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DS vs Gastric Sleeve recovery? Can you tell me how your recoveries compared????

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i had a gastric sleeve in 2014 and had a bmi of 35 at the time. I didn't loose that much weight, and unfortunately my weight has crept back up and I'm in the obease bmi category.

Im thinking about getting the 2nd part of the surgery (the DS/SIPS/SAPS surgery).

However I've heard that the DS surgery is a lot quicker on the surgery table, overnight stay in hospital, slightly less painful and a quicker recovery, and compared the the gastric sleeve surgery 'it's a walk in the park' eg a a much more pleasant recovery than the GS.

i recognise everyone is different - however I'm keen to hear which surgery was harder recovery wise??

cannyou help me out??

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I had a band to sips DS on 8/8/17. Currently starting my 4th week. My band to DS was done in a single surgery and I went home the same day.
I can't say how the sleeve to DS addition will be for recovery. I'm still technically in recovery and still dealing with learning how to bend over (the big stitch is still being a jerk) and dealing with new gas pains and other digestive upsets.
I'm not sure how it would be easier though than just being sleeved, my pain was all from the incisions vs internally.

Good luck to you, I hope someone else has more relevant experience to share with you [emoji4]

Band to SIPS/SA-DI/LOOP DS 8.8.17
HT: 5'6ish HW: 242 SW: 226 CW: 207 GW: Healthy

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I also had the DS on 6/9/17 and was revised from the band. The doctor did it in a few hours. I had three times the amount of pain when I had my band surgery because the port would pull when I bent over until it was healed and the doctor didn't give me any painkillers post-op. He handed my husband a few pills and sent me on my way. With the band, it was impossible to bend over for weeks. Let's put it this way, no one left the house until Mom's shoes were tied. I couldn't do it on my own. With the DS, I was able to bend over and pick things off the floor the first day home from the hospital and I only spent one night in the hospital. I was tired after the DS for the first two weeks, but by the third week, my life got back to normal. The pain was very minimal, at least for me. Now if you want to talk painful surgeries, a total knee replacement takes the prize in my book. I haven't had any experience with just the gastric sleeve part, only the full DS. Since the sleeve is part of the DS, I'm not sure why you've been told the DS would be an easier recovery. The DS is more complicated than the sleeve. Anyway, the recovery wasn't bad at all.

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I had the GS and the healing was pretty quick, but the body catching up on energy is what zapped me for a bit. I was off of work for a month, but maybe could have gone back after two weeks. I just didn't want to have any issues w/ the lack energy or discomfort. I was in the hospital overnight and that was only because, they waited too long to release me so it carried over into the next day.

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