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  1. AutumnLily

    Does Anyone Make Yogurt @ Home?

    I tried to figure it out as well. The only thing that I found online was that after making the yogurt you were to let it strain in a cheese cloth to concentrate it. Not sure if it works or how it would increase the protein content. I gave up and just bought the commercial greek yogurts. Hope you find what you are looking for. I enjoyed home made yogurt but wanted the increased protein of greek.
  2. AutumnLily

    What Does Nsv Stand For?

    None scale victory Like fitting in an airplane seat. Oh I love how that feels now
  3. I never had a hot tingly feeling. You might want to contact your doctor and let them know. He/She will be a better judge of the symptoms. Congratulations on your surgery
  4. AutumnLily

    Any Canada Self Pay Options

    There are several places across Canada. Yes they are very expensive in comparison to Mexico. There are ones in Vancouver and Toronto. I would suggest to do some research and find what is comfortable for you. I found after all my research that going to Mexico worked for me.
  5. It was one year ago that I was in Mexicali Mexico sitting in my hotel room the night before I was to go to the hospital for my surgery. I can not believe that one year has passed and I have gone from a weight of well over 300 lbs to almost being out of the 200's. I am greatful that I found the courage and money to have this proceedure done. I am living the life I have always dreamed of. I am not stared at with disgusted looks and shame. I am now getting hit on by younger men!!! My life has changed for the better and I will be at goal in the near future. I have lost almost 150 lbs and my knees, back, hips and feet thank me everyday. For those who are just starting your journey it is a journey of ups and downs but in the end it will be worth it. I love love love my sleeve. :wub:
  6. Thank you everyone! I could not believe that I was at a year out. Life seems like it has always been this way. I truly love my sleeve. :wub:
  7. Today is my first day at my new gym. They are going to fit test me and then design a program to help me tone and tighten up. This should help me kick start my losing again as I have been stuck in the 210's for awhile now. I will update my progress.
  8. Well I like this thread. I am in to lose and get to goal in 2012. My loss has become very slow these past couple of months. I think back to basics is what I need.
  9. Ugg I get sick and tired of the negative nellies out there that can not believe in this surgery. If you do not believe then go away and take your negativity with you. People like me and Andersonlj believe in the sleeve because we ACTUALLY had the damn surgery. People either take the leap of faith or go away.
  10. Welcome to the group Vance You are at the beginning of your journey. This forum is full of wonderful knowledge that will help you along the way. Keep on posting your success's and dificulties. Congrats on taking a large step to getting back to a healthier you.
  11. I still have a little ways to go and I am just over 10 months out. I have however lost a significant amount of weight as you can see by my ticker. I think it is possible depending on how much weight you have to lose in the first place.
  12. AutumnLily

    Any other Canadians out there?

    You are not going to work so it is not business. I think all other things fall under pleasure even if it is surgery. I stayed a couple of days before in San Diego so I was telling the truth that it was pleasure.
  13. You can message me anytime with your questions. I will answer them to my best ability.
  14. AutumnLily

    What Is A Ppi?

    FYI PPI stands for proton pump inhibitor. Looks like supermom covered it all.
  15. Ohh girl you have been one of the many inspriations on this board. I have to say you are Hot hot hot!
  16. I think this is a fear for some. I do not drink my calories and I try to stick to protein first and then veg and starches. I know that I will never eat the way I used to and so to gain it all back I would really have to sabotage myself. I love how I feel and know in my heart of hearts that I will never go back to the weight I originally was. Try to find that positive vibe/mantra and repeat it to yourself everyday until you believe that you can achieve this goal and keep at it for life.
  17. AutumnLily

    SEX...TMI??? I Know But I Gotta "ASK"!!!

    Sex is way better I am much more bendy than I used to be :biggrin:
  18. AutumnLily

    Forum disagreements

    I always breathe in sunshine and breathe out rainbows :coolgleamA:
  19. AutumnLily

    Christmas Challenge!!!

    SN..................start weight.............current weight.............goal................lbs to goal Autumnlily...........230........................226...........................210....................16 Off to a good start I must say!
  20. AutumnLily

    Couple Having Surgery

    There was another couple on here that had their surgeries a couple weeks apart. It is a good idea as you are recovering you need someone that can help you. You will both be there for one another. And eating out will be great as you both can share a meal and possibly have left overs.
  21. AutumnLily

    Back with more questions

    Yes the gas can be a problem for a little while it will get better. What kind of PPI are you on? If you are still having reflux then you might need to change the prescription. If you are on nexium try prilosec or their generic versions. The protein drinks can be nasty. There are some that you might like you can order samples from places and try them out to see if you like them. I was glad to be off of them and on regular food. Only protein supplement I take now is a protein bar every so often (made by Quest). The rumbly tummy is also something that can happen. I had it and it is gone. Sometimes I get a rumbly sound from below but nothing like the noises it made first out. Give it time things will start to feel much better. You just need to heal and find the right PPI for your reflux. I hope I answered most of your questions. I am sure other veteran sleevers will chime in.
  22. What is with this new setting. Most of the replies are bogged up at the end of a page. Almost not even worth coming to read anymore if I can not even see the replies :(

  23. AutumnLily

    Christmas Challenge!!!

    Ok I am going to go safe on this challenge. SN..............................start weight......................current weight...............goal...............lbs to goal Autumnlily.......................230.................................230.............................210.................20 Things have slowed down for me. I am still losing which is great just not the hugh amounts in the beginning. The upside is my hair has stopped falling out and it is growing back.
  24. I am 8 months out an do not regret my surgery. I do not have cravings. My weightloss has slowed down to 1-2 lbs a week but that is just normal (and if I actually worked out I would probably lose more). You have to do this for the right reason for yourself and there are going to be ups and downs along the way. So in response No I do not regret getting my life back and I am still losing. I love my sleeve.
  25. AutumnLily

    100lbs lost & now pregnant!

    Congratulations!!! The baby will get what it needs from you. You have to worry that you are getting enough nutrition. I think you need to start getting a min amount of calories and make sure you are OUT of ketosis. Check Tiffykins posted info. She has given information along the way with her pregnancy that could give you nutritional ideas.

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