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    Every surgeon has his or her own pre op diet and you are one of the lucky ones. In the 18 months that I have been regular on here, there have only been a few people who were so very lucky. You are also at a lower weight so will not have the same issues as someone a hundred pounds heavier like me. The pre op diet is more to shrink your liver as it gets in the way of this surgery. Surgery teams don't make mistakes like not telling you to do the pre op. You would know well in advance if you needed to start the pre op. Just enjoy Christmas and good luck with your surgery
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    My surgery date is December 5th. I am excited and nervous but so ready for this new way of life. I would love to connect with someone going through surgery the same day or close to it for support 🙂
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    Due to my specific surgery I have to eat every couple of hours or my stomach gets f-ed up (if I wait to eat until I'm actually hungry then my bowels decide to punish me and I literally empty everything in there and I'm in and out of the bathroom for around an hour. And this usually happens after just a few bits of food after not eating for 7+ hours. Bright side of this is that if I get constipated I know how to solve it lol. TMI, sorry). So even if I'm not hungry, I'll munch on a rice cake. They're 50 calories and at least I'm putting something in my stomach so I don't end up angry at myself later for the stomach ache.
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    Smoking cananbis after sleeve surgery

    If you are the type to get munchies, I'd avoid it or try to find a strain that doesn't give you the munchies. I typically never get the munchies, so I was only worried about coughing or an edible hitting too fast. I want to say I waited a month out to use my concentrate vape and had a half a gummy two months out. I still worry about the dosage of edibles so I just stick with my vape.
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    Holy moly!!!!

    Man I'm tired!!! I did 50 sit ups, 50 stomach crunches (thinking I'll do those everyday because I REALLY need to tighten my stomach muscles), I did 40 step ups, and then I did an hour on the bike at resistance 15. Burned 318 calories, went 12 1/2 miles, and got my heart rate up to 131. Cardio day is always my favorite. Tomorrow is strength/core training!!!
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    Just another random food photo dump. More Asian chicken kelp noodles, balsamic chicken and veggies. Surimi salad and shrimp (only ate one shrimp). Stir fried tofu with zucchini, onions, tomatoes, and mushrooms. Egg and cheese English muffin with tomato and cucumbers. Chicken and veggie fajita rice. Greek yogurt, caramel rice crisps, and blueberries.
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    I was banded Sept. 2010 and I am in the process of getting an RNY revision approved. I hate this band and it is time for it to come out. I had no success in losing weight and I am back up to where I was when I had surgery. I’m nervous but excited to be healthier. Good luck!
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    Minimal Weight Loss

    Make sure you track inches! I only lost 4lbs in my 2nd month (had a medication & hormone change) but I lost a whole pant size! Progress is more than the number on the scale 😊
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    Minimal Weight Loss

    You guys have to keep your expectations in check. (Not meant rudely) 14 lbs in 20 days is more than a half pound a day! That is at LEAST 15 lbs in a month! That is fantastic! That is not slow, very average if not above average. It takes time, your body can only do so much but just keep following your plan and next thing you know you will suddenly be like "whoa when did I get so much smaller"
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    3 years post VSG to RNY

    Better appetite control. It's never easy, of course, it always takes effort from all of us to eat the right things...Etc, but for some reason it's easier to say I will wait till tomorrow when my calories reset... etc. No digestive issues except mild constipation now and then. My blood tests are way better this time around (vitamin/mineral and all my vitals). No more UTIs. Some reason I had tons during the sleeve, but once I got the RNY, they went away. Maybe the additional weight loss helped my bladder. Not sure. It's been totally worth it. I wish I wasn't such a chicken back then and just had the bypass when suggested. Sent from my SM-S908U using BariatricPal mobile app

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