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I've been lurking around these forums for months while I contemplated having my surgery done. I finally went through with it on June 6 with great success! I lost around 20 pounds on the pre-op diet and haven't weighed myself since the surgery, but I think I'm doing quite well. I've had a hard time getting in all of my recommended Protein -- I finally got all of my Water in today for the first time, but no luck with the protein. Anyone have any tips? How long does it usually take until you can physically drink all of your recommended protein/water?

I would love to meet people who have had more experience with the surgery as mentors/buddies. I love to e-mail everyday, so if anyone is interested in adopting a sleeve newbie please send me a message! I also love reading about different peoples' experiences so if you have interesting stories/blogs you'd like to share please share a link! =)

Thank you,


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Hello, and glad you came out of lurkdom to join us here. Congrats on being sleeved!! Sounds like you are doing great. I am in my 3rd wk post op and still struggle to get in everything, such limited space in my sleeve still. I feel like I am eating and drinking all day long, and I actually have to if I am going to meet the requirements. It gets easier every day I hear so I am not gonna worry about it. Everyone experiences it. I am doing good, and feeling great! I have decided to stop weighing so often since I am in the 3 wk area, I know people experience stalls around this time, so I don't wanna get too caught up in the scales right now.

If you've been lurking and reading, you know what a great support system this forum is, so we are all here for ya!!


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I would love to say when you will be able to get in all your fluids and Protein but its really a guessing game. I personally was able to get all my fluids in within one week of surgery (my swelling must have went down real fast). Then I was able to get in my Protein within the next week.

All I can say it that it does get better eventually. I would worry about your fluids first right out of surgery and then start to work on your protein. As time goes on and the swelling and healing progress you should not have any problems with your fluids or your Proteins.

Welcome to the group!

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    • Jen M

      3/19 - It wasn't a bad day I stayed up quite a bit much of the day. Have to focus on walking more before it gets too hot to walk outside at all.   Pain was less, but insomnia has kicked in the last two nights
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      I hit Onderland today! I feel great!
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      Purim starts tonight!  
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        Happy Purim! Glad he saved yall! :)

      2. GreenTealael


    • GreenTealael  »  othella

      💜💜 Safe journey and congratulations 💜💜
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    • Jen M

      2019 - A New Year and a New Start on life!!!!
      On 3/14 - I went into the Hospital at 6am to have my surgery <the sleeve>.   My weigh at that time was 278 pounds.   On this day I was in and out of it I don't remember a whole lot I just remember being in a lot of pain.
      On 3/15 - They made me get up and walk a few times in the middle of the night and walk doctor came in and I was able to be discharged if I was eating and doing everything on his little checklist.   I went home at 6pm.  All I remember was going home crawling into bed and taking more pain medicine it felt like I got hit in the stomach about 50 times.
      On 3/16 - I know they say that walking is the best thing you can do after having surgeries but I was not feeling it at all every time I sat up, I got dizzy needless to say this day I didn't get much walking in and the smell of food just made me gag.  I couldn't even take the pain medicine that was in liquid form.  I stayed in bed for most of the day.
      On 3/17 - I did a lot better on this day I was actually able to eat a little bit of Jell-O and drink a little bit of broth.    Still can't seem to take that pain medicine without wanting to gag.   I definitely have been able to keep down water and even had my nephew take a little bit of Crystal Light and some ice chips and mix it in a bullet to make like a slushie.  That was yummy!
      This brings me to today 3/18 - I have been trying to drink protein water to get protein in my body. I was able to eat some Jell-O today and keep it down. I also was able to sit up for 5 hours and was able to be sociable again.  I was also finally able to take some pain medicine again without gagging <Thank God>.     Pain is slowly going away.   I have my first one week doctor visit on 3/20 so we will see how that goes
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