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  1. Stella S

    Why the same advice over and over?

    I fall into the basics work to trim my regain - water not wine, cheese not with a cracker. When I focus on water and protien I drop the weight. Removing over 30 carb works. Admiring those who do not have to continue the work!
  2. Stella S

    WLS Veteran Back for Support

    Never say never.. and good for you for knowing that it will take time and effort!!!!! I was on the board’s quite a bit in 2015 2016 as well. I said I would never stop exercising I said I’d know would never regain I said I would never be a know it all. Life is humbling. Still still stable weight but need muscle back. What RX are you using? Lots of support and admiration for you
  3. Stella S

    Regaining weight, help!!

    Vitamins are good and a bit of self compassion. 140.is good - pre WLS we would have loved aBMI off 24. I do not know about gum but I lways return.to water and protein. Fish is my go o! Best to you.
  4. Stella S

    Feeling Good About Getting Back to Basics

    Good to see your post. You are an example of catching it early. I too am up 5 lbs - so am on the same road - it is life - I am totally blaming Harry and David pears and truffles and rasberry shortbread...
  5. Stella S

    Regained weight support

    I like never give up! We do it and at times hav to double down toward a goal. Best to Lo
  6. Stella S

    15 Years postop, gained but back on track

    How empowering the answers ere always within you. Stay true
  7. Stella S

    Tendonitis, Rotator Cuffs, and Changed Physiology

    Maybe stretching or strength my hunch is now with general better health previously taxed areas are more easily noticed. Glad you have an apt with Ortho.
  8. Stella S

    Healthier, But Lonelier

    KC that is a lot of food intolerance - maybe get a second opinion?? Also what about a different support group? Depending on your area you mAay be able to join another or an activity group. On line exercise - something to promote dopamine production. You have gone through a lot of changes - change is tough Maybe counseling, I hear every day that these are uncertain times! If you look at the national group takeoff pounds sensibly - TOPS they have categories for WLS and maintainers for those at goal. You are not alone. Best
  9. Good luck today and yes your providers have gone in more days then not since March. Health care workers are more accustomed to precautions
  10. Stella S

    Losing Quarantine Weight!

    I run and walk. I miss elliptical and gym time but just not ready.
  11. Stella S

    Regained weight support

    The best decision today is just that ... today
  12. Stella S

    6 Simple Ways to Gain Your Weight Back

    When I stop getting my water and daily I know I’m on the slope. Best and returning to your successful habits
  13. Stella S

    Regained weight support

    When reality sounds like negativity to me it’s time to change. Whether we want to call to reality check or something else it’s a key to go back to what works. Stop drinking choose your favorite healthy foods! It’s really great to hear the positive stories and the community. For many of us it is an every day or more days and not choice. It’s not that the road isn’t hard it’s that it can be both hard and good. ☮️
  14. Stella S

    Hello Y'all

    Life changes so much - good to hear that even after 17 years you are still enjoying paddling and the relations with the spouse! How to remain in a happy zone - definitely focus on everything that’s good!! Five years out somethings are good somethings are a struggle definitely like you I am pleased at many of the things I have accomplished. Not sure what my pouch looks like haven’t seen a doctor since 2015 other than my internist. And other unrelated specialists. The past week or so some of my clothes are a little bit snugger than I would like. This scale still has me below where I was for the last couple years. I definitely feel I’ve lost muscle in the last months. This though is a pretty correctable problem and we do get to choose what we want to focus on. Look at your running marathons how very cool!!!
  15. Stella S

    So mad at myself for regain

    I hope this finds each of you well and making progress toward new goals or maintaining. Just checking in to see how the last seven months have been.
  16. Congrats and thank you for inspiration
  17. Stella S

    Pre-Op diet repeat 2.5years out?

    No idea. You could check in with a doctor and check labs. Do stick with something - you lost it before.
  18. Stella S

    Any bike suggestions?

    Time in saddle and yes to padded diaper spandex shorts!!
  19. Stella S

    What is the best feedback your therapist ever gave you?

    Best 2 insights are that some things are hard and that is ok. Also that most things change
  20. Stella S

    COVID and Gym-ing

    I run a bit but have not returned to the gym A lot of classes are being held outside
  21. The foamies? I get that but what causes it. First I heard the term was just now. I know 5 plus years... I just that it was extra .. is there a cause.
  22. Stella S

    July 2020 WLS Veterans

    So good to hear from you!!! I always appreciated your insight. 5 years out myself asof this April and in my happy range though I need to tone! Stay well my friends.
  23. Stella S

    Pandemic Check In

    That is the best description of a slippery slope ever Sideeeye! All is ok here - downs few lbs but all muscle Same size but jiggly Ugh - was just planning on lotsa sex during the lock down but then it got real. Lost a few patients... stopped all self care for a bit. Now facing the changes to my programs and still seeing a few people in the clinic. I want an air conditioned gym!!!! Plus back to my original goal 😆
  24. Bum protein up to heal! Best of luck.
  25. Do not miss being viewed as dumb