

      The only way I can tell that I'm losing weight is from the scale and my clothes "getting bigger".
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      1. nenes78

        When logged in, click on your username up top then choose my surgery, from there choose your option on the left menu. Or click the link https://www.bariatricpal.com/patients/portal/?do=progress

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