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    September 2023 Surgery buddies

    I had the sleeve on the 5th and I too began to second guess my decision up until the night before surgery. I did have an extended hospital stay due to nausea and my heart rate being too low for a couple of days post op. Other than that recovery is going well. You just have to remember to take it easy and listen to your body. I had my first follow up visit yesterday and my surgeon said I am healing well. The hardest part has been making sure to drink as much as possible. Good luck with upcoming surgery 🙂
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    how did surgery save you money?

    ok we all know that bariatric surgery and the process leading to it is expensive. I couldn’t have afforded mine without some good insurance and financial assistance from my family to offset the costs.. But those of you post op, how has the surgery SAVED you money?? for me, I spend next to nothing on lunches (down from about $8 average a day) because I bring it from my home now and my total grocery bill is going down, saving even more. I was able to buy some new very cheap bras because my boobs have deflated but now getting to be more standard sizes… also am not stopping off for “treats” which probably is another $10-20 a week…. and bought work friendly shirts from Amazon for $20 rather than a specialty plus sized store for $30+++
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    Long story short, fine gentlemen in blue had to visit my home because of a domestic violence issue perpetrated by my "recovering" "former" meth addict brother. Well, the guy looks at my ID, knows my brother did drugs........ And my ID is from a year before my surgery..... And so, he gives me the run down, flashlight in my eyes checking me out and all that and was quizzing me on drug use..... Because in his mind that was the only explanation for the dramatic differences between my ID and what I look like now. Like.... Marshmallow Man vs Walking Dead character... I laughed, showed him my only immediate proof, which was my "special meal card" my doctor gives out to patients to politely ask restaurants to eat from kids or senior menus, or have special small portions. He laughed. I laughed. We all had a good time, until we had to go back to the "interview." Sent from my ONEPLUS A6013 using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Waiting for my surgery this coming Monday....thank you for the inspiration tonight. You look amazing, strong and happy.
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    Before and after

    Had surgery August 21 2018! Starting weight 311 current weight 210
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    Still working but I see a difference
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    Very nice! You look great! Awesome!

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