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  1. SIPS in Seattle

    App keeps crashing

    My app for the iPhone keeps crashing whenever I try to look at notifications. Not sure why. Something going on? It worked at first with the new app but now for the past couple of days it just crashes.
  2. SIPS in Seattle

    What’s the skinny on regain with SIPS?

    I just hit 2 years, I’ve regained almost 20lbs. I attribute it to stress (new job, 6mo, bad boss etc and a few injuries that hindered my excercise — I literally fell in a “man”hole and injured my knee then broke my big toe) I swear to myself I will get back on track... but I’m fighting ever day injuries aside.
  3. SIPS in Seattle


    I had my revision one year ago today. I’m shocked and amazed at the changes that have occurred this year. My boobs have disappeared, I lost a lot of hair... but more importantly I’m no longer overweight. I still have a belly (and lose skin) but I’m learning to love myself just as I am. I’m so thankful to be on this road. Now I just need to get my butt back in the gym, good news is that it is within walking distance now. No regrets. ❤️
  4. SIPS in Seattle


    Thanks ❤️
  5. SIPS in Seattle


    Hi Ellie, I was a band to SIPS DS revision. So thankful for it too. ❤️
  6. SIPS in Seattle

    What are slider foods?

    This is interesting, I’ve been indulging in fruit a lot this summer but man it fills me up. Like one bite of watermelon too many and I feel like I’m just full of water.
  7. SIPS in Seattle

    Oh how the tables have turned......

    I can totally relate. I have a friend from college, we met freshman year. She’s always been super thin, boys fawn all over her etc. She was hurt in an accident that left her unable to exercise in her usual manner coupled with stress, work, depression etc and gained upwards of 50lbs this past year whereas I dropped 90+. First time ever that I’ve been smaller than her. Gave her a bunch of my clothes tonight that I’ve sized out of. It feels so good yet I feel a little guilty cuz her thinness was always her “thing” and I know she’s super sensitive about it. Yet I can’t help but smile about it on the inside.
  8. SIPS in Seattle

    Non Scale Victories

    I totally know what you mean. I keep waiting for the person shopping next to me to tell me I’m crazy to think I can fit into a six. Even though I’m wearing a six.
  9. SIPS in Seattle

    I hit onederland!

    Congrats! Woot woot!
  10. SIPS in Seattle


    Thank you 😊
  11. SIPS in Seattle

    Food Before and After Photos

    The leftover lunch. Leftover crockpot pulled pork mixed with leftover stir fried cabbage. Still can’t wrap my head around portion sizes I plate vs what I can eat. Was delicious and I’m stuffed.
  12. SIPS in Seattle


    Following: I would love to know if this works. Cost? Etc. good luck if you go through with it!
  13. SIPS in Seattle

    Aetna wait time for approval decision

    I had a band to SIPS revision with Aetna. The time from submission to approval was super fast, I think like 2 or 3 days. I can’t exactly remember but I do recall it being so fast that I had to question if they really said approved.
  14. SIPS in Seattle

    Non Scale Victories

    Thanks! I carry everything in my belly, and I’m hiding it all under that soft flowing material. Wish I could wear spanx but it just makes me physically ill to be squeezed like a slug in a straw.
  15. SIPS in Seattle

    Non Scale Victories

    We are going on vacation in September, I’ve been on the hunt for some cool, comfortable dresses. My NSV is that I can buy small and medium sizes now. I even bought a small for my tankini bottoms. Small! Omg.
  16. SIPS in Seattle

    Never-ending period! Wth!

    I also had the same thing, prior to surgery I had an iud that up and ran away. Then I had a month long period that was the heaviest I’ve ever experienced in my life. My surgery was August, my hysteroscopy to find out why I was bleeding so heavily was December. Turns out I have adenomiosis and the only treatment was to get another iud which I’m at a higher risk of expelling since the first expelled. It’s either that, wait for menopause or have a hysterectomy. So far the new IUD is working. Fingers crossed the little bugger stays in place this time.
  17. SIPS in Seattle

    Broccoli slaw is the devil!

    I’m dying over here. Tonight I made broccoli slaw and it was delicious. Totally didn’t think about the after effects of consuming raw broccoli. The whole house stinks...the poor ozone layer is being depleted and I thank the baby Jesus that I’m currently single. Note to self... lay off the raw broccoli! 🥦 = [emoji40] [emoji948][emoji100]
  18. SIPS in Seattle

    Broccoli slaw is the devil!

    Good luck! I still love broccoli slaw... but at least now I know!
  19. SIPS in Seattle

    App keeps crashing

  20. SIPS in Seattle

    App keeps crashing

    Also want to add, it also crashes when I try to look at the timeline.
  21. SIPS in Seattle

    Wrinkled bag stomach

    Thank you for the info!
  22. SIPS in Seattle

    Excessive Gas

    You can also purchase charcoal pills which is what my surgeon told me to try.
  23. SIPS in Seattle

    Non Scale Victories

    Scratching my back... those hard to reach itchies, I can totally scratch my entire back myself now. Amazing.
  24. SIPS in Seattle

    Wrinkled bag stomach

    Oooh tell me more about massaging the fat on your tummy. Benefits? Purpose etc. *Please and thanks in advance!

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