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  1. It was one year ago that I was in Mexicali Mexico sitting in my hotel room the night before I was to go to the hospital for my surgery. I can not believe that one year has passed and I have gone from a weight of well over 300 lbs to almost being out of the 200's. I am greatful that I found the courage and money to have this proceedure done. I am living the life I have always dreamed of. I am not stared at with disgusted looks and shame. I am now getting hit on by younger men!!! My life has changed for the better and I will be at goal in the near future. I have lost almost 150 lbs and my knees, back, hips and feet thank me everyday. For those who are just starting your journey it is a journey of ups and downs but in the end it will be worth it. I love love love my sleeve. :wub:
  2. Ohh girl you have been one of the many inspriations on this board. I have to say you are Hot hot hot!
  3. AutumnLily

    SEX...TMI??? I Know But I Gotta "ASK"!!!

    Sex is way better I am much more bendy than I used to be :biggrin:
  4. AutumnLily

    Christmas Challenge!!!

    Ok I am going to go safe on this challenge. SN..............................start weight......................current weight...............goal...............lbs to goal Autumnlily.......................230.................................230.............................210.................20 Things have slowed down for me. I am still losing which is great just not the hugh amounts in the beginning. The upside is my hair has stopped falling out and it is growing back.
  5. AutumnLily

    100lbs lost & now pregnant!

    Congratulations!!! The baby will get what it needs from you. You have to worry that you are getting enough nutrition. I think you need to start getting a min amount of calories and make sure you are OUT of ketosis. Check Tiffykins posted info. She has given information along the way with her pregnancy that could give you nutritional ideas.
  6. How about cranberry juice the tannins in it coats the inside of your bladder making it hard for the bacteria to hold onto and they get flushed out. Since you are prone to the UTI I would think a cranberry juice a day will keep the bacteria away
  7. AutumnLily

    Halloween (Oct. 31) - What will you Weigh?

    SN..............start weight.............current weight............goal.......................lbs to goal Autumnlily..........246.6.........................237.8......................230.....................7.8 I have been in a stall the past 2 weeks so I have revised my Halloween goal to something that I may achieve. I am hoping the stall breaks and I blow right past this goal.
  8. AutumnLily

    I just noticed . . .

    Ahhh Rootman you gave me a good chuckle on your huge ears. Congratulations on all your successes you have come a long long way in a short period of time.
  9. AutumnLily

    How do you explain the scars?

    Just say you had some laparoscopic surgery for a private issue and that you would prefer not to discuss it. Leave it at that its no ones business as to what goes on with your body.
  10. AutumnLily

    7 Months out 155

    Wow you look Hot hot hot!!!! I hope to look half as good as you when I reach goal.
  11. AutumnLily

    Death by uterus?? Is this possible??!! LOL....

    Mine became the period from Hell for the first 5 months. I am now almost 7 months out and they are taming down (on a side note at the same time my weight loss has also slowed down). Probably all the extra estrogen being released from your fat cells in your stomach. I had one that had me almost crying on the floor and thinking of calling an ambulance. I got through it but it was not nice. Check with your OBGYN next time you see her/him.
  12. Dwayne I am also from Edmonton and got the sleeve done by Dr. Aceves back in February. It took me two years of debating with myself before I finally went through with it. I even made one last attempt at losing the weight by better food choices and exercising. It worked for awhile but then the pounds came back on with a bit more. That was when I made the decision to go through with it. At first I was shocked at how little the amount of food I needed/wanted and the weight loss that I was achieving. I am almost 7 months out now and can eat more than when first sleeved. Depending on the density of the food I can eat a normal portion of less dense food (fish) but a small portion of more dense food (steak and chicken). There are slider foods for me (mashed potatoes) that I try to avoid right now as I could eat more than I should at this point in my weightloss. Basically you need to sit down and decide if this is what you truly want/need. Once it is done there is no going back. I would do everything the same if I had another chance at this (maybe I would have gotten the sleeve sooner rather than later). I am living my life now and thank the lord that I was able to come to the right decision for me.
  13. AutumnLily

    What do I tell people?

    I have never lied. People ask me how I am losing the weight and I say cutting down on carbs and exercising. Increasing my Water. NOT one person has said did you have WLS to me. There is no shame in this what I am avoiding is ignorance from others. I have put up with the ignorance towards me my whole life. Keeping this to myself is for self preservation and nothing to do with shame. I have every right to tell whom I want to when I want to and how I want to. If you want to shout it from the roof tops I say go ahead. But please respect everyone else who does not want to share. Some of us are a lot more careful in what we share with the world.
  14. AutumnLily

    From 300+ to Onederland!

    Holy you are almost at goal!!! Congratulations what an amazing transformation. I am hoping to look as fit and sexy as you are when I finally reach below 200. Congrats again!!!
  15. I think I was in the same boat for a while at 2 weeks out. I tried to see how I could boost my calories as I could barely get in 400. As time progressed it got easier. I would say for the interum it is ok but for the long haul you would not want to be at that amount of calories. As yes it will do harm to your body over time. Take it easy and try to slowly build your calories up. You will notice that your energy will be low on that low of calories.
  16. AutumnLily

    Did you keep it a secret??

    Did not tell a soul. Well except for my personal doctor and she was very supportive, and all of you my loving sleeve family. I did however tell my immediate family within a week of returning from Mexico what I had done. They are now very supportive of my progress. I however will not be telling anyone else as it is not their business. I just do not want the talking behind my back or even worse to my face with their ignorance. To protect my mental health I will not share with anyone else.
  17. AutumnLily

    Belly bump

    I had it too. It will resolve in a couple of weeks. I can not remember exactly what causes it and I am not going to make and uneducated guess. All I know is I had it and it took awhile but now it is all gone. Congratulations on starting your journey!
  18. So happy the surgery saved her life and also helped he lose the extra weight. 19 years is a nice statistic to hear for us newly sleeved (still in the honeymoon stage). Thank you for the information.
  19. surgery day Feb 21 2011 and I have lost since surgery 80 lbs. I lost 16 lbs the week pre-op so a total of 96 lbs!!!!
  20. AutumnLily

    2 Century Club

  21. AutumnLily

    Low carb/no carb alternative to fav foods?

    I would just make the pizza and see what he says first. Then say guess what its made with? I have never heard of zucchini pasta I will have to look it up in the stores.
  22. AutumnLily

    BC Canada

    Alberta here and had my VSG 5 months ago in Mexicali Mexico. As you can see by my ticker I am doing quite well. If you have any questions ask away there will be someone here that will be able to answer in one way or another. Congratulations on beginning your journey to a healthier new you!
  23. You are doing great! And soon you will be in the 30 BMI. I can not wait to get there myself and watching all you "loosers" that are ahead of me I can see that it is achievable. Keep up the great work.
  24. Indy mom hit the nail on the head there. Keep your calories at a place that you know your body will lose weight.
  25. If you chill them the taste gets a little bit better. I wonder what it would be like on ice? Just and FYI I had some in my cupboard that I have not drank in awhile and the all curdled. I was highly dissappointed as the best before date was for 2012.

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