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  1. Stella S

    Hello, any veterens around?

    Sleeved in 15 so it has been a bit. I had no severe concerns and do pop in here monthly or so. I am still WSL patient. It is just part of my life. Smiles.
  2. Hugs to you. ER visits are tough and long. I hope your primary doctor and team get to the bottom of the light headedness. Congrats on so much success!
  3. Stella S

    Just climbed Kilimanjaro!

    Rock your adventure lifestyle! Way to go and it is all you. My WLS 7 years ago gave me the ability to walk a healthier life. Finished over a hundred kilometer hike ov in 6 days in Italy last week even with a heat wave. Next my be the Swiss alps in 23. Endless smaller adventures in between. Enjoy the world and again congrats!
  4. So it’s been a couple months are you going through with the revision?
  5. Stella S

    Regain advice

    Get your water in and track everything. Best luck
  6. Stella S

    Hello, any veterens around?

    7 years in early April. Yes up 15 from low but that is ok too. - I have been in n unhealthy mode much of my life so this has been a shift in life since 2015. Life is easier somehow at 135 lbs. Still keeping it low carb… mostly.
  7. Stella S

    Eating out with strangers

    I agree most do not notice. But all said shrug and say eating out for all these days does not agree with me so I n staying ahead of stomach ache. I time in conferences and only a few people have ever commented.
  8. Stella S

    Recipe share for the new year?

    Jo’s Special - 1 lbs ground meat of choice, 1 package fresh spinach 1 chopped onion parsley black pepper oregano as desired. 3 eggs, slightly beaten 1/2 c fresh Parmesan cheese. Add onion to drained ground meet. Add spices and cook till onion is clear. Add spinach. I use fresh. Cook to soft Add 3 eggs Cook As cheese and serve.
  9. Stella S

    Just a journey

    The old is new again!!! We can in fact live our healthy life - for me it is a daily choice. I m getting it right some maybe even much of the time. You ll keep me grounded.
  10. Stella S

    I hit goal today!

    A beautiful story. Congratulations.
  11. Sorry. No picks. 2 plus years later no regrets. I agree a LBL comes first. Get several PS plans.
  12. Stella S

    Scar camouflage tattoos

    3 year post arm lift - have scars but not regrets
  13. A bit more paleo then kedo Enter nuts fruit and sweet potato. I never was traditional kedo - yet my carb consumption has creeped a bit high Refocus is a great term. Let me know any resources you find. I read early on: Ultimate Gastric Sleeve Success: A Practical Patient Guide To Help Maximize Your Weight Loss Results https://www.amazon.com/dp/0615830447/ref=cm_sw_r_awdo_navT_a_HVH19M6WYWWTSMY7M6SR
  14. Stella S

    UGH - Thanksgiving Regrets

    And now I am on my 6 holiday party… I usually pre—eat for most events.
  15. Stella S

    Just a journey

    I love reading your progress. Keep to it habits can be made and broken. I weigh. The same since 2019 and am about 130 to 135 but my clothes are to small. I need to get some muscle back. Anyway keep doing and posting.
  16. Friday I had a 5 hour Vertical thigh lift - My third round of major PS following WLS. Before and after this procedure I have used lymphatic massage techniques. It is a game changer! Still feel lousy but this is the least amount of post surgical misery I have experienced. It is early though and this procedure has high complication rates. For more info on lymphatic draining, swelling, https://www.healthline.com/health/how-to-perform-lymphatic-drainage-massage. Ask your PS. May not be the only factor but wish I knew about it for previous procedures.
  17. Stella S

    4 yr Surgiversary!

    Four years of good living! Congrats. When our focus is health so much comes our way. Thanks for the inspiration
  18. Stella S

    Alcohol is a Transfer Addiction !!

    Thank you all.
  19. I love the intentional push to comfort. H
  20. Stella S

    Do you see your surgeon annually?

    I fall in to the other category no I haven’t seen anyone in that office after about nine months when I was presented with a cash bill of $200. I wonder if this is a function of whether your insurance company will pay for the visit I was a self pay surgery at a certified center of excellence… I do think continued follow up appointments are brilliant - well my internist can run my blood work there are some specifics to WLS that certainly must be beixed.
  21. I love the rent free!!! While I do not lack confidence my perspective is warped!!! I am very comfortable being the brains…
  22. So yes, I lost weight and comments increased 10 fold - I get it no mostly do not mind. The hang up for me is that I do not feel hot. My niece said face it line up 50 or even 1000 women your age or 5 years younger and you are either the number 1 or 2 in looks. bi do not feel it though. That is what gets me.
  23. Stella S

    Chickpea "Pasta"

    I Take carbs and subtract fiber for my working number - 1 cup of broccoli has 6 g carbs and 2.4 fiber so I roll with 3.6 net carbs and 31 calories. Note I am 6 years post surgery and in mo longer in loss mode - just maintaining.
  24. Stella S

    Plastic Surgery Scars one year later!

    Same. My arms are somewhat apparent then legs -! Body and breasts not at all Would do it again
  25. Stella S

    Really Need Some Help

    3 or 4 years out, loss, a move plus a pandemic is lot for anyone. You did it once and will again! Congrats on joining the community!

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