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  1. KellyL

    3 Month Update....

    Wow, awesome post and very inspiring! You're doing so well, congrats to you!!
  2. I had a wonderful experience with Dr Kelly, if you'd like to read about my experience, it's on my profile. I know it's a difficult decision, so good luck with whoever you decide on.
  3. Congrats to you on your decision and upcoming surgery!! Good luck to you and all others posting of upcoming surgeries. Wishing you the easiest surgeries and speediest of recoveries.
  4. We all have off days sweetie, please be kind to yourself and realize you are only human. For the most part we stick to plan, but very few of us can say we haven't on occasion made a not so great food choice. It's going to be OK. Love yourself no matter what you do!
  5. Hey and welcome back!! Kudos to you for making sure you are completely ready for this life-changing surgery and new lifestyle. Even if it meant postponing it for a while. So many people rush in, not being fully ready mentally, emotionally, etc. I am not going to say there still won't be struggles, but waiting til you felt more comfortable is important for you. Good luck on your journey and congrats on your new surgery date!!
  6. KellyL

    Pain Killers In Mexico

    When I was there with Dr Kelly, he supplied Antibiotics, pain meds, and acid reducer for us to take home, although I didn't need the pain meds. I'm sorry I don't recall what the pain med was called, but it isn't the strong kind and they give you a few days worth on it. I'm not sure if they still do this with all the changes, but I am guessing they would. You can shoot an email off to him to ask him.
  7. Yikes, sorry to hear you are having these problems. It's good that you decided to go to the ER. Sending you healing vibes!!
  8. KellyL

    Beanitos Chips

    I just got these a wk or so and have only tried the black bean ones so far, and I really like them! They are great if you are missing a crunch every now and then.
  9. Congrats, that's awesome!
  10. KellyL

    The Scale Lies!

    So true!! And how funny that I just saw this on Facebook then came here and your post is the first I see! haha
  11. KellyL

    The Kind Of Eggs You Eat

    I do fine with eggs any way I cook them, and could right from the solid stage. You can probably try again a little later. And your lactose intolerance may go away too, I have seen others that had this immediately post op but were fine later.
  12. KellyL

    Low Carb (Sf) Cheesecake

    Those look delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipe and the pic. I have made something similar without a crust at all, and I used a mini muffin pan. They are yummy for a treat. I will try these with the crushed walnuts or maybe pecans.
  13. KellyL

    Six Days Post Op

    Congrats on being sleeved!! I didn't have anything else done at the time of my surgery, but I've seen many that have and seem to do just fine. Sometimes maybe a little more pain. Just continue to follow your surgeons post-op diet and instructions and don't over do it physically. You should be fine. It's natural to be concerned about a leak for a little while, but try not to stress yourself out too much over it.
  14. KellyL

    Nsv Moment

    Congrats, what an awesome NSV!! Thanks for sharing, and it won't be long til the Large will work just fine.
  15. KellyL

    Can't Stop Crying...

    Thinking of you and looking forward to reading your updates about your journey. Good luck for a super easy surgery and speedy recovery!!
  16. KellyL

    What Am I Throwing Up?

    I'm very glad that you called him and that he doesn't think it's a problem.
  17. KellyL

    Out Of Pocket Expenses?help!

    I paid $5500 in MX, which covered all testing, meds, post-op leak tests and a very nice hotel stay the 3rd and 4th day after being released from the hospital. I have NEVER had better or care or an easier recovery. We absolutely have to feel comfortable about our choice in location and Surgeon. It's not just about where the surgery is performed, or how much the cost, but how many Sleeves the surgeon has done and how much experience, and complication rates. Good luck on your weight loss journey!!
  18. KellyL

    I Just Don't Know What I Want

    It's hard to say what it is you want, but I would try one of your usual non-food treats first, like reading a good book, listening to your favorite songs, or watching a funny movie. If that doesn't work, maybe treating yourself to a manicure, pedicure, or massage?? Shopping for something that you may need anyway to replace something you can't wear any more? How about planning a vacation or even a mini weekend trip? Having something to plan or look forward to always helps me. If all else fails and you still find it's food you want, then maybe you are just bored with your usual meals and need a change. There are a lot of delicious low carb recipes online, you can google for these.
  19. KellyL

    What Am I Throwing Up?

    I agree with the rest, and please update us on what your Dr says.
  20. Looking good my friend!! Great pic with the kiddos.
  21. KellyL

    The Burning!

    Are you drinking or eating very acidic type stuff? Some people have a difficulty with Crystal Light lemonade and such. I would also check to see if you may need to adjust your dosage of your Prilosec.
  22. I find that the hardest part is the constant social situations that put tempting food before us. I do fine as long as I am at home, I only bring in stuff that I can have except for a few things my family might want occasionally. But when out and about, besides the fact that there is much more available in the ways of tempting food, other people are constantly offering (carb pushers!!) stuff like breads, desserts, potatoes, etc. These things are so much a part of their lives, that we are literally surrounded by it. For the most part I can resist, and have no problems. But due to the simple fact of getting bored, sometimes these foods sound so appetizing. So its a constant struggle to stay on the right path. I imagine it's worse for you than myself, due to being in college and having even more of a social life. You are doing so well with your weight loss, let it continue to inspire you to make good choices. And if you make a not so great choice, then maybe only a taste of a bite or two will be enough to let you resist a bigger portion. Good luck and congrats on your amazing success!!
  23. KellyL


    My favorite pre-op was chicken and post-op, I am very fortunate to be able to tolerate it just fine. Don't give up though, looks like you're still early out. You can try again a little later and your sleeve may decide it loves it again.
  24. Sorry you're going through this right now, I am sure it is very stressful and stress will definitely influence our choices. There are plenty of good choices of protein at most restaurants now, it's seeing the stuff others order sometimes, or maybe the baskets of rolls or whatever that they sometimes place on your table that is difficult. You could say please don't bring out the bread, but if you're like me, usually others at the table want them lol. But I am usually looking forward to whatever little bit I order, and I will even do sandwiches sometimes, then remove the bun once it arrives. It felt a little weird to do it at first, but I have yet to have anyone ask me why I didn't eat the bun. I will cover it up with a napkin so as to not bring as much attention to it, but the way I look at it is, I ordered it, we're paying for it, I can mutilate it however I feel haha. I am glad you still have a home to go back too as well, but it's still difficult, especially post op from weight loss surgery, to have your life turned upside down. Be kind to yourself, and try to make good choices one meal at a time. I hope your power is restored soon!!

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