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Over the emotions!

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I’m not typically someone who shares or asks for help, but I’m at a loss with my emotions. I’m almost 6 weeks post op. Everything is going great, I’m losing weight, learning my new way of life, and am extremely happy with the decision I made. However, my emotions are extreme. More so than I’ve ever had. I cry at the drop of a hat. Which I can usually deal with, extreme anger however is a new one for me.

Today’s events bothered me the most, a simple errand of taking my dog to a routine vet visit started with my dog getting so anxious in the car ride that he pooped. (It happens very rarely, he has bad anxiety when he gets in the car) I lost my mind! I was yelling at him and actually contemplated giving him away. Even pictured my life without him and it didn’t phase my mind. (Please know that my dog is my world, I’ve had him since he was a puppy and he’s 7 now) After I left him at the vet, I cleaned the mess in my back seat, still cursing under my breath, using every ounce of strength to not scream in the parking lot. Adding embarrassment would be the icing on that cake. Once I was in the car, my anger immediately turned into guilt and sadness about even thinking of not having my dog around. I sobbed the entire way home.

I’ve heard of hormones being out of wack after surgery. Does it go away?!

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Cant really help you with the hormone issues but the mental games are a b***h, We are about the same time post op and i get swings all the time, My advise to you is you did a great thing getting healthy do not let the head games win. you worked to hard for this and try and plow thru it.

FYI Stress kills so start enjoying your new found life -

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hormone issues are pretty common in the early weeks or even months after surgery. From what I understand, estrogen is stored in fat cells, so during rapid weight loss, it's released and floods your body. A lot of menstruating women complain about extreme moodiness and irregular periods in the early weeks or months (I was post-menopausal when I had surgery, so this wasn't my experience). It does level out eventually, though.

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What catwoman7 above was what I was told also. I remember being extremely angry about all of the Protein I had to eat and being shamed about eating fruit. I almost took the nurse's head off one day over that.

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I chalked the first month up to blood sugar and food withdrawal, but 9 months out and I am here searching the forums for an explanation for the same experiences... A close friend mentioned that I have been a bit more dickish than usual.

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Hoping things have leveled out a bit. It is a process.

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I am three weeks post op, at first it was just little bouts of crying for no apparent reason. This week has been worse the ugly sobbing crying and it is not typical. The doctor explained about the Estrogen flooding the system as fat is lost. But seriously mental health is not something to dismiss. Everyone keeps suggesting having a script written, but that seems like the wrong move. Maybe an herbal supplement but not an antidepressant. I was fine before surgery, have had no complications, and overall things have gone really well. This crying needs to stop, no one said anything about a chemical imbalance.

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    • SabrinaGoddess

      6 Weeks Post Op!

      My world is drastically different! I now walk 3 to 4 miles a day and I’m constantly getting up to move my body! .

      I close my Apple Watch rings daily and about 4 to 6 days a week I double or triple them!

      I have been released to have all foods. When I reintroduce some I need to start at 1 ounce to see how “Tiny Tummy” likes it!

      I am not reintroducing sugars, coffee or junk! I did not pay close to $13,000 to fail! .

      I went to get follow up bloodwork done this week and my numbers are all in the perfect range! .

      This is my new world and I am happy it!

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      2. Niz


      3. Arabesque

        Congratulations. It’s a great feeling when the weight disappears & you can start to do so much more. 😁

    • ms.sss

      @DaisyChainOz, @Arabesque ... am totally thinking of both of you this very moment as I watch the final set of the Millman-Federer match at the AO... I am riveted and literally screaming at the TV...
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      1. ms.sss


      2. DaisyChainOz

        haha unfortunately I missed it! Glad you enjoyed though :D

      3. Arabesque

        I didn’t see it either but I wish I had now for both the battle on court & the ball tampering accusations flying around everywhere now.

    • OutbackJo

      Has anyone had a gastric sleeve revision? 
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    • Mousiana

      Hate thinking about foods I used to love... Burgers & wings. Gotta stay focused. 😤
      · 2 replies
      1. WilliamZef

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      2. Lyndor

        Think about all you will gain. Seriously, nothing is better than my size 4 jeans!

    • Arabesque

      Went to see the Star Wars movie yesterday. (Glad I waited as no one else was in the cinema for the midday session - yes!) Hadn’t been to the cinema for a few months and OMG I suffered the most terrible butt pain.  So uncomfortable. Started after 30 mins. Was in the premium cinema so grabbed a cushion to sit on but it didn’t help. Ended up sitting sideways in the chair, stretched out on an ottoman. Soooo super glad no one else was there. Sometimes I do miss my old butt fat cushioning... but not really. 
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      1. Panda333

        ha..I have that issue too.....miss my built in pillow!

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