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  1. Strivingforbetter

    Is duodenal switch too drastic?

    No need to have food funerals. You'll be able to eat your favorites after you heal, just in smaller portions. Just try to keep your sugar and carbs low and your protein high.
  2. Strivingforbetter

    Is duodenal switch too drastic?

    I had the traditional DS and take 3 vitamins a day,(calcium, ADEK, B12), and my blood panel is great. I'm three years post-op and have only regained 5 pounds. I've never been able to control my weight and not feel deprived, but the DS has solved that problem. My BMI was only 40 when I had my surgery.
  3. Strivingforbetter

    Pros and cons

    Pros: It works long term whereas the sleeve and lapband often fail over time. Cons: Gas every day starting at 3:00. This gets tiresome. Sometimes I have to get to a bathroom ASAP.
  4. I worry with your current weight you will be too slim to be a candidate for bypass. Only your doctor would know. I had the band for a few years and also had issues with certain foods I couldn't eat. You were very successful with the band, and not everyone is. I wasn't. In fact, I gained 20 pounds with the band and had pain when eating foods like chicken, carrots, or anything firm. I had to revise to the duodenal switch for my body to respond in a healthy way. Now I can eat healthy foods without pain, and I've lost 82 pounds. I was revised in 2017.
  5. Oh hell no! I'm 57 and just had a tummy tuck on December 11, 2019. I've had 4 c-sections, one incisional hernia after my third c-section, and lost 80 pounds. My stomach was a mess and a huge, hanging blob. I am absolutely loving my flat stomach. I've got a lot of living yet to do and when my children get married, I'm not going to have to shop for some frumpy mother of the bride dress to hide my hideous gut. Go for it!
  6. Strivingforbetter

    Completed tummy tuck and thigh liposuction

    I also received a tummy tuck with lipo suction to my flanks (love handles) on Dec. 11, 2019. I'm doing well. The first week was rough. So much pain! In the past, had four c-sections and by the third day I was off all pain meds. --Not with this surgery! However, I'm very satisfied with the results and feel after losing 80 pounds that this was very needed.
  7. Strivingforbetter

    Over the emotions!

    What catwoman7 above was what I was told also. I remember being extremely angry about all of the protein I had to eat and being shamed about eating fruit. I almost took the nurse's head off one day over that.
  8. Strivingforbetter

    Duodenal switch surgery on past Tuesday.

    They only allowed me to stay one night in the hospital for my DS. I don't remember the pain being very bad. I think after three days it improved. The lapband surgery was much more painful for me. I wish you well.
  9. Strivingforbetter

    Menopause Pause?

    I had my last period starting the day after I had my wls for my duodenal switch, and it lasted almost a week. That was the last period of my life. I was officially done and haven't had another one since. It's been two years. I think the surgery pushed my hormones over the edge.
  10. Strivingforbetter

    Choosing between SIPS and traditional DS

    @onmyway11I had the exact same experience with the band. Then I was revised to the traditional DS two years ago. No regain at this point. The doctor who did my DS is located in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  11. Strivingforbetter

    DS for lower BMI revision

    @HP62442I can't speak of the differences between the recovery of the MGD and the DS because I've only had the DS after a revision from a band. However, recovery wasn't bad at all for me. My BMI was about 39 when I received my DS. You might not be heavy enough for the DS with a BMI of 36, but your surgeon would know. Not many surgeons have been trained to do the DS, so that might be a factor for your doctor too.
  12. Strivingforbetter

    Is lap band that bad?

    This is pretty darn common, which are also the reasons I had mine removed and had a revision. You're right, very few people keep their lap band their entire life without having a revision. The band erodes into the stomach and causes a lot of problems. Regain is also an issue. My doctor said very few doctors will do the band anymore because of all of the side effects. It's just not the best decision for weight loss. It was a huge waste of money. I'm very happy with my revision, and excited for you to also have a better life without the band. Best wishes to you.
  13. Strivingforbetter

    Is lap band that bad?

    Don't get the lap band.
  14. Strivingforbetter

    Common channel

    My common channel is 150 cm long, but I really wish I had gone shorter to 100 cm because those patients who had a shorter channel lost quicker and more than I did, and they started out heavier than I was. With a BMI of 40 at the time of surgery, I was worried I would get too thin. Ha! No worries there. I've regained 4 pounds since my surgery two years ago.
  15. Strivingforbetter

    DS reaction to sugar

    I had the duodenal switch two years ago. As far as my reaction to sugar, I would say it goes through me looser than other foods. For example, if I drink a soda, I can count on gas and very loose stools. It's not what I consider "dumping," as some people experience. Let's put it this way, if I want something sugary and it looks amazing, it's not enough of a deterrent to make me pass it up. Only my guilt would do that. @BoredCWGood job with explaining the duodenal switch. I have found that I can eat pretty normal portions two years out, which means it still prevents me from overeating and helps me maintain my weight. On the plus side, I don't feel deprived.
  16. Strivingforbetter

    Duodenal Switch with heart failure

    @Thunder ChickenI agree with @Chipwater and his recommendations. I had my DS done with Dr. McKinlay in 2017, If your heart surgeon recommended the DS, I would have Dr. McKinaly consult with your doctor on the best weight loss surgery for you. He also does the sleeve and gastric bypass. I would have the utmost confidence that they would do what is right for you. We haven't heard back from you since August. Could you update us on where you're at in your research?
  17. Strivingforbetter

    Is lap band that bad?

    Don't get a lapband. I had one for three years and it was miserable. I revised to a duodenal switch and lost 80 pounds. Don't waste your money on a band.
  18. @disco stu yeah the gas part isn't fun. I experience that in the evening on a regular basis.-- Voluminous gas that's impressive, to say the least. It's the one drawback of this surgery.
  19. @disco stu I wonder why you use the bathroom so much. I had the traditional DS and I only use the bathroom about 5 times a day. That include all types of bathroom visits. I do use the bathroom at least twice a night. I don't down a fistful of pills. My levels were so high for B12, that my doc said to cut way back on the dosage. It's interesting to see how different people can be with the same surgery or somewhat the same surgery.
  20. Strivingforbetter

    What’s the skinny on regain with SIPS?

    I'm two years post-up from the traditional DS and have gained 5 pounds, but i was just diagnosed with a low thyroid. I'm not a perfect either, same as Disco Stu, and without a doubt I would be much heavier if it wasn't for my surgery. I still malabsorb and can't eat as much as I used to. I'm working on losing the 5 pounds I've gained. Hopefully with my thyroid medication it will help the process. I still feel my surgery was a success.
  21. Strivingforbetter

    Are you happy?

    I revised from the Lapband to the DS two years ago. Since that time, I have lost 80 pounds. Besides there being a whole lot less of me, yes, I am happy and would do it again. I can eat pretty much what I want and have maintained my weight loss due to the malabsorption component of my surgery. You will find that many sleevers have regain issues. As far as the bathroom goes, no one's poop smells good. I have more gas in the evening and looser stool than I used to, but this is a small side effect and not a deal breaker to me. I went from a size 2x to a medium top. A size 18 pant to a size 8. No one eating next to me would know I had weight loss surgery because I can eat a normal portion. Protein first, veggies next. Drinking lots of water. My joints and feet don't hurt like they used to either. I wouldn't let a little more gas deter you from considering the DS. It's a good, solid, data-proven weight loss intervention. Out of all of the weight loss surgeries, the DS has the best proven track record for keeping the weight off, even over bypass surgery. Ask your surgeon. My short answer: Yes, I'm happy.
  22. Strivingforbetter

    DS Surgery date 7/23/2019!

    I also failed with the lap band, but have found great success with the DS. You'll find a whole new you staring back at you in the mirror a year after your surgery.
  23. Strivingforbetter

    DS statistics

    I lost 14 pounds the first month, which is huge for me. Weight steadily came off at about 2 pounds a week, but slowed to one pound a week the last few months of the first year. Overall, I lost 80 pounds in a year and have had about a 4 pound regain since having my surgery in 2017. Best decision I made for my health and well-being. I would recommend it to anyone with a BMI of over 40, which is where I started. Wish I could drop another 20 pounds, but this is where my body wants to be.
  24. Strivingforbetter

    DS Body Fluid Odor

    As you know, DS patients have been told that they will experience terrible smelling gas and bowel movements post-op. However, that's not what I want to address. What I've noticed is the overall odor of my body chemistry. Every single fluid that leaves my body has the same distinct, dusty smell about it. I can't describe it. It's kind of like dirty sand. My urine and everything else that's fluid that leaves my body has this odor. I'm wondering if my saliva also has this smell. Has anyone else noticed this? I'm 11 weeks post-op and honestly I can't stand this smell. Will this go away after I'm in maintenance? I've asked my family (specifically my husband) if they've noticed it, and they said they haven't.
  25. You just can't eat that much. You'll know you're full because you'll feel a stabbing pain. I would also burp a little bit before I was full. I remember when I first ate a few solid foods I could only nibble tiny bits. Eating one scrambled egg was huge for me.

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